Lines and Curves, Helsinki Architecture


Architecture, Helsinki, Nikon, Travel, Black and White, Finland, Design

University of Helsinki Library


Architecture, Helsinki, Nikon, Travel, Black and White, Finland, Design

Library Stacks, National Library of Finland


“Always design a thing by considering its next larger context – a chair in a room, a room in a house, a house in an environment, an environment in a city plan.”

~Eliel Saarinen

Architecture, Helsinki, Nikon, Travel, Black and White, Finland, Design

Helsinki Railway Station, Eliel Saarinen


Architecture, Helsinki, Nikon, Travel, Black and White, Finland, Design

Window and Light, Saarinen


Architecture, Helsinki, Nikon, Travel, Black and White, Finland, Design

Statues, Helsinki Railway Station


 The “Stone Church” was quarried out of the natural bedrock.

Architecture, Helsinki, Nikon, Travel, Black and White, Finland, Design

Temppeliaukio Church, Helsinki


I tell you, it is easier to build a grand opera or a city center than to build a personal house.

~Alvar Aalto


Architecture, Helsinki, Nikon, Travel, Black and White, Finland, Design

Alvar Aalto Home and Studio


Architecture, Helsinki, Nikon, Travel, Black and White, Finland, Design

Geometric Dome, National Library of Finland


Architecture, Helsinki, Nikon, Travel, Black and White, Finland, Design

Contemporary Helsinki


Eliel Saarinen's Lament, Helsinki Railway Station

Eliel Saarinen’s Lament, Helsinki Railway Station




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  1. Gorgeous photography Jane, I look forward to following your adventures. Thank you for sharing.

  2. Nice pics of the city I was studying for 5 years!!

  3. Astonishing photos. Wise and brilliant quotes by the way

  4. I once lived in Helsinki and I just loved these photo’s. You brought back some good memories of the best time in my life, thank you for that!

  5. Lovely shots, Helsinki looks beautiful!!!

  6. Stunning series of images Jane and a magnificent location. The colour and black & white works really well in all of them.

  7. Awesome! Helsinki has so much to offer, beautiful!

  8. Outstanding selection of pictures! Great captions Jane!

  9. Gracias por mostrarnos tu arte! all pictures are splendid!!!! ❤

  10. Look at those lines! So elegant.

  11. Hello
    Beautiful pictures of architecture.
    Have a good week.

  12. These are elegant lines, Jane. I like best the black and white train station photo. Your eyes truly let us see its architectural beauty.😊

  13. Awesome work this week Jane – esp loved the first several architectural shots.

  14. Excellent. The photos and the buildings are so beautiful, Jane. I love the quotes too 🙂

  15. Great shots Jane, the architecture is wonderful!

  16. I was in Helsinki a few years ago and this post brought a lot of that back. Your images are really fantastic — I so enjoy looking at good architecture. I adored the stone church when I was there and you captured it very well!

  17. Whoops. I meant I want to go there right now. What fabulous photos.

  18. What a fascinating post. I want to gather right now!

  19. You have totally whetted my appetite for traveling to Finland. Loved these buildings..and that church!

  20. Nice, and the stone Church should have a great sound in there…..

  21. Jane, I love this series – love the lines and laughing at the Burger King sign. The buildings are beautiful.

  22. Love the effect of black and white on railway station. Wonderful photos and city!

  23. GREAT shots….very interesting place…loving the church….and all of the detail!!

  24. Fabulous photos of stylish Helsinki.

  25. Great shots Jane. I’m still trying to figure out that church photo

    • Hi Michael, Isn’t that church something? The architects are brothers who lived in a remote place and played primarily with rocks. Thus, their fascination with creating buildings out of stone. This place was dug out of the rock mountain. The ceiling is copper and metal and the room is circular. Great acoustics and it’s used for services. Fascinating. Glad it piqued your interest- thank you for enjoying.

  26. Love the Saarinen image. The lights may seem small, but they certainly draw attention and shine themselves amidst the grandeur of architecture. So agree with the quote about personal homes. I am never usually satisfied with mine – too messy but it’s my fault 😂

    • Hi Mabel- The railway station was awesome. The light and details are incredible including the beautiful light fixtures. I loved seeing Aalto’s personal spaces– simple but innovative for the times. Thanks so much – happy you liked these shots.

  27. What an eye for lines, angles, shapes, etc… You could have been an architect!

  28. These are beautiful, Jane. I love the photo of the church ceiling. Gotta put Helsinki on my Bucket List—right after Berlin.

  29. That first one is a different! I love why I see in architecture in the Nordic area!

  30. And then there’s Burger King. I’d be lamenting on that one as well. All super dooper shots Jane!

  31. Nordic design has such nice lines. Great series, Jane.

  32. I haven’t been there and now I’m inspired to go!

  33. Wonderful photos. Were you just there? I went in January of last year and found the city so interesting in many ways. I loved that church built into the stone.

    • Hi Lex, Yes, we just returned from a trip around the Nordic countries starting in Helsinki… then the major cities in Scandinavia ending in the Fjords.
      Wonderful. That’s great that you’ve been there and these shots brought back some good memories. The stone church was incredible to see. Thank you!

  34. Great buildings – and the quote is really a special one – feel some life analogies about maybe life planning or purposeful living!

  35. Some really amazing architecture and I love that gorgeous dome. I think Alvar Aalto was right. 😀

    • Thanks, Sylvia. So much beauty in many different styles. I agree with you and Alvar, too. I didn’t include the opera house and another notable building — that would have been funny considering how large they are. 😉

  36. Beautiful! Your pick of interesting sights was great. Nice work.

  37. Fantastic, beautiful photos! ❤️👍🏻

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