Rain, Rain, Don’t Go Away



Welcoming the rain in San Francisco. 



Nature, Close-Up, Rain, Succulent

Succulent In Rain


“Let the rain kiss you. Let the rain beat upon your head with silver liquid drops. Let the rain sing you a lullaby.”

~Langston Hughes

Photography, City, Rain, Nikon

Rainy Impressions


Nature, Photography, Rain, Fog

Fog and Puddles, Presidio


Portrait, Rain, San Francisco, Photography

My Polka Dot Raincoat


It’s raining, it’s pouring,
The old man is snoring.
He bumped his head, and he went to bed,
And he couldn’t get up in the morning.

– Anonymous

Nature, Photography, San Francisco, Golden Gate Bridge

Storm Churn


Rain, Impression, Abstract, Architecture, Urban, Photography

Rivulets and City


Nature, Close-up, San Francisco, Photography

Succulent and Raindrops






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  1. Rain is your good friend. Great shots 🙂

  2. Sometimes it’s best to embrace and work with it , I often grumble about the weather as one typically does in UK 😉 Jane , but there’s no doubt these show a very positive side to welcoming rain ! Lovely lovely gallery .

    • Hi Poppy, Thank you so much. I love it when the weather is gloomy 🙂 since I know there’s always something dramatic happening somewhere. I appreciate your visits here and I hope all is well in the UK.

  3. A simple ❤️WoW❤️ will have to do!

  4. I’m less thrilled about the snow we’re getting in Ottawa – oh well!

  5. I’ve always thought that’s how the poem should end.

  6. …And it hasn’t gone away since! 😆

  7. Great rainy pictures.
    I greet you and wish you a nice weekend.

  8. Most of the time I get more than my share of rain – too much as it is. But I understand that California has been needing some rain for quite a bit of time, so it’s seems like it’s finally happened. And if nothing else, it opens up for capturing some amazing photos, like this series here. Really gorgeous photos, Jane.

    • Hi Otto, You are right- we’ve been in a drought for a long time. It opens up a new world of opportunities for photography indeed! The worse the weather, the better at times. Happy you enjoyed these, thank you, and I hope all is well with you.

  9. Jane these are all stunning. Always an enjoyment to see your photos.

  10. Glad to see you taking advantage of the rain with these beautiful images. I especially like the scenes through the window.

  11. “Rivulets and City”, that’s one nice image. Sure, it’s taken through a window. It’s an effect that cannot be recreated through post-processing.
    Your rain becomes our snow. This time around, SW Colorado got the lion’s share and the rest of us got a glancing amount.

    • So glad you like that one, David (my window aficionado) I was fascinated by the effects that can be created using different focal points and aperture settings. True, I did very little in post. Loads of snow in Tahoe and more rain on the way for us, I think Thanks very much for your thoughts.

  12. Gorgeous Jane! Love your photos as always.

  13. Amazing rainy images all round, Jane. You make the doom and gloom and all the greyness of a rainy day literally go away – that a rainy day can be so beautiful. Love the details in the close-ups of the flowers, and stunning, peaceful landscape photos. That photo of the girl in the polka dot raincoat is such a lucky shot. Good timing, great eye 🙂

  14. Nice images with raindrops and rivulets. The rain on the glass makes it look like a watercolor painting.

  15. The “Fog and puddle” really stood out, very beautiful landscape, and of course I like your GG one’s!

  16. What a lovely celebration of rainfall. Really like the abstraction of the window photos and think the opening photo of the happy, drippy succulent is sweet.

  17. U make the rain look very comforting & charming! Especially love the impressionist shots…GREAT!!

  18. Lovely and timely images fro Californians.

  19. Very beautiful Jane! We sure needed some rain.

  20. Beautiful photographs, Jane, especially the little one in the raincoat.
    Beautifully seen and captured.
    Happy Sunday to you!

  21. Love these photos, especially “Rivulets and City”. As Hostess to the rain, welcoming it back to The City and California again you have been busy the last few weeks. Great photos of the party.

    Have you ever been to Occidental east of Santa Rosa? Would love to see some shots from there and the Russian River. You know, to ease the twinges of being “homesick for the Golden State”.

    • Hi RP, Yes, I’ve been to Occidental– charming area. We explore the Russian River area often. It’s unspoiled and wonderful. I have a number of posts here from that area. Happy you enjoyed the rainy shots– thanks so much.

  22. Great shots, Jane, even in the rain! Very impressive. So many photographers (me included) would just assume that you can’t get great shots in the rain. You prove me wrong!

    • Hi Patti, The more inclement, the better! (Actually, it’s pretty hard to shoot when it’s pouring…) before and after work well, too. Happy you like them and that it inspired you to get out in the rain…. Thanks so much!

  23. Some really marvellous photos in this series!

  24. stunning photos, you have such a good sense for composition and style.

  25. Wonderful – especially the window shots. Like paintings. And they made me think of “Rainy Songs”, like Jose Feliciano’s “Rain” 🎶

  26. The best thing for me about rain is the scents you get afterwards 😄

  27. How lovely to feel pleased to see the rain. It is pouring here this morning and we are already awash. Grey is the colour here. I love the red of the bridge poking through the cloud and the girls red coat.

  28. You have captured some fabulous vibes here, Jane! I really like the distortion of the rain down the window pane, giving a nice interesting and abstract feel.

  29. I love the quality of the air after the rain, crystalline and this quality is in your beautiful photographs, Jane. Thank you, happy new year. n_n

  30. the earth is healing ☺ beautiful greens…happy day to you Jane ☺

  31. Wonderful photos Jane. I especially like Rainy Impressions and Rivulets and City.

  32. I know the feeling, Jane! Here in SA we’re struggling with a terribly drought, and ever rain shower is a blessing straight from heaven. Your pictures capture that feeling beautifully!

    • Hi Dries, How true– when the rain falls it really does feel that way. Glad you enjoyed this homage…thanks very much. I do hope that you have more rain soon! Your thoughts are much appreciated.

  33. A beautiful series celebrating rain. The reservoirs are filling, hurrah! I particularly like the blurred reality of ‘Rivulets and City.’

    • Hi Eliza, Yes, it has eased in some places, although it is frightening how stricken certain areas are. Happy you like these– and Rivulets and the window shots are such fun to shoot. Thank you very much.

  34. Love the father? and daughter taking advantage of a clearing in the weather in that adorable raincoat! (Mom’s probably at home having a drink!)
    I love macro and the 2 succulents are wonderful!

    • Hi Mary Lynn, Aren’t they adorable? I saw a number of Dad’s doing Saturday morning duty. So glad you liked the close-ups…I am in love with the details of succulents. Thank you and I hope all is well with you!

  35. I’m with Sharon, fog and Puddles is wonderful. You may be the last one out there wishing the rain would continue though girlfriend!! Beautiful shots all round.

    • Hi T- That was this morning and it was so beautiful with the fog and sunlight. Had to take a break from my run. The drought-weary Californians are rejoicing with the rain so I am certain I am not alone. No complaints allowed. Glad you enjoyed this series– thanks so much.

  36. Another beautiful gallery! So glad you guys are getting rain! 🙂

  37. Always taking the high road my friend… when others see rain, you see rainbows! Love that polka dot raincoat… I want one….

  38. The Presidio is lovely and sharp in the reflections, and I like the foggy bridge, but my favourite of these is the rain running down the window with the city view. I am glad you enjoy the rain! We have rather too much of it I’m afraid.

  39. Fog and Puddles….love that one. Lighting is so great. That first succulent is a very close second. Really nice!

    • HI Sharon, Thank you! That was a moment on my run when I couldn’t believe the light and reflections. Forget exercise- photograph! Same with the succulent… stopped me in my tracks. I’m so glad you like them! Hope all is well with you.

  40. Fabulous gallery, Jane. I’ve been working through the first 90 posts and now there are almost 400!! Yikes! But I saw yours and knew I had to stop by.


  41. Lovely shots, love the muted cityscapes. Missing you here in Kiawah!

  42. Gorgeous set of pics. Love the vibrant greens and the rainy windows!

  43. Great photos Jane! It’s unfortunate that when Caly does finally get the water, it has to be a deluge. But it’s there! We got a bit of rain the last two days, finally. The ranges between here and there block lots of weather from that way.

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