‘Wave Break’

San Francisco, Golden Gate, Landscape, Monochrome, Action, Nature, Photography

Wave Break


  1. Another home run, Jane. A gorgeous composition and masterful job with the exposure. The waves and the clouds work well together.

    • Hi Allan, Thank you! I had such a good time this morning. In addition to wave shots, I ventured again inside Fort Point. What a gem. Suddenly, the fog rolled in, and voila, it was all gone. Timing is everything, as you well know. 🙂

      • I attended a production of Macbeth there back in 2008, The We Players put it on and when the fog rolled in and the sun went down we were in a castle on a Scottish marsh. I love that fort and am happy that Joseph Strauss did too.

        • What a fantastic memory, Allan! I am always taken by the historic feel of the building. Wonderful.

          • I am impressed by the number of bricks in there and the men who carried them in and laid them in place.

            After 9/11 we had to put some temporary security cameras in the fort and we were not allowed to drill holes for anchor bolts in the faces of the bricks. We drilled into the mortar joints so that they could be easily patched and unnoticeable to the public.

            As far as I know those “temporary” cameras are still down there.

          • Now, that’s another great story, Allan. I and going to look for them next time I’m there. I love that interior– did quite a bit of shooting there on Saturday. Was surprisingly empty. Great light inside– and of course, the view on top….

          • It’s a real quandry there: whether to spend time with that gorgeous available light inside the passageways or make use of the stunning views?

            This conversation reminds me that I have some photos that I took from on top of the South Anchorage looking down through the Engineered Arch at the top of the fort. Maybe I will post a small gallery of them.

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