A Flower’s Final Bow

I watched these Calendulas grow even more beautiful as they wilted. This macro study was a surprise party of confetti, hula skirts and stars.


Flowers, Photography, Macro, Close-up, Nature, Nikon, Art,

Calendula Hula


“Nobody sees a flower – really – it is so small it takes time.” 
~Georgia O’Keeffe



Flowers, Photography, Macro, Close-up, Nature, Nikon, Art,

At Rest




Flowers, Photography, Macro, Close-up, Nature, Nikon, Art,





“I’m not afraid of death; I just don’t want to be there when it happens.” 
―Woody Allen




Flowers, Photography, Macro, Close-up, Nature, Nikon, Art,

Blonde and Beautiful




Flowers, Photography, Macro, Close-up, Nature, Nikon, Art,

Budding Beauty





Flowers, Photography, Macro, Close-up, Nature, Nikon, Art,

Confetti Petals




Everything has beauty, but not everyone sees it.






Flowers, Photography, Macro, Close-up, Nature, Nikon, Art,





Flowers, Photography, Macro, Close-up, Nature, Nikon, Art,

Fallen Leaf








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  1. beautiful and pleasing to the eyes! 🙂

  2. Confetti…no kidding. 🙂 There are cliché colors for flowers…but not orange. You took a simple subject and gave us a whole different perspective.

  3. Fabulous, Jane 🙂 🙂 Uplifting!

  4. Love the vibrant colors. ‘At Rest ‘ my fav. I recall a saying “the earth smiles in flowers” which you capture perfectly with your eye & lens. Thanks for sharing !

    • Thanks very much, Diane. I had a lot of fun with this project and the results were more surprising once I got them on the screen. Glad you liked these and I love that quote, too!

  5. Gorgeous rich detail Jane, fabulous!

  6. Brilliantly beautiful ~ when I saw your brilliant title to this post, I thought this is going to be good and you did not disappoint. Each of these photos of yours shows a beauty flowers hold but in such a different way than what we would normally think (the beauty of the bloom and life). The ‘star’ shot to me had so many layers to it..very creative post. Wonderful work Jane and wishing you a great weekend ahead.

    • Hello Randall, Not sure how I missed your wonderful comment. A delight to read as I sit in the airport in Copenhagen 🙂 Your thoughts really made my day. Thanks very much — it makes me glad that I’m a part of the blogging world. Hope you are doing well.

  7. Beautiful series, Jane. I love what you’ve done with them.

  8. They really are striking.

  9. These are beautiful Jane. The color really jumps off the page. Compositions are terrific.

  10. Well seen and beautifully captured Jane

  11. 10,000 saffron robes.

  12. really interesting shots….love the detail!!

  13. You’ve captured life and decay beautifully. Your post reminded me of my mum’s garden flowers. Each fully bloomed flower brings in many smiles. And when it wilts – a tinge of sadness. Your photography is beautiful as always. 🙂

  14. What a fascinating set of beautiful flower studies, Jane.


  15. So beautiful and so creative! Thanks for the inspirations!

  16. Lovely marriage of beautiful images and words Jane. 🙂

  17. Lovely images, Jane. Graceful and inspiring. What lens did you use?

  18. Gorgeous photos, Jane.

  19. so lovely! My calendulas look the same, but it didn’t occur to me that they might still make for great images – I am off to experiment!

  20. What an intriguing and beautiful post. These images play out on multiple levels. The dark background enhances the already beautiful images.

  21. I add my voice to the chorus of admiring murmurs…Stunning shots and equally stunning quotations.

  22. How very beautiful you have shown them to be at this stage.

  23. What a fantastic idea, and well executed. I love orange, and I especially love the idea of the confetti… like making a funeral not grim and sad, but a little party to celebrate the beautiful life there was…

    • Hi Noortje, As you well know with your beautiful images, it is a whole new way of seeing when you go close up. And, nice to think of these endings as a “jubilant” celebration. Thanks so much for your thoughts.

  24. A Lovely Series, I love the colors. Thanks for visiting my blog, I think it’s a spider eating a snail … Greetings.

  25. Lovely series Jane, so bright and vivid. Love your new theme too.

  26. Love the hula — the perfect description

  27. Beautiful series Jane. Simply beautiful.

  28. Love the texture , color and evolution process !
    Your new format is pretty fab too!!

    • Hi Jeannie, The process of discovery is pretty cool. Seeing the flowers going, noticing the dried petals and the patterns as they fall onto the table. Crossing fingers that I can just leave it all there as it evolves. And finally, seeing the elements close-up is the real icing on the cake. Thank you for appreciating all of that and for noticing my new format. Enjoying it! Your insights are much appreciated.

  29. Gorgeous and artful, Jane. I’ll never look at harvesting calendula the same way again!

  30. This is an amazingly beautiful series, green and orange in all different shades!

  31. What a fun post! Yes, you see beauty in all things…

  32. Like people, flowers become more noble as they age. Great job Jane.

  33. Growing even more beautiful as they wilted…..there’s still hope for me. 🙂
    Lovely shots, Jane.

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