Reflections: San Juan Islands, WA



Landscape, Nature, Sunset, Nikon, Photography, Water

Sunset and Trees


Landscape, Nature, Sunset, Nikon, Photography, Water, Monochrome

Island Sunset



“Taking pictures is savoring life intensely every hundredth of a second.”

~ Mark Riboud 



Landscape, Nature, Sunset, Nikon, Photography, Water

Evening Reflections


Landscape, Nature, Sunset, Nikon, Photography, Water

Walking the Flats


Landscape, Nature, Sunset, Nikon, Photography, Water, Wildlife, Whale

Orca Greeting





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  1. So beautiful…… 😍😍😍

  2. Feeling the glow here Jane, all beautiful shots!

  3. Really lovely Jane, What a beautiful place and lovely photography too!

  4. What a beautiful series of images this is!
    Each one is so serene.

  5. had to come check out your west coast visit, Jane. brilliant images – and i can almost smell the salt in the air… thanks for sharing.

  6. Sighing! 🙂 🙂 That first one is so lovely

  7. Hi, Jane. What lovely photos! You’ve captured the stillness and quiet beauty of the place.

  8. just beautiful….so peaceful…loving the black n white ‘island sunset’

  9. Very nice shots Jane…really like the first two. Been thinking about a trip to Seattle, looks like a nice place to put on the itinerary.

  10. Lovely shots. The first one is a stand-out for me — great painterly colours.

  11. The sunset colors are beautiful, Jane. 🙂

  12. The first three photos remind me of the movie, “the Goonies”. Ive always wanted to visit the pacific northwest. Beautiful photos. Well done.

  13. Beautiful landscapes, beautiful light and beautiful images. I have been quite a few times to the San Juan islands, and you have really captured their inherent peacefulness in these photos. As to the quote by Riboud, I think Paula has an interesting comment—to which I agree fully.

    • Hi Otto, I saw your gorgeous PNW photos. I’m glad that you think these captured the feel of the islands. I loved the quietness of them. And I share your and Paula’s sentiment about the balance of living the moment and recording it. I try to stop and simply look. (which is an integral part of photographing, too) Thanks for your kind reaction.

  14. I hope that Mark Riboud is right. Sometimes I wonder if my experience of a place would be more thorough if I weren’t looking through a view finder, but then again I would not be able to “savour” it afterwards. Ah, the places you take us to see, Jane. Just wonderful and beautifully painted with your camera.

    • I completely agree with you, Paula. It’s a delicate balance of relaxing and being in the moment and recording it. This sunset did feel like we were in a painting. Happy you like it. Thanks for your thoughtful rumination.

  15. so beautiful and an orca…so nice to see as a land locked Albertan ☺️

  16. It’s beautiful country up there. Beautiful pics, especially the orca greeting.

  17. Beautiful images Jane! I have to look at a map … how far is this from where you live? (The mountains here are called the San Juans … a popular saint and name.)

  18. Fantastic views Jane, from the colors of the sunset (I think it is hard to beat the PNW when it comes to sunsets…), and then my favorite feel of your series, the Walking the Flats shot…those are the peaceful days I love.

  19. Really enjoyed the set, and especially the first image with its band of colors.

  20. Gorgeous. It’s been way too long since I’ve been out to the San Juans.

  21. Wonderful shots. The sky is scenic.

  22. Aw, great quote! Your photos are so special, Jane.

  23. Dramatic with wonderful layers. Well done.

  24. These are wonderful Jane. I love the first image Evening Refections. The layers of light and color are spectacular.

  25. Awesome images Jane! Been up there twice (Seattle) but never made it out to the straight or the islands. Trying to talk my wife into doing vacation up in the PNW, but she’s always quoting Tom Hanks (Sleepless in Seattle – “it rains three out of four days in Seattle”). I want to see an Orca so badly !!!!! Great images!!!

    • Hi Marcus, Hoping you can make a convincing case. We had sunshine the entire time (can’t say we did last trip). When you go to Olympic National Park it’s really nice if it rains…especially at Hoh Rainforest. 🙂 Happy you enjoyed this series, thank you. You will see Orcas!

  26. All very beautiful (in love with the third photo), but ohhhh that Orca… #extremely jealous 🙂

  27. You take great photos – I’m going to have to take a closer look at these when I get a minute!

  28. Your photos are always such a pleasure to view, Jane. These are gorgeous!

  29. Beautiful reflections all round, Jane. Lucky you got to see orange skies. What a stunning vivid sight, and it’s not every day you see something like that 🙂

  30. Beautiful captures of a glorious place Jane.

  31. these pictures are incredibly stunning!

  32. Nice photos Jane (Good now I have that ticked of my bucket list – the Tarzan in me have always wanted to speak toJane!) Nice photos (Jane) the black and white Island sunset being my favourite. May I ask what WordPress theme is this?

    • Haha! Funny one Abrie. I have never heard that one before. 😄 I’m so glad you enjoyed the photos especially the monochrome which was a nice moment. The theme I use is called Traveler. I like the way it displays images. Appreciate your visit.

  33. Sunset and Trees is my favorite. The brilliant complementary colors are astounding. So glad you captured it.

  34. Such nice evening light series and to crown it all: an real Orca…wow.

  35. Wow you saw an orca! Lovely shots and I really like the quote. So true.

  36. Beautiful light and vibe in these images, Jane. I particularly like the whale greeting.

  37. Lovely part of the world! Evening Reflections and Walking the Flats remind me of my sister-in-law’s paintings.

  38. Great and interesting pictures, my Favorit is 2, 4.

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