Seeing, Renewed


“Being aware is more important than the evidence of awareness on a piece of paper. Being sensitive to what passes in front of you is more important than what passes into the camera.”

~Anthony Hernandez

Portrait, Light, Photography, San Francisco, City

Seeing Anthony Hernandez. SFMoMa


Portrait, Light, Photography, San Francisco, City, Nature, Close-Up

Spider Web and Golden Gate


Portrait, Light, Photography, San Francisco, City

Window Washer


“Photography helps people to see.”

~Berenice Abbott 

Portrait, Light, Photography, San Francisco, City, Nature, Close-Up

Sand Patterns


Portrait, Light, Photography, San Francisco, City, Nature, Close-Up

Golden Gate and Wave


Portrait, Light, Photography, San Francisco, City, Nature, Close-Up, Monochrome, Black and White



“Your photography is a record of your living, for anyone who really sees.”

~Paul Strand

Portrait, Light, Photography, San Francisco, City, Nature, Close-Up



Portrait, Light, Photography, San Francisco, City, Nature, Close-Up

Fort Point of View


Portrait, Light, Photography, San Francisco, City, Nature, Close-Up, Monochrome

A Tangled Web


“The question is not what you look at but what you see.” 

~Henry David Thoreau

Portrait, Light, Photography, San Francisco, City, Nature, Close-Up

Rusted J







New Horizon

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  1. Beautiful. I love the connection between the spider’s web and the bridge. Both equally strong in their own way.

  2. Bravo, Jane! es un placer contemplar tus fotografias. Saludos desde Barcelona.

  3. I particularly like the backlit sunflower and the treatment of the sand image.

  4. Love the way you see Jane … excellent post as always!

  5. Hi Jane, love the shots and of course the words of inspiration are always bang on! Have a wonderful Christmas break!

  6. Great set!

  7. Mostly we bypass all the ordinary views throughout our life.Your lens have changed that concept.

  8. Great collection of photos, Jane.

  9. Fantastic set, Jane.

    I think most of us can identify with the quote of Anthony Hernandez. I like your observer in Fort Point of View very much, taking in all to see in the bay. Similarly, while I wouldn’t mind taking a few photos of low-flying geese in the morning, just watching them fly over is so much better and makes for a better memory. Besides, the geese don’t keep regular fly over hours or flying lanes. And, usually I’m doing something else like taking out the trash in the early morning – not conducive to carrying a camera around. 🙂

    And, I do like your window with the blinds. Can’t have too many windows shots.

  10. Excellent shots!! Love them all.

  11. The spider’s web view of the Golden Gate is really inspired–brilliant!.

  12. Love all the photos but especially the spider web and the man standing looking at the water.

    • Hi Nicole, Very nice to hear from you. Happy the guy at Fort Point caught your eye– I was really happy with the balance of framing and colors on that shot. Thanks so much for sharing your thoughts.

  13. Absolutely gorgeous shots, Jane. The quotes are marvelous too. It’s all so true–what we see is a matter of being open to the world. Your photographic eye is marvelous.

  14. These are fabulous images. The shot of the bridge behind the spider web is absolutely stunning.

  15. That is a great opening quote Jane. Sometimes as photographers we miss what really goes on around us. Love that spider web catching the moisture. Some places actually use a similar method to collect water.

    • HI Eduardo, I was intrigued by this exhibit of Hernandez’s work and his quote really hit home for me. Sometimes we are so busy with the camera that we forget to see… Glad you like the spider web shot– he chose a spectacular place to live! 🙂 Thanks for your nice comment.

  16. Jane, your work is truly living up to the quote of Berenice Abbott, btw one of my favorite photographers.

  17. Rusted J – nice combination of colour, texture and composition 🙂

  18. Some real beauties this week Jane, I think rusted and window washer are my favs but you made the choice a tough one as always 🙂

  19. Love the spider web photo. The challenge for us is always to be able to see the world with new eyes. Thank you for the reminder through your photographs.

  20. A soothing, beautiful set of photos Jane!

  21. You see so well, Jane.

  22. I really like those spider web images Jane.

  23. Like another commentator I really liked the first image, the bridge, fence, and web. Very nice repeating pattern! Good stuff! On another point, I am beginning to like my new Fuji XT2. Easy to carry around for street photos. Will soon post some work.

  24. All I can say is you are growing as an artist. Great photographs. Love them.

  25. I see, you are in love with Golden Gate bridge 😉

  26. Cracking images Jane… the variety

  27. Wonderful selection of photographs, Jane.
    Happy Sunday to you!

  28. Love the bridge through web (water droplets). Always fun to gain your perspective!

  29. I especially love the photo showing the repeated structural pattern of the spider web, the wire fence and the bridge. Great eye!!!

  30. Love looking at ordinary things through your extraordinary eye….

  31. Photographers do have a great way of seeing. I love the pic of the spiderweb with water.

  32. Hi Jane,I am so happy when i saw your pictures.Its so nice and your pictures shows that you have observed small things in earth.I love all pictures and my favourite among them is sand pattern,U have shown the art in nature.keep on doing such good things about nature.
    Once again thanking you for making my day beautiful as your pictures

  33. Love the siderweb and Golden Gate. At first I thought it was a mirror and raindrops and then I read the caption. Looks like crystals on those spiderwebs. Too wet for a spider to be around, though 😉 Photography certainly helps us see things that we miss 🙂

    • Hi Mabel, It is a bit of an optical illusion and I agree, it looks like a mirror until you see the web. I didn’t see the resident spider as I was shooting. 🙂 I’m glad you agree with Berenice Abbott– a favorite quote. Thanks, as always, for your thoughtful words.

  34. A very eclectic and excellent series. The Sand Patterns are fascinating.

    • Hi Tim, Thank you! I am fascinated by them, too. I see them as I cross a little bridge at an inlet by the bay, and depending on the tide, there are neat patterns to see. Happy you enjoyed this series.

  35. Wow, fabulous images in accordance with strong words. I particularly love Thoreau’s quote, very true… I fully agree and if I may add, I feel the same with “hear and listen”, those two words have been a kind of motto as far as I am concerned since many years…

    • Hi Louise, I’m glad the quotes spoke to you along with the images. They are some favorites- the Hernandez quote was new to me from the exhibit I had just seen, and it really hit home. Thanks for your thoughtful comments.

  36. There were so any different facets to these pictures. For sheer beauty and the capture of light, I loved the sunflower!

  37. The mood, composition, color and balance in Fort point are very special!

  38. Loved the B&W and the way you captured the boundaries using the diagonals.

  39. Wow, excellent series, Jane (again 🙂 ). You have a way of composing shots that just jump out at me. Many are a mere second of time, which makes them all the more amazing. Thanks for sharing them!

  40. I am seeing an artsy angle in this set.. Very cool.
    So pretty is the backlit sunflower.
    A shame so many peeps are looking at screens these days a la ‘Connected’ & missing out. What a blind person wouldn’t give to have the chance to see all that surrounds us….

    • Hi Diane, How are you? Yes, I think seeing something extraordinary in the mundane is a way of seeing in and artsy way. So glad you agree. Yeah, I thought “Connected” defined it and I completely agree with your thoughts on that. Thanks so much, friend!

  41. Great vision with really good execution.

  42. Jane, this is such an excellent series.
    While all are great, the Spider Web and Golden Gate made me sigh out loud.

  43. Jane, this post is full of meaning and all we need to do is listen to it, beyond the words and pictures, into how we Live!

  44. I love rusted J. The colors, the textures, the patina – very cool!

    • Hi Lex, This was taken on one of the batteries on the headlands – the old army forts which are a photographer’s dream. I almost called it J is for Jane 🙂 but Rusted J is perfect for me, too. haha. Thanks so much!

  45. That window washer is AMAZING!!

  46. You have a good eye. The window washer looks like a villain from a scary movie, with a large knife in hand! OK maybe I watch too many scandi noir dramas…

  47. I like the spiderweb with the GGB in the distance. Looks like you were at Hopper’s Hands for the shot.

  48. Hi Jane, interesting and expressive photos, my favorites is the second, fifth, eighth and tenth.

  49. Wow, you really do have great vision!

  50. Nice writing, great pics!👍🏻

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