Country Road and California Oaks, Carneros

“I guess my feet know where they want me to go.

Walking on a country road.”

~ James Taylor

Monochrome, Landscape, California, Trees, Rural

Henry Road and Oaks, Carneros


Monochrome, Landscape, California, Trees, Rural

Oak in Winter


“Trees are your best antiques.”

 ~Alexander Smith

Monochrome, Landscape, California, Trees, Rural

Sunlight and Oak


Monochrome, Landscape, California, Trees, Rural

California Oak and Shadow


Gnarled Oak and Vineyard

Gnarled Oak and Vineyard


Henry Road is in the Carneros Region of Napa Valley. 

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  1. A glorious, glorious set! How did I miss this?

  2. Those oaks area amazing. Like big spirits. And you captured their many facets and the mystery they hold, beautifully in these black and white images.

  3. Fabulous. Great tree photography!

  4. Goregous trees in B&W, Jane. All painted with ligth and love, absolutely awesome.

  5. Those trees make it really interesting! Beautiful!

  6. And what a fabulous welcome shot to lead these beauties with!

  7. Beautiful pictures. Just loved your blog.

  8. It’s interesting how magnificent they look without their leaves – I think I almost like them better!

  9. Lovely B&W images; i enjoy the uniqueness each Oak tree has.

  10. Outstanding captures, Jane!

  11. Beautiful B&W images – I just love those gnarled Oaks standing out against those contrasty skies.

  12. Did you know that carnero is the Spanish word for ‘ram,’ i.e. ‘male sheep’? The word references the fact that people used rams for their meat (carne).

  13. The first photo is a story book, great oaks Jane!

  14. Beautiful! Trees are one of my favorite subjects and this one is fantastic! Nice to see you still going strong! I am finally back at it myself. Hope you had a great holiday season and a happy new year!

  15. First pictures is quite awesome. Going from a road in dark to a clear hill and sky give a nice touch to the pictures.

  16. The black and white photos are beautiful. Almost look like illustrations rather than photographs.

    • Hi Lisa, Thank you so much.Interesting that you say that, I was just wondering about these images as charcoals or pen and inks. I wish I had the talent to do that. Wishing you a wonderful new year!

  17. Wonderful and mighty subjects beautifully captured. I love seeing the structure. These certainly illustrate oak tree symbolism … endurance and strength.

  18. I love trees. Of all the things I like about nature, trees are a favorite. I wrote a poem once about trees:
    The fellowship of trees

    Feel the treeness
    when trees treely stretch
    branches leafily toward a lonely sky,
    anchored by a woody society of treeish support;
    these treeful neighbors that make a sunly day shady
    and know the treely ways
    of goodly tree stuff.

  19. Jane, these are all stunning, and that fourth one down, particularly so. I would have danced for joy in that field, under that tree.

  20. What can I say but I love trees, I love trees in winter and I love trees in black & white. Lovely Jane, really lovely!

  21. I like the first photo on Henry Road, Jane. Gnarly. I like this time of year when the leaves are off of the trees and we can appreciate the skeletal structure of the trunks and branches.

  22. As always, these are wonderful! And they are especially nice in B&W. Too bad you were not here for Joyce’s workshop. You would have enjoyed it. By the way,, I just had a critique of my work done by Denise Ippolito, and I learned a lot!

    • Hi Jack, Thank you so much! Fortunately, I saw Joyce’s first presentation and spoke to her a bit, but would have loved to do a workshop with her. I love her work. It’s great that you had a critique done– congrats! I’m sure it was instructive and encouraging. Hope all is well and happy new year!

  23. Looks like a landscape painting… Very poetic

  24. they really are spectacular looking trees…sort of all with their own story….loving the mystifying element you have created with the black n white tones!!

  25. Wow. I especially love your first 3 shots. Stunning sky and details. The b & w really works. I’d love to take a walk on that country road!

  26. Jane Thank you for the respite I got looking at your photos. We stayed at the carneros inn! Happy New Years! M

    Mary Kasman


  27. Wonderful post. Seeing the trees in b/w really emphasizes their structure. I especially like the mystery of the opening shot of Henry Road. Makes me want to keep going down that path.

  28. The first image keeps me waiting for the supply wagon and team of horses heading straight toward us! I, too, love trees. They make such wonderful subjects to shoot. Your scenes really make these trees stand out. My arborist son would appreciate them, as well.

  29. You’ve made me want to walk down Henry Road. Just love those California Oaks.

  30. I like trees in monochrome. Great shots 🙂

  31. Stunning series, the USA does do things bigger and often better…these oaks are terrific.

  32. What venerable old trees!

  33. These are wonderful treescapes, Jane! The black and white certainly bring out all their glorious details. You can’t beat winter trees. There is so much atmosphere in them, and your images certainly exude a beautiful ambience.

  34. Love the BW composition. There’s a sense of foreboding and mystery about each of the trees, like each one has a story to tell. The clouds give great texture. Well done 😊

  35. I love these ! Because I can’t stop looking at trees …. I clicked on more trees and I love those ! Especially the brown inside cut !

  36. Beautiful shots, Jane! These gnarled old oaks have such character!

  37. You captured the majesty of these trees!

  38. Love that opening shot Jane – Tenneson would be pleased 🙂

  39. I adore winter trees and love your black and white versions. I must do more B&W this year.

  40. I love CA oaks – always such a beautiful specimen tree, dotting the grassy hills.

  41. These oak trees are so impressive! Very beautiful photographs, Jane! Love the monochrome treatment! Very impressive!

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