High Surf Advisory, Golden Gate


San Francisco, Golden Gate, Landscape, Monochrome, Action, Nature, Photography

Wave Break


“It’s marvelous, marvelous! Nothing will ever be as much fun. I’m going to photograph everything, everything!” 

~Jacques-Henri Lartigue

San Francisco, Golden Gate, Landscape, Monochrome, Action, Nature, Photography








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  1. Beautiful! I love storms at the seashore!

  2. I found Golden Gate common in most of your post. Special love for it?

  3. Looks amazing with the splashing water.

  4. LOVE these and being able to see this icon from time to time through your lens and blog is a joy!

  5. Hi Jane, fabulous! Love the texture to the 1st one & the POV is fantastic.

  6. Did your camera get wet (not to mention yourself)? Well, I read you comment above, so I guess you didn’t get soaked. All the more impressive you managed to captured these splendid images. My favourite is definitely the last one, such drama and energy!

  7. Love the composition on your opener Jane. Your muse continues to deliver!

  8. I can hear that water from here, Jane!
    Beautiful images.

  9. just wonderful shot Jane….so mysterious!!! Loving wave break😜

  10. Stellar!

  11. Beautiful black and whites, Jane. 🙂

  12. Stunning shot–perfect for the theme!

  13. Wow. You really caught it in mid-air. I actually got wet. (smile)

  14. Very cool imagewith great timing.

  15. Lovely captures Jane! Really like the water spray and the photos look gorgeous in monochrome.

    • Hi Inger, Thank you! I’m happy you like the monochrome c0nversion — it’s always tempting to leave it in color with the vibrant red bridge, but I love the way the waves look in black and white. Glad you agree.

  16. Great shots, Jane. I almost want to duck so I don’t get wet!

  17. I can feel the “splash, splash”… Superb shots!

  18. The first photo is really fabulous, I really enjoy all your photos of this beautiful sight. So many different ways to show one object/motive – that is great photography!

  19. Spectacular photo’s… but I can not imagine you kept it dry (and your camera!)
    Sunny greetings from (a rainy) Holland!

    • Hi Noortje, I’m getting good at clicking and running. 🙂 and a telephoto helps! Happy you enjoyed these. Thank you! Send some of your rain our way. (although we’ve had some good drought relief this month)

  20. Great photos, Jane. This seems to be one of your favorite spots…love these images, you can almost feel the spray by just looking at them. Thanks for sharing and have a great Sunday!

  21. Very nice! Wondering how wet you and your camera got???!

    • Hi Freddie- Are you picturing me in a full rain suit? I was fortunate to estimate the wave break although I have seen many get soaked at this spot! I was using a pretty good telephoto lens which helped keep me dry. Happy you enjoyed these- thanks so much.

  22. Beautifully done and the SS was on point. Riveting droplets crashing all round, and they certainly stand out with the BW composition. Love the quote too. Anything and everything can make a good photograph. It’s a matter of perspective, and there’s post-processing 🙂

  23. Very dramatic in black and white

  24. Jane I can just feel the spray! Like opening a bottle of jousled Cubs champagne… Cheers! d

  25. Jane I can just feel the spray! Like opening a bottle of jousled Cubs champagne.. Cheers! d

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