Twilight Blues


“Twilight drops her curtain down, and pins it with a star.”

~Lucy Maud Montgomery




Blue Hour, Twilight, Dawn, Photography, Landscapes, Travel, City

Blue Hour, Sydney





Blue Hour, Twilight, Dawn, Photography, Landscapes, Travel, City

Rowing, Halong Bay, Vietnam





“I often think that the night is more alive and more richly colored than the day.”

~Vincent Van Gogh





Blue Hour, Twilight, Dawn, Photography, Landscapes, Travel, City

Golden Gate at Twilight







Blue Hour, Twilight, Dawn, Photography, Landscapes, Travel, City

Angkor Wat at Dawn





“One should really use the camera as though tomorrow you’d be stricken blind.”

~Dorothea Lange





Blue Hour, Twilight, Dawn, Photography, Landscapes, Travel, City

Bay Bridge at Dusk





Blue Hour, Twilight, Dawn, Photography, Landscapes, Travel, City

Nautical Twilight, Kiawah








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  1. Nautical twilight, absolutely gorgeous. All beautiful representations of the blue hour.

    • Hi David, That was a great experience on Kiawah working with “Barefoot Contessa Photography” who got us up before daylight– boy, was it worth it! One of my faves– glad you like it–thanks so much.

  2. Beautiful series, and a beautiful time to be out with a camera!

  3. What gorgeous blues, Jane. Just lovely. You have a marvelous artistic eye.

  4. What a beautiful blue gallery Jane and of course I think the capture of the Opera House is superb, it looks magical.

  5. Wow Jane, not sure where you came up with those quotes ~ but the match the magic you created with your camera, incredible shots. Each shot so impressive and diverse…partial to the full Golden Gate shot, such rich blues 🙂

    • Thank you so much, Randall. It is a magical time to shoot and I’m very appreciative of your response to them. The headlands is a special place to shoot the Golden Gate, especially at twilight. I am looking forward to heading over to see you latest post.

  6. Beautiful. Makes me feellike I’m dreaming.

  7. Love your bay bridge shot Jane! How was the Door!??

  8. Beautiful, beautiful photographs Jane. Love them all.

  9. Do you know that ropes used on Golden Gate were made by Bekaert, presently Betafence (a company that I work in)? 🙂
    Anyway, beautiful photos. It’s not easy to shoot at night, but you are very good in it,

    • That is such a great fact, Awa– where is the company located? Happy you like these twilight photos– thanks so much. I’ll think of you next time I’m going over the Golden Gate! 😄

  10. What a gorgeous themed set of images Jane…nice one

  11. Hi Jane, magnificent series. I’ll take Halong Bay and its reflection.

  12. What a beautiful photo series, Jane, and wonderful framed with inspiring quotes. I love too this special time to close the day where the light and colours are so amazing. What would we do without light and colour in photography…as to observe and to shoot.

  13. A treasure trove of evening shots Jane and so many wonderful quotes, love the one by VVG!

  14. what amazing shots…blue hour sydney is just mind blowing….If i stare at it long enough I feel like i am there….so clear & vibrant….what a great escape😜

  15. My favorite time to shoot. Beautiful images Jane.

  16. Lovely. And I love your quotes!

  17. Angkor Wat looks like a dream! Gorgeous photos, Jane!

  18. Bravo Jane! One exceptional photoset. Just superb 🙂

  19. Blue by me….peaceful serene pics.., All is well

  20. Beautiful blue, Jane. The one of Sydney is stunning. What a shot from above. Love the quotes you shared to. Sometimes night holds more mystery than the day

  21. Stunningly beautiful!

  22. These are really super. I have been wanting to go out at twilight and these just make me sen more interested. I love the bridge shots.



    • Hi Linda– Thanks! It’s a fun time to try different exposures and contrasts. The Kiawah shot was set up before sunrise so bring your tripod and flashlight… it’s worth the effort. The hour before sunset is a little easier. 🙂 Happy these inspired you.

  23. Wow, Jane, these are simply incredible!!

  24. What a beautiful series!

  25. Absolut stunning pictures Jane. I can’t pic a favourite among these fantastic photos.

  26. Lovely images; a magical time for photography

  27. Beautiful shots Janes, love the Sydney shot – beautiful.

  28. I especially like the Halong Bay shot.

  29. How beautiful! You never stop to surprise me, in a good way 🙂

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