Barbecue! Austin, Texas

Debates about the best barbecue in Texas may be more passionate than the current  election. 

We visited three revered spots on our recent family trip to Austin.

Bring on the ‘cue.  Vegetarians beware.

Barbecue, Texas, Austin, Portrait, Food, Culinary, Portrait, Photography,

Mopping, Salt Lick


Black and White, Barbecue, Texas, Austin, Portrait, Food, Culinary, Portrait, Photography,

Tootsie, Pitmaster, Snow’s BBQ


Tootsie Tomanetz is 81 years old and has been making barbecue since 1966. That’s just on weekends. Tootsie still works during the week for the local school system.

She’s famous. 


Barbecue, Texas, Austin, Portrait, Food, Culinary, Portrait, Photography,

Tootsie, Snow’s BBQ


Barbecue, Texas, Austin, Portrait, Food, Culinary, Portrait, Photography,

Brisket Beauty, Snow’s

“Many Texas barbecue fanatics have a strong belief in the beneficial properties of accumulated grease.”

~Calvin Trillin

Barbecue, Texas, Austin, Portrait, Food, Culinary, Portrait, Photography,Black and White

Pitmaster’s Gloves


Barbecue, Texas, Austin, Portrait, Food, Culinary, Portrait, Photography,

Ali, La Barbecue


Barbecue, Texas, Austin, Portrait, Food, Culinary, Portrait, Photography,

Let’s Eat!


Barbecue, Texas, Austin, Portrait, Food, Culinary, Portrait, Photography,

Free Beans!

“Barbecue may not be the road to world peace, but it’s a start.”

~ Anthony Bourdain

Barbecue, Texas, Austin, Portrait, Food, Culinary, Portrait, Photography,

More Sausages, Please


Barbecue, Texas, Austin, Portrait, Food, Culinary, Portrait, Photography,

Checking the Cue


Barbecue, Texas, Austin, Portrait, Food, Culinary, Portrait, Photography,

All The Fixings, Salt Lick


Barbecue, Texas, Austin, Portrait, Food, Culinary, Portrait, Photography,

C’mon In






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  1. Oh, Austin BBQ. We ate at the La BBQ before holidays. 🙂 Great photos, Jane!

  2. Love, love, love the quotes and your photo captions! I can learn from a master. The photos are pretty brilliant too lol!

  3. I love sausages or any grilled meat, your photos surely made me hungry. Thanks for sharing 🙂

  4. More napkins and extra sauce, please!! Great shots, Jane.

  5. My mouth waters. An excellent barbecue is a fitting reward to a quest. 😊

  6. wow looks great, thanks for sharing 🙂

  7. Wow. Amazing Mouth Watering Pics.
    In India we don’t have much Barbecues. My family and me just love to eat Steaks and Sausages. We buy some off the shelf Steak Sauce, put it in our Boring Grill cum Oven (small and tiny) and then eat, whatever comes out.

    I wonder when I will be able to visit these places and eat these delicious Barbecues.

    • Hi Cattie, Yes, Texas Barbecue takes it to an unbelievable level. A lot of love and cooking time goes into these recipes. Makes me happy that you enjoyed these photos and I hope one day you will experience the most revered cuisines in Texas. 🙂 Thank you so much for your kind comment.

  8. OMG….YUM…fabulous detail in these shots…love Tootsie!!

  9. You know I am a barbecue girl born in Lexington NC…I have always been intrigued with the many excursions you and Bob have gone on throughout the land… In the kitchens, behind the scenes etc! Great cross section of this yummy food!!

  10. I am a vegetarian but I still think your photo’s are fantastic 🙂

  11. Nothing like Texas BBQ! My mouth is watering!

  12. Really fabulous story telling, Jane. Feel as though I’m there. Wish I were.

  13. Love your photo series, such great fun. You did such an amazing job of capturing the real essence of this place and these people.

    • Hi Charlie, That’s very nice to read- thank you so much. The barbecue spots are incredibly atmospheric, as you can imagine, and the people really make it special. I’m so glad you liked this series.

  14. What great photographs, Jane, and they bring back some wonderful memories too!
    The best barbecue I ever had was in Texas.
    AND even better, the best pair of boots I ever purchased, were purchased there also!! 🙂
    Happy day to you!

  15. Espléndido reportaje. Me has hecho coger hambre, me voy a desayunar! Cheers, Jane! 😉

  16. Really love your photos… Photography : What a way to express feelings!

  17. That is quite a barbecue you serve here. Got my mouth running. In addition you made the event into beautiful photo essay, Well done!

  18. It is a sin to have coleslaw in the presense of meat! I was under the apparent misimpression that South Africa owns a braai. Braai is the Afrikaans word for having a barbecue and is used by all South Africans. But it seems as we can be challenged in Texas!

    • Haha, Abrie. That made me laugh. Can’t say the sides get that much attention. It’s so interesting all the different names and styles around the world. Texans will give you a run for your money. Glad you enjoyed this one– thank you.

  19. Not good to look at food pics before lunch. The Texas horse show we go to, the food vendor with longest line is the one with the BBQ. They have a “sampler’ plate that offers a bit of everything, but you’ll need to bring your appetite for that one.

  20. Saucy awesome work here Jane and what’s not to love about Tootsie!

    • Hi Patti, After I shot that B&W of Tootsie (honestly, she is much more smiley than that) she called me over to take a photo together. A legend thrust into the limelight when they were discovered by Texas Monthly. She is so nice. Happy you enjoyed –thank you!

  21. LOL Jane, you and the fam have turned BBQ into an art form! Photos really tell the story of a wonderful family tradition. Glad to see the girls join in!!

  22. Great shots, maybe it’s just the vegan in me, but I prefer the B&W images 🙂

    • Hi Robert- Oh, indeed, we share a love of B&W. I converted a few of the pit that I really like but thought the colors of the meat told the story. Really, the barbecue environment calls for monochrome. Thanks so much for appreciating.

  23. Great set of shots, really captured some of the ‘pit’ atmosphere – just wish we had some of these in the UK!

  24. I am now so hungry Jane. What an amazing set of pictures. Wonderful!

  25. indeed, not for vegetarians..this ode to meat, I let it pass me by!! Sorry about that, and glad you warned us.!!

  26. Ah, the brisket looks amazing and then I go to the next photo and then the next…and you’ve captured the magic of the BBQ. I’ve yet to visit Texas but it’d be worth it to go there just for the BBQ and Tootsie, I like the story. Great thing about BBQ is the pride people have around the world with perfecting their style, gotta love it – now off to finish off my plate of brussel sprouts 😦

    • Haha, Randall. Love your closing line. I’ve been eating a lot of salads this week. I would love to spend more time capturing the surroundings of each place, as you do so well. Barbecue is pretty much a must when visiting Texas- the passion runs high as in all parts of the world. Thank you for your wonderful reaction.

  27. Awesome Pics, make me instantly veeery hungry. I’m in Dallas right now so I think I need to find myself a Texas BBQ tomorrow 😝 Thanks for sharing!

  28. Great shots, Jane….

  29. I love those pictures. Sounds like a unique and fun family trip. Tracy told me about it. We’ve got to find a time to get together but I am almost hesitant to ask since we go to Japan in a couple of weeks and I am immersed in documenting for SFMOMA. Sandy and I were planning to do For Site art installation at Ft Scott and Coast Trail this Saturday- maybe get to Crissy Field early at 9:30 and park as close to the warming hut as we can and walk up to Nike Admin building and take the tour which will be a couple of hours. Any interest? It would not be a great catch up time but it would be a time together outside and looking at art. Jennifer

  30. Only thing Texan fight about more than barbecue is chili. Now that’s something to really fight about.

  31. Without question, there’s lots of good bar=b=q in Texas and that’s not up for debate!

  32. Now that is barbequeing on a grand scale! What a delicious looking series, Jane! And we’ll know, as BBQ (or “Braai” as we call it) is the national pastime in South Africa – we’ll use just about any excuse for a braai, from a birth to a funeral…

    • Hi de Wets, I didn’t know that is what it’s called in SA. Funny, everywhere we visit, barbecue is claimed as the local pastime in all different styles. Aussie’s certainly feel that way about their barbie. And don’t mess with Texans. 😄 Hope I made you hungry! Thanks very much.

  33. Jane — another great series. I like the comment above that the collection is like a novel about barbecue. Big question: how does Texas ‘cue compare with our SC barbecue?

    • Hi Jack, I hate to disappoint you, but I am a huge fan of Texas BBQ… I love SC but, honestly, the mustard sauce variety doesn’t quite compare to the Lone State’s version. Thanks so much for your thoughtful comment.

  34. This sausages certainly look fine, looking tasty and very rich. Lots of meat for a big barbecue. I’ve always loved how Americans like eating sausages with bread – the hot dog. And I hear mustard sauce is very popular over there 🙂

    • Hi Mabel, I think the Texas style sausages are the best. Most places do give a big stack of white bread which I haven’t eaten since my childhood! You see mustard sauce in one area of SC but generally, it’s vinegar (NC) or red and spicy (TX). Thanks so much for enjoying this one.

  35. Ahhh, such great memories! I do not eat a single thing at BBQ places (I’m a vegetarian who also happens to dislike coleslaw and beans), but I LOVE going to all these places (Salt Lick is my favorite of these) and many others just for a longneck beer, the twinkling white lights, and the camaraderie on a warm night in Texas. Great photos!

  36. I think I can smell the ‘cue. Great shots, Jane.

  37. That is an awesome set of images. It is like a novel about barbecue.

  38. That’s great!
    (The photo, too… 😉 )

  39. It looks like an industry, not a cozy little grill in a garden … 😉

  40. Awesome images! Brings us right in. 🙂

  41. wow – the opening photo is a very cool shot – all the meat and the worker seems to get lost inside !
    and cool post – and I have heard of the debates…. in a few towns.

    and side note, I am hoping to go to Shuler’s BBQ in South Carolina on my next trip down 95 – they were recently on The Profit (TV show) and I am really hoping to go. keep you posted.


    • Thanks so much, Yvette. It’s quite an experience. I am not familiar with Shuler’s and look forward to your review. A very different style of BBQ in that part of the country.

    • Many BBQ places are only open on weekends… I appreciate you perusing — if you search Barbecue on my blog you’ll see another post I did on the Salt Lick a few years ago.

      • Ok – and. I pressure – but if you find it before I can come back – maybe you could leave a link in a reply and I can find it right away (😊)
        And I am not a huge BBQ person – it some of the most tender meat I have ever had has been BBQ “pulled” meats –
        And of course the trimmings are good – wait – maybe I am more of a BBQ girl – but we just don’t get it often –


  42. Woweeee!! So much meat! Looks delish too.

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