Walking the Wood Line, The Presidio, San Francisco

A walk through the Presidio of San Francisco is a tranquil experience.

The artist, Andy Goldsworthy, transformed an area of the park with his sculpture, “Wood Line”.

 In the midst of a grove of Eucalyptus trees, he created a line of tree trunks that form a winding, 1,200 foot walking path. 


San Francisco, Andy Goldsworthy, Presidio, Nature, Photography, Landscape

Walking the Wood Line

“All truly great thoughts are conceived by walking.”

~Friedrich Nietzsche

San Francisco, Andy Goldsworthy, Presidio, Nature, Photography, Landscape

Wood Line, Andy Goldsworthy


San Francisco, Andy Goldsworthy, Presidio, Nature, Photography, Landscape

Eucalyptus Reaching


San Francisco, Andy Goldsworthy, Presidio, Nature, Photography, Landscape


“May as well be here, we are as where we are.”

~Australian Aboriginal Saying

San Francisco, Andy Goldsworthy, Presidio, Nature, Photography, Landscape

Presidio Quiet


San Francisco, Andy Goldsworthy, Presidio, Nature, Photography, Landscape

Walking and Dreaming


San Francisco, Andy Goldsworthy, Presidio, Nature, Photography, Landscape



San Francisco, California, Presidio, Wood Line, Monochrome, Andy Goldsworthy





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  1. Beautiful photo’s!

  2. Super shots of shade and lines, stunning. Thanks for sharing.

  3. This looks like an amazing hike! Thanks for taking us along 🙂

  4. San Francisco is on my bucket list of places to plan a return visit. Gorgeous shots. 🙂

  5. All the shots taken are so picturesque. This is absolutely the talent of the photographer to make any simple shots change to perfect picture through his/her lens.

  6. Spectacular shots Jane and what a wonderfully original idea to go with creating that path.

    • It’s a wonderful place to escape, Patti- especially during the week. Goldsworthy has a couple of other works in the Presidio, most notably, a huge spire made out of tree trunks. Glad you enjoyed this one, thanks very much.

  7. Love the use of black and white for emphasis!

  8. Gorgeous, Jane. Your shots evoke tranquility. So beautiful too.

  9. What a beautiful place! Enjoyed the article & your images.

  10. wow, those majestic towering trees! Your beautiful images just beg for a walk!

  11. I want to go there now!
    (to the bridge too 🙂 )
    What a beautiful series Jane, love them all!

  12. The one thing I like about the Presidio is that there is so much to see there, from the nature to the historic, and to see much from there. It is one of the best places to explore.

  13. Hi Jane, the eucalyptus lane, must have reminded you of your trudging with Tarzan tree-filled adventures!

  14. WOW…really amazing shots….u have such a great eye for ART….brilliant!!

  15. The color photo of the woodline is my favorite. The low-angle light of a Fall sunset works magic in the Presidio.

  16. Lovely!!

    Sent from my iPhone


  17. Beautiful, peaceful location to relax and enjoy life!

  18. What a beautiful and inspiring spot. I like especially your view on lines and shadows. What an amazing photo set. Thank you, Jane.

  19. Love your images. What a glorious walk.

  20. Reminds me of the Fellowship of the Rings.

  21. That looks amazing and I love all your photos and quotes. Is this a new sculpture?

  22. I never knew this, thank you for sharing! Great photo gallery!

  23. Looks beautiful Jane. Is it new? Don’t remember seeing it when we all walked the path. Fun memory!!

  24. I’m trying to imagine how I’d walk that path, but having no trouble smelling those eucalyptus trees. Love that aroma.

    • Hi Sharon, I love the smell of eucalyptus in the morning. 🙂 People looked so nimble walking on top of the tree trunks– I haven’t attempted that since I am always lugging my camera! Glad you enjoyed– thank you!

  25. I love this so picturesque, I am imagining, myself, right in these pictures, & never leaving them.

  26. Really like the play of light and shadow in all these pieces.

  27. Wow. It looks wonderful. I’d love experience it.

  28. It’s been way too long since I’ve walked this path…..Thanks for sharing this beautiful photographs, Jane. And have a great Sunday!

  29. This looks like such a beautiful place to relax. Lovely captures with a great play between light and shadow:)

  30. The perfect place for Aristotle’s peripatetics! Thank you Jane for another beautiful post. Sally Murray

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  31. Love the different takes on Andy Goldsworthy’s sculpture. Stunning shots, and I love both the coloured and BW ones. At first I thought it was a long, long, long snake on the ground. LOL :’D I’m guessing it’s a sculpture where you can interact with it – that you can try balancing on the artwork all the way, trying not to fall off 😀

    • Hi Mabel, Yes, it’s like a huge snake, indeed! Took a year to lay all those Eucalyptus trunks. You can walk on it…and someday, it will simply return to the earth.
      Happy it piqued your interest and you like the images– thank you! 🙂

  32. A lovely part of the world, and captured so beautifully, Jane! Thank you for sharing 🙂

  33. Great shots, the ones in B&W bring more power to the elegance if the trees…

  34. It looks like an excellent place to stroll and be quiet.

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