Golden Gate and Bay. Friends Forever.

She loves her best friend, Bay. They’ve been friends for 79 years and do everything together. 


She loves a wake up call from Bay to start the day off right. 

San Francisco, California, Golden Gate, Water, City, Landscape, Photography

Morning Wave



She watches over Bay when it’s windy and cold.

San Francisco, California, Golden Gate, Water, City, Landscape, Photography

Look at Me




And the two friends don’t mind Fog joining them in their summer fun. Three is not a crowd.

San Francisco, California, Golden Gate, Water, City, Landscape, Photography

Summertime in SF



Sometimes Fog and Golden Gate wonder where Bay is…

San Francisco, California, Golden Gate, Water, City, Landscape, Photography

Foggy Friends



She and Bay love to host parties! 

San Francisco, California, Golden Gate, Water, City, Landscape, Photography

Party Time



And invite lots of friends over on weekends.

San Francisco, California, Golden Gate, Water, City, Landscape, Photography




After a busy day, Golden Gate and Bay especially enjoy the quiet beauty of a San Francisco sunset. 

San Francisco, California, Golden Gate, Water, City, Landscape, Photography

Sunset Quiet


Golden Gate contemplates while Bay reflects. 

San Francisco, California, Golden Gate, Water, City, Landscape, Photography

Perfect Together




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  1. You see so many places in life ,now i see by Your eyes too

  2. Marvelous shots, Jane Lurie. What an amazing idea to focus on one landmark and represent it in many “moods.”

  3. Gorgeous shots, Jane. What an intriguing idea to focus on one landmark and show it in its many “moods.” Lovely.

  4. Gorgeous captures of such an iconic landmark. Really loved the combination of the fog and the red bridge – jaw dropping! I can still remember the first time I was in SF and saw the bridge with my own eyes:)

  5. Really breathtaking shots… magical!! Love the sunset😘

  6. Brilliantly put together 🙂

  7. Great concept Jane along with amazing shots as usual. Enjoyed it…well done!

  8. She is surely your muse Jane – beautifully done!

  9. Wonderful anthropomorphic verse that gave personality to two iconic landmarks. Pictures were brilliant.

  10. This is a brilliant post in every respect. Love the personification of Bay and Bridge.

  11. Simply beautiful. I especially love the black and white shot.

  12. Your photos make me want to visit SF again. I was there in 2001 and enjoyed the sights of the city and suburbs.

  13. Absolutely stunning Jane! I especially like the fog and the sunset pics.

  14. Beautiful Jane. I need to come back for a visit 🙂

  15. Jane, a very nice chronological series. A beautiful tribute to a grand icon.

  16. These are just beautiful, Jane.
    I especially love the second one,
    Happy day to you!

  17. Stunning shots Jane – wonderful post.

  18. Great, well-done, some of the best of its kind.

  19. What a lovely tribute, in both words and pictures, to the pair 🙂

    • Thank you very much, Roy. I enjoyed shooting these over the past few months. Hope all is well in Norway. 🙂

      • All well over here thank you very much, Jane! I just think I found out what to do with this other blog, so there’s a few couple of posts out now, just to check if it works the way I thought I wanted it to. I’m trying to do a bit more digital again, but in a very different way than earlier. Restricted myself to no more than 30 sec. maximum time for any edit to be done. If it takes longer, well there’s not going to be anything posted 🙂
        I kind of like it, because I don’t use any time on digital now. It’s just shoot with a simple camera in a different way than before, and this short time edit idea in addition. Seems to work fine enough this far, anyway 🙂

  20. This is a marvelous serie and very kreative, I love the way you make the pictures in to a love story. The bridge is majestic and my absolute favourite image of them all is the black & white one.

    • Hi Lena, Thank you very much. I am partial to the monochrome for foggy drama but I also love the vibrant color of the GG. (which, by the way, is called International Orange) Appreciate your kind thoughts.

  21. Romantic story… Stunning shots…

  22. Love the different faces of the Bridge and Bay. A different outfit each some, some more vivid than others. Agree with Susan that it reads like a children’s book. Like a wonderland, only in reality. Hope it wasn’t too cold when the fog rolled around. Quite a sight 🙂

    • Hi Mabel, So true! She wears many outfits… and like every San Franciscan, has to change throughout the day. Happy you liked the way it reads- a nice compliment coming from a writer. Thanks very much.

  23. Pure poetry! Beautiful shots of this iconic bridge, Jane. Love the fog and sunsets.

  24. Great photos, Jane. The first one is one of those days when it was a joy to walk the cables and take in the view from on high. I miss it.

  25. They are–as always–a fine collection of shots, Jane, but the foggy ones are just stunning. Mysterious, moody, and with red peeking through? I love.

  26. Lovely gallery 🙂 My favourite is the moody B&W!!

  27. Great set of photos, Jane! I really like the sunsets and the black and white. The atmopshere you have captured in all of them is wonderful!

  28. What a nice collection! I love love that one with the sailboats. It shows how big the bridge is.

  29. Wow, beautiful photos with a great story!! ❤️🌴

  30. Great photos! The day I went to Gold Gate, I left my camera at home. So I didn’t get any shot. But I can still remember it from your photos:)

  31. Great photos and comments. Clever!! A >

  32. Wonderful story of two lovers 🙂

  33. Amazing series of photos of the Bay and the foggy ones.

  34. Great!!! Like the b/w perhaps a bit more. But all are very great.
    Have good week!

  35. Golden Gate looks gorgeous in every weather. She is indeed the perfect complement to the Bay.

  36. Lovely! Reads like a delightful children’s storybook. A thought?

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