High Surf and Golden Gate



Baker Beach is one of my favorite spots to photograph the Golden Gate.

I love it not only for what I am looking at, but for who is by my side. My husband.



Golden Gate, San Francisco, Wave, Beach, Nikon, Monochrome, Black and White, Nikon, Landscape, California

High Surf at Baker Beach





“You know you’re in love when you can’t fall asleep because reality is finally better than your dreams.” 

~ Dr. Seuss




One Love

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  1. Wow! Cool capture of the GGB. Great in b/w

  2. Oh Jane, how sweet . . . . ❤️

  3. Beautiful B&W conversion. Have you ever thought about producing a ‘Golden Gate’ coffee table book? I wonder how many images you have so far? 🙂

    • Hi Denise, Glad you like the B&W version…thought the day called for it. And, yes, I have been considering a book. I have a favorites file that may see pages someday. 🙂 Thanks so much.

  4. Excellent composition and an interesting choice to show the Golden Gate Bridge in b&w – I think I only saw it in colour (well, with the exception of some old movies maybe).

  5. Magnificent photo and a lovely quote.

  6. Great shot, company, and quote.


  7. Beautiful shot Jane – and of course for your companion 🙂 ! What could be better.

  8. It gets no better Jane – wonderful shot and perfect company!

  9. Nice shot Jane, interesting to see it in mono and moody as well

  10. love this shot and your words so profound 😘

  11. Capturing a wonderful moment in time, perfectly 🙂 I want to be there.

  12. Very nice Jane! I also love Baker Beach. What you said about your husband made me tear up!

  13. Sweet and wonderful photo too. 🙂

  14. I love the reflection of the bridge towers in the water on the beach. We don’t often see B&W reflections, much less ones of this quality.

  15. Everything does look more beautiful when seen with a loved one. I love the quote. How true!

  16. That is just a great shot Jane – so iconic. I can almost hear the waves 🙂

  17. I like the view very much. Especially the waves. I almost hear them roaring …

  18. I love the high surf photo in black and white!

  19. I always love your photos in SF. Makes me feel like I’m there with you … and Bob. 😊

  20. Once again ” she speaks”… That timeless wonderful bridge…

  21. Jane, I love the photograph, but it is made insignificant by your words . ❤️ Wow! That is hard to do….nice work! Hugs, Suzie

  22. Nicely done—hope all is well out there in California. Love to you both, mc

  23. Lovely post on all counts.

  24. That is so beautiful. I love the quote by Dr. Seuss and yours too! 😍

  25. Lovely tribute.💕

  26. Wonderful to see the gate from such a great location

  27. Such a lovely response to the challenge, Jane. Beautiful shot of the waves crashing up, wonderful timing. But it so thoughtful of you to think about your husband. I hope he enjoys the photo walks he takes with you 🙂 ❤

    • Hi Mabel, I feel quite lucky to have a partner who loves to search for the best scenes as much as I. He’s got a great eye but prefers that I click the shutter. 📷Happy you like this one– thanks very much.

  28. The Golden Gate is very beautiful and so is your photo.

  29. Beautiful pic and such precious feelings 🙂

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