Bountiful California

California farms are the top agricultural producers for the country.  San Franciscans enjoy having an edge on availability to fresh, local produce. 

Produce, Farm, Photography, Vegetable, Fruits, California

Purple Artichokes


Produce, Farm, Photography, Vegetable, Fruits, California

Red, White and Blueberry


“Ask not what you can do for your country. Ask what’s for lunch.” 

~Orson Welles


Produce, Farm, Photography, Vegetable, Fruits, California, Black and White, Monochrome, Close-Up




Produce, Farm, Photography, Vegetable, Fruits, California

Cherry Tomatoes







Feeling Peachy

Feeling Peachy


“Let things taste of what they are.” 

~ Alice Waters




Produce, Farm, Photography, Vegetable, Fruits, California, Black and White, Monochrome, Close-Up

Artichoke Farm



“Pull up a chair. Take a taste. Come join us. Life is so endlessly delicious.” 

~ Ruth Reichl

Produce, Farm, Photography, Vegetable, Fruits, California, Black and White, Monochrome, Close-Up

Salad Days





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  1. Being largely vegetarian myself, I cotton to this post rather than to the one about Austin that followed. Did you know that the word meat used to mean food in general? That’s why in old books you’ll find the expression meat and drink, which is to say ‘food and drink.’

  2. Amazing pictures. I’m going to Cali end of October and can’t wait to taste some of the veggies!

  3. Stunning photography Jane! Making me hungry for fresh produce

  4. These are terrific Jane, and show beautifully in the larger format. Colors are deep and rich.

  5. A colourful, cheerful and mouthwatering post, Jane. 🙂

  6. Beautiful photos of all kinds of produces. Love the colours and the subtle and soft light you have used. Looking at the photos my mouth is watering. 🙂

  7. A rich and bountiful set of magnificent shots Jane!

  8. Wonderful photos and quotes, jane. Love that first image. 🙂

  9. Wapaniałe zdjęcia. Warzywa i owoce wyglądają jak prawdziwe, aż chce się dotknąć.

  10. Your photography is absolutely stunning, I really enjoy your posts.

  11. Gorgeous shots, Jane. I love that Orson Welles quote!! Your lighting and the texture of the food are terrific.

  12. wow – fresh and healthy – it reminds back home our farm having them,,,no words

  13. Love the close-up of the kale you captured and had a great time with the Orson Welles quote.

  14. Such a beautiful time of year.. so many fruits and vegetables in season! Thanks for these wonderful photos.

  15. I love love these photos, Jane! I’ve thinking of posting something related to food art. This is definitely Art! A quite inspiring post 🙂

  16. This post is right up my alley. I love the beauty and colour and shapes of fruit and vegetables — as much as I do flowers and trees. But fewer people photograph them. Your images are vibrant and beautifully composed.

  17. a beautiful array of color, texture and freshness! I especially love those artichokes 🙂

  18. that is some awesome patterns 🙂

  19. Oh my goodness, everything looks wonderful.
    We are coming to the end of our fresh vegetable season here, and I will surely miss it.

  20. Jane, you capture the simple and common pieces of produce and harvest in a way that brings life to them & how beautifully healthy food can be. The artichoke shots were brilliant, but I liked the creativity with the blueberries shot 🙂

  21. Hi Jane, they are the same products that are in my country “Catalonia”. The weather is quite similar. I’ve loved your images, it is an excellent variety of colorful and photographic art. I prefer the color of “Purple Artichokes” and composition of “Red, White and Blueberry”. and now I’m going to eat! you made me get hungry! 🙂

    • Hi Jacinto– I visited your beautiful country last year and loved every scene and the delectable cuisine. We had a wonderful trip. I’m happy that these photos made you hungry. Thanks very much for your kind thoughts.

  22. Great pictures of these vegetables. I happen to like all of them. They look so fresh and just make you want to eat them.

  23. How I love your wonderful photos of produce! So colorful and full of depth. I especially love the tomatoes, peaches and the artichoke farm. 🙂

  24. Amazing photography with excellent colors

  25. Amazing colors and details! Great work!!

  26. Loved your bountiful beauties – especially the roots and artichoke farm. My mother was raised partly in LA and I remember her eating steamed artichoke leaves dipped in mayonnaise. 😋

    • HI Leslee, What a fabulous memory! We used to dip them in butter– I probably liked the butter part the best but loved to scrape the leaves. Happy you like these produce portraits. Hope all is well and thanks so much.

  27. Nice idea for this week’s challenge Jane. Like the b/w kale shot…kinda looks like some sort of alien creature…lol.

  28. So beautiful and delicious… ahhh these blueberries, my favorites!!

  29. We in the western world are so blessed…we have so much to eat that many of us are like pumpkins on legs. Never seen such bounty in one post!!

  30. Hi, Jane. Your beautiful photos are a wonderful reminder of the bountiful food that is available to us here in the Bay Area. The colors in the peaches make me want to nominate them for the “Official Fruit” of the GGB. On a side note, we grew some Shishito peppers this year in our raised planter bed and they have been delicious.

    • HI Allan, Those peaches…and how tasty they are. They deserve the award. We are fortunate to have the seasonal choices at our fingertips. That’s great that you grew shishitos– I love to toss them in a pan with some sea salt and olive oil. Yes, delicious. Thanks very much.

      • Thanks for the informative reply, Jane. We found the Shishitos at OSH and were not familiar with them at all. Now we are and we love’em. We will try your recipe when the crop matures a bit more.

  31. You changed the look of your blog, am I right?

  32. Gorgeous shots. They capture the beauty of nature’s bounty.

  33. I’ve enjoyed this bounty … some of them in their natural habitat and some ready to use :D. I like the black and white ones too – kale and roots beg for monochrome treatment, and the one I love most is your peach collection.

  34. Beautiful pictures Jane! Produce clearly makes a great subject for a photograph. I must give that a try sometime. 🙂

  35. Yummy!!!!!!!!!! Makes me hungry for your fresh fresh foods!!!! So envious!!!

  36. Good enough to eat! (I’m salivating.)
    You really do have access to some terrifically fresh food, Jane. Lucky you!

  37. The tomatoes are the best! But they’re all great. I just happen to love tomatoes! 🙂 And that Orson Welles quote!

  38. My mouth is watering!!! Love all the colour and shape variety in the tomatoes, it’s a great composition too 🙂

  39. Beautiful – I could touch and feel those fruits and vegetables! I even felt healthy while reading (and eating a cookie!). Oops.

  40. Marvelous quotes and images of nature’s bounty.

  41. WOW….I’m hungry!!! These are gorgeous , colorful shots of my favorite foods…YUM!!!

  42. Amazing colours Jane Lurie, It’s a perfect choice of the whole palette.

  43. Awesome series! Can you send me some of this blueberries 😜?

  44. I like this period of the year when fresh produces are plentiful. Here too we are getting access to fresh local produces and they are so good. Nice pics. (Suzanne)

  45. I always enjoy your work so much! California has the most beautiful produce hands down! Thank you for taking the time to share beautiful imagery with us.
    Luv em 😘

  46. Your post made me hungry. Great photography. Ken

  47. I do not know how to prepare artichokes, much less eat them, but they sure look pretty. But I can have blueberries anytime. 🙂

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