As one who loves street photography, I’ve done a bit of “stalking” in my travels- in a good way. My covert ops include shooting from the hip and glancing the other way when clicking the shutter. However, there are those times when my presence is detected, and I’m caught. A humorous outtake is a cherry on top.




Street Photography, Travel, Portraits

Surprised In Stockholm


Street Photography, Travel, Portraits

Mugging, Stockholm


“Of all the means of expression, photography is the only one that fixes a precise moment in time.”

~Henri Cartier-Bresson 

Street Photography, Travel, Portraits

Oh, Hello. San Francisco



Street Photography, Travel, Portraits

Smile, I Think? Budapest



Posing, San Francisco

Posing, San Francisco

“Thinking should be done before and after, not during photographing.”

~ Henri Cartier-Bresson 

I'm smoking, what's it to you? Spain

I’m Smoking. What’s It To You? Spain



Street Photography, Travel, Portraits

You looking at me? Stockholm



We See You, San Francisco

We See You. San Francisco


Your taking my picture, really? Buenos Aires

You’re Really Taking My Picture? Buenos Aires


“Of course it’s all luck.”

~Henri Cartier-Bresson



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  1. Haha! Great collection of candids! I can relate to being caught! Here’s one of mine …

  2. Great images, I like your style, its just like mine! Shoot from the hip and look the other way! Ha ha I love it!. I have just started blogging so will definitely be following you.

  3. Nice Post. I recently shot a chinese new year parade here in Vancouver Got some lovely shots You have inspired me to do an article about that and one about doing street shots with a 50mm lens. It’s so cool when random subjects are hamming it up for the camera. 😉

  4. Perfect! Please pm me I need your help it’ll be brief swear.

  5. Yes .. sometimes I used to get caught quite easily in public.Some may take with positively while some quite will become agitates …

  6. I keep dabbling in street photography. This is such a great place for it. But it’s always so darn hot. With winter coming, I hope to be down on the Las Vegas Strip as much as possible. This post of yous has inspired me. Thanks, Jane.

  7. What a cheerful post! 🙂 Fabulous captures, Jane Lurie. I always feel shy to point my camera at people, but I do sometimes at their backs …
    This was inspiring, I should try to do more in the open, I think.
    Thanks for sharing!

  8. These are great, I love that first image particularly, not only are their expressions great, but the color in it really works as well. I’m always a little hesitant with this type of photography.

  9. I love the first one! If only that lady realised how pretty her dress and yellow cardigan looks in that location.

  10. The last one is my favorite–she’s in the right third and that really contributes to the feeling that she has walked a long way to get there. Plus…her hair and the door are a great connection. 🙂

  11. Lovely people picture, Jane. I like how you captured their expressions. 😊

  12. You are doing some excellent street photography. Of course I really like the look of the persons in the two first photos, when you have been discovered, but they are all great.

  13. Wonderful post Jane, and so funny, nice shots too! Jane you must be sneakier.

  14. the first one is my favorite 🙂

  15. This is going to be a classic post Jane ~ I do not know of any photographer that has not gotten a few such looks over the years, but here you have laid them out beautifully and with a smile. My favorite is the “You looking at me? Stockholm” shot, as those looks always take a bit longer for me to recover from and begin shooting again 🙂

    • Hi Randall, Happy this theme resonated with you– we’ve all been there, as you said and I agree, there are times when we must take a moment and recuperate from the interaction. So nice to hear from you– thanks very much. 😊

  16. I think it adds to the photograph when you are caught. Here is a short National Geographic Video on Ed Kashi talking about his views on “Eye Contact” and its value. I’d like to hear your thoughts on this.

  17. That is the big challenge with street photography – landscapes are much easier that way. You could always ask to take the picture, but that means the photo is no longer spontaneous and you’ll likely end up with someone posing – which is fine sometimes but other times not what you were looking for.
    Love the old couple walking in the streets of Stockholm:)

  18. I love the older couple.

  19. “Surprised in Stockholm” could have a caption like this: “Geez, Superman, what are you doing wearing that pink underwear?”

  20. Surprised in Stockholm, that is a good one.

  21. Wonderful! I really like your series: photos + descriptions 🙂

  22. I love it, Jane! Great candid shots and great interpretation of this week’s challenge. 🙂

  23. Great collection! One of them brings back fun memories

  24. Nice examples of being caught in the act. The kids in Stockholm crack me up mugging for the camera.

    • Hi Allan, That pack of boys was on to me right away and really gave it to me. I didn’t even see that kid with the hands until I loaded the photos. Too funny. Happy these brought a smile. Thank you!

  25. I love this post and am smiling as I write this! Yes, you certainly were caught!

  26. Wonderful and funny collection Jane! I just love the last one, such a nice composition and I think that when the woman died her hair, the package she used said the color was… cherry-red 🙂
    I am too much of a chicken for street photography, I feel caught even before I take the picture…
    I’ll stick to animals 🙂 but I love this discipline a lot!

  27. I have often wondered about your ” audacious ” sneaky camera!!!! Love those expressions!

  28. I regret not being quicker with the shutter when trying to photograph an elderly Irish gentleman in tweed and on a bicycle…classic. However he was too quick to say don’t do that. 🙂 Good job with yours…loved the look on the faces of the couple.

    • Hi Sharon, Ooh, sounds like a wonderful portrait but most important, you took an “eye picture” and have a nice memory. The surprised couple sparked the whole theme. Thanks so much and hope you are doing well.

  29. As we know, you are the master of the candid street shot. I often think of you when I see something I don’t have the nerve to shoot. I think, now JANE would catch this one!! good to see sometimes you Do get caught 🙂 Fun series.

  30. Great candid shots, Jane. Love the captions, and the facial expressions. Priceless! 😀

  31. Love the series idea, the images and the fun captions. I don’t do that much street photography but definitely have a few of these….;-)

  32. Ah, the truth comes out. You’re not quite as sneaky as I thought you were. I love these shots.

  33. Ha, Ha, Ha…great stuff, made me smile

  34. So interesting to see the different reactions and how sensitive most people are, they are feeling when someone has an eye on them, right ?

  35. fabulous! Like Eliza, I don’t have the nerve, but maybe I should be braver and click away on the streets!

  36. Haha, we’re always bit nervous when doing that. Good zoom is handy 😆 nice idea for a series of photos!

  37. Covert ops indeed – the first image is priceless! I tend to do the covert ops, with a little mirrorless, but I have asked at times. I was once taking images of street art when these two guys came past wearing just the right colours to coordinate with the background and they smiled and waved as they walked into shoot….job done!!

  38. Fun pictures! I’m always so embarrassed to do it. I never understand how people manage those great pictures of Masai warriors etc

    • Hi M.L. Thank you! I agree — it is challenging. I took a class once where we had to approach people on the street and ask to take their portrait and it was so difficult to do. Guess I’m better at the covert ops. 🙂

  39. Once I discovered a guy taking a photo of me in the street. I just noticed and smiled him. I think it’s funny when that happens, i am happy nobody was violent.

  40. He he! What a lovely and funny approach to this weeks challenge. Great images, and the faces… the couple in the first photo is wonderful.

    • Thank you, Lena. That photo sparked the idea, I thought their expressions were priceless. I followed them after for quite a while– they were probably ready to report me. Glad you enjoyed!

  41. I don’t have the nerve for street photography – glad you do, though!

  42. The tongue and cheekiness is infectious through your set of shots here.

  43. these r sooooo great…u caught some fabulous expressions…SO loving smoking in spain😜

  44. Oh, those are priceless! Great idea for a fun post.

  45. I love the sunglasses ‘are you looking at me’ shot a lot. She’s probably also a bit annoyed for sunshine in her eyes 😀 Love the quote about luck. Sometimes you just have to be in the right place, right time to capture a shot. Well done 👌

    • Hi Mabel, I agree, sunglasses probably wasn’t probably as annoyed as she looks. Fun moments. So glad you enjoyed the images with the quotes- I always think of Cartier-Bresson when I’m people watching. Thank you very much.

  46. lovely series… friendly, well mostly friendly, nice shots

  47. Such a clever idea to group these together! Love it! I run into the same problem with street photography… one of the reasons it’s so tempting to use (dare I say it) a smartphone in some situations! I’m really trying not to though… 🙂

    • Hi Cindy, Thank you so much. It started with the first image of the surprised couple and I was thinking about all the shots that I had like that…some funny memories. I love the IPhone for shots, too, but I really like my point and shoot…much easier to sneak than a DSLR. Whatever it takes. 🙂

  48. You are so busted! Nice photos.

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