Bicycles, Bicycles! Copenhagen

Copenhageners love their bicycles. There are five times as many bikes as cars in the city and only about one third of the people in Copenhagen own cars. 


Copenhagen, Denmark, Bicycles, Travel, City, Culture, Europe, Portrait, People, Scandinavia,

Where’s My Bike?



Copenhagen, Denmark, Bicycles, Travel, City, Culture, Europe, Portrait, People, Scandinavia,

Danish Commute


 ‘Bicycle bicycle, I want to ride my bicycle, I want to ride my bike.




Copenhagen, Denmark, Bicycles, Travel, City, Culture, Europe, Portrait, People, Scandinavia,

Copenhagen Alley and Bikes



Copenhagen, Denmark, Bicycles, Travel, City, Culture, Europe, Portrait, People, Scandinavia,

Lines and Lanes




Copenhagen, Denmark, Bicycles, Travel, City, Culture, Europe, Portrait, People, Scandinavia,

Nice Ride


Copenhagen, Denmark, Bicycles, Travel, City, Culture, Europe, Portrait, People, Scandinavia,



Copenhagen, Denmark, Bicycles, Travel, City, Culture, Europe, Portrait, People, Scandinavia,

Red Bicycle


Life is like riding a bicycle. To keep your balance, you must keep moving.

~Albert Einstein

Copenhagen, Denmark, Bicycles, Travel, City, Culture, Europe, Portrait, People, Scandinavia,




Copenhagen, Denmark, Bicycles, Travel, City, Culture, Europe, Portrait, People, Scandinavia,

Bicycle and Nyhaven



Copenhagen, Denmark, Bicycles, Travel, City, Culture, Europe, Portrait, People, Scandinavia,





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  1. i love this series…i love bikes! 😀

  2. This post is stunning in every way! I love the quotes and the photos. Just perfect.

  3. These are terrific Jane – the first is my favorite but the second reminds me of a classic movie scene. Well done!

  4. Beautiful photos and words. I spent a day in Copenhagen some years ago but do not remember seeing so many bikes/riders. I wish we in Zambia would also take bikes seriously. Bikes have a bad reputation – we actually make fun of people from the Eastern Province because they use bikes a lot. Riding bikes in the rural areas would alleviate the problem of transport. I would not advise one to ride within the city as there are no bike paths and our drivers (me included, I guess) sometimes decide to disregard the law.

    • Hi ZL, How interesting that bikes have a negative reputation in Zambia. Biking safety and etiquette certainly has to be taught and respected which, I’m sure, takes a long time. I wish all places embraced it. I’m happy you enjoyed this and that it brought back memories of your trip to Copenhagen. Thank you very much.

  5. Hav en god tur!
    Liebe Gruesse Monika

  6. You’ve made the magic of Copenhagen come alive with such an eclectic set of bicycle photos. A feeling of spring and feeling of being alive with these shots, wonderful shots Jane. Nothing quite as great as the feeling of freedom, and a bike seems to offer that and more in Copenhagen. Your first photo and the red-bicycle are awesome.

  7. Really great shots, Jane. It looks like such fun, but like in Amsterdam, how does one find the right bike amongst all those hundreds? 🙂

  8. I have a thing for bike shots and these are so wonderful and charming! I need to visit Copenhagen!

    • Hi Susan, We just can’t resist the lure of the bicycle, can we? I remember a little red bike you shot once with your usual wonderful choice of aperture. Hope you get to Denmark and Scandinavia soon. 📷Thanks so much.

  9. What a happy post! Refreshing …

  10. I think it’s a wonderful culture, when cities are built for the wellbeing of the people, and not only for efficiency (cars.) Copenhagen is so beautiful, enjoying it by bike is a treat. Lovely post!

  11. Gorgeous shots…..makes me want to get out there & ride😜

  12. Those are statistics I like to hear Jane. Now if only the rest of the “civilised(!)” world could follow Copenhagen’s lead so many of the worlds problems would be on the way to being solved.

  13. Great collection – I like the last one with people in motion. Nice work!

  14. Fantastic images Jane. I love the Danish Commute image…it’s perfect.

  15. Lovely photos as always, Jane. 😊
    How nice it is that the Dutch don’t even have to make special time for exercise. In addition, their lifestyle also helps reduce air pollution.

  16. …I need to ride my bike more 🙂
    Excellent photos.

  17. # 1 reminded me of a Dali painting. (I ride more than most. Wear a helmet. They come in handy.)

    • Hi Bob, Ooh, glad you liked the first one, thank you. I know you are a huge cyclist and thought of you when I posted this. It was so strange to see everyone with out helmets which I would never do, especially in a busy city. Pop a wheelie for me…haha.

  18. Great photos, Jane. I’m impressed with the numbers of folks who have embraced a cleaner, greener lifestyle (Holland,too.) Can you imagine this happening in America? Maybe Portland OR, but in general? Price of gas in EU is higher which helps, I suppose.

    • Hi Eliza, It is a lesson to be learned about encouraging a biking culture. It’s way ahead of US cities that we generally think are very bike friendly. Yes, gas prices are a motivating factor according to our guide. I’m happy you enjoyed this post. Thank you.

  19. Jane, I am continuing to enjoy every bit of your photo blogs — from this trip, as well as your previous postings. You are most amazing. Thank you so much for letting me into your beautiful world. Since I don’t travel much, it allows me to live vicariously!

    xo kathy

  20. What a fantastic range of bicycle photo’s, each one beautiful some funny, all well composed!
    I think you’ll find even more bicycles in Amsterdam 🙂

  21. Love this pictures Jane.

  22. Jane! Danish Commute is award winning. They are all stunning!

  23. wow, that is cool. wish people here also started using them 😉

  24. Nice collection of bike pics. We loved Copenhagen when we visited in 2012. It is a city on human scale…(Suzanne)

  25. Love Copenhagen for the bikes.. If given a chance would love to visit again.. Loved each shot, for I have good memories of this city… 🙂

  26. Love the black and white images! They all look healthy. Did not see any over weight folks on bikes. K

    • Thank you so much, Kathleen. The people shots worked really well in black and white. Glad you like them. Agree, quite a healthy looking bunch. Also, a diet of fabulous fish sure helps…although there’s lots of pork, too.

  27. No back seat driver here. Independence and freedom. I love the picture of the woman in “sunglasses”. My internist reassured me that the look of your knees has very little to do with their function. Enjoy!

    • Haha, Kathy. Love it. Indeed, this woman had style and many more years of peddling in front of her! It was quite inspiring to see everyone happily cycling along. So nice to hear from you, thanks so much.

  28. Wow, absolutely stunning shots!!! 🙂

  29. Those were awesome!! 👍❤️😘

    Sent from my iPhone


  30. Great photos, Jane. I love the immediacy of the second one. I can feel the enveloping rush of the crowd of cyclists that are not even in the photo. B&W is a spot-on choice for this one.

    • Thanks very much, Allan. The light, which lasts until 11PM was great for that shot… and the gorgeous Danes certainly help. 😉 The contrasts really worked for B&W– happy you agree. Onto the Fjords for some natural wonders.

  31. These are so great Jane. Love that second one especially.

  32. As usual these are wonderful. I especially like the black and white images, particularly the second from the top. We will be there in two weeks, and you have given us a taste of the city. Safe travels!

    • Hi Jack, Thanks! I was pleased with the dynamic feel of that image and I’m so glad you agree. I am sorry our paths aren’t crossing–that would have been fun. We had north to the Fjords tomorrow. 🙂 Safe travels to you, too!

  33. Jane! I love the bicycles! I notice there is an absence of locks on them also……must be nice! And skirts work! Beautiful photos that have so much to say about each of them. I kept thinking about where they were and what they were doing.

    • Hi Suzie, Thank you! What a fun time I had seeking out bicycle shots. It’s such a nice compliment that the images made you think about the story behind them. Much appreciated!

      We thought the same thing about locks and found out that there is a clever built-in lock under the seat that goes around the back wheel. Still, they are not attached to anything but theft seems to be a minor issue.

  34. What do they do when it rains? Or snows? I love the reflection in Bicycle and Nyhaven.

    • Hi Jane, I read a bit about this and three-quarters of the biking population ride year round no matter the weather…snow, rain. Almost all the children ride bikes to school, too. Happy you like the reflection. Thank you.

  35. Beautiful people, beautiful pictures but no helmets.

    • Thanks, Larry. Yes, surprisingly, helmets are not a part of the culture. I asked about it and they are strict about motorcycles but don’t feel the need on bikes. It did make me want to start riding again…but always with a helmet!

  36. The people of Copenhagen seem very well balanced. 😎

  37. Stunning BW images. Never knew bicycles were popular in Copenhagen. They seem every part of the transportation system there. My favourite shot has to be the second one. Love how everyone seems so focused riding on their bikes. Here in Australia, cycling is very popular too, rain or shine.

    • Hi Mabel, Yes, Aussies are very bike oriented, but now that I’ve seen Copenhagen, it doesn’t compare to any of the cities I’ve been to. Amazing. Glad you like the second shot–it is particularly dramatic, I think, in black and white. Thank you for your kind words.

  38. I love the sense of freedom that riding my bike brings and you have captured this so well in your images.

  39. The b&w shots are exquisite. And that red bike!!

  40. Your lovely photos made me feel quite homesick for Holland…just the same stuff….I ride by cycle everyday , it gives me some sense of relaxation.

  41. I love riding my bicycle and I love your bicycle photos!

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