“Time is an illusion.” 

~ Albert Einstein




Black and White, Monochrome, Street Photography, Portrait, City, Travel, Photography

Day Dreaming, Bangkok




Black and White, Monochrome, Street Photography, Portrait, City, Travel, Photography

I Don’t Have All Day, Sydney




“How did it get so late so soon?” 

~ Dr. Seuss





Black and White, Monochrome, Street Photography, Portrait, City, Travel, Photography

Looking, Buenos Aires





Black and White, Monochrome, Street Photography, Portrait, City, Travel, Photography

Waiting, San Francisco




“Ticking away the moments that make up a dull day

You fritter and waste the hours in an offhand way.”

~Pink Floyd




Black and White, Monochrome, Street Photography, Portrait, City, Travel, Photography

Shoppers, Sydney





Black and White, Monochrome, Street Photography, Portrait, City, Travel, Photography

Waiting and Longing, San Francisco





“Patience is bitter, but its fruit is sweet.” 

~ Aristotle





Black and White, Monochrome, Street Photography, Portrait, City, Travel, Photography







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  1. Your pictures are so expressive! And the quotes are very catchy! Thank u!

  2. A very cool theme, Jane. And the little guy in your opener? Wonderful.

  3. All fabulous shots Jane with the many different aspects of waiting – loved the pregnant woman on the stairs in Shopping and your first one, wow, what a superb introduction – that forever feel of childhood waiting.

    • Hi Patti- Aren’t you a terrific observer to spot the pregnant woman. That sure defines waiting. So glad you liked some of my favorites that fit nicely into this theme… I’m rather fascinated with the concept. Thanks so much.

  4. Beautiful captures! The words and visuals match perfectly! 🙂

  5. “Time is an illusion” and then you bring us around the world with such a perfect photographic feel of time in such different places ~ very cool. Incredible photographs which are a norm for you 🙂

  6. The hurry-up and wait. I am well acquainted with it. The worst is when your on hold while on the phone. The best is when you can watch people.

    The boy day dreaming in Bangkok, that is a darn super image you got there.

  7. I needed to hear that quote by Aristotle. The kid in the first photo is beautiful, and I like the woman with attitude too 😀

  8. Nice series, Jane. Interesting expressions on those faces! 🙂

  9. Great street scenes and the Pink Floyd quote is perfect…now I really want to listen to that song.

  10. Love your black and white shots as well as the quote from Dr. Seuss quote, my favorite philosopher.

  11. I love your street photography Jane > I thought the people on the escalator, that you labelled Sydney, were in south east Asia, not a western face to be seen!

  12. Waiting is part of life – and not always the most pleasurable part. You have captured the many stages of waiting delightfully in these photos. The body language tells its characteristic tales.

    • Hi Otto- Well said and it’s so true how the personalities are revealed. I’m working on the bus stop series- I’m drawn to its confined space and variety of people. I’m glad you like these- thank you very much.

  13. Oh, I do love body language as well! Great series – the first one and the I Don’t Have All Day give me great recognizable bumps.

  14. Waiting isn’t always waste of time… 😀

  15. It sure makes you realize just how much time we spend waiting as we live. These are really beautiful shots.

  16. wonderful captures….wonder what they r thinking…Hmmmmm????? 😜

  17. Love that little Bankok boy….

  18. Love these shots Jane, great post.

  19. I really enjoyed your Photo-Set, Jane. Especially the bus scenes are great captured. I really like Street Photography and B/W Photography and you have a very good eye for the situation to capture it on the right moment. And the Day Dreaming shot is perfect with the title.

  20. I love your take on this challenge. When we wait, time seems to crawl. Great photos as always!

  21. Amazing that only one of your subjects was on their cell phone 🙄

  22. Lovely portraits of fellow humans waiting, wondering, thinking. We can all relate to those moments.

  23. Wonderful series of photos and great quotes to accompany them

  24. Beautiful b/w-series and great for the theme, like esp. the day-dreaming.

  25. My favorite: I don’t have all day!

  26. Great images Jane. We are all prisoners of time unless we surrender completely to the moment. Regards Thom

  27. Fantastic shots Jane, a bunch of favourites.

  28. Such a wonderful interpretation of this week’s theme – I loved them all!

  29. Lovely set of photos for this week’s challenge, Jane. I really like all the bustop waiting shots – those people certainly look like they have something on their minds. Love the Einstein quote. Time, an illusion…now we see that moment in front of us, now we don’t. Time, it waits for no man 🙂

    • Hi Mabel, Happy you like the bus stops. I’ve been shooting them over the years and really like the interactions (or lack thereof) or the people waiting. That Einstein quote is really making people think! Thank you so much for your thoughts and appreciation.

  30. Excellent interpretation jane –and finally, the bus stops!! Love,the first shot esp.

    • Thanks so much, Tina. Well, not exactly finally– the bus stops have made many appearances on my blog, however, I am enjoying reworking the images and shooting more for a project I am doing for a course on portfolio development and personal imagery. Glad you enjoyed this set.

  31. I’ve come to view time as the instrument we use to conduct business and orchestras.

    Most of the people in the pics are looking stage left and the one looking right appears sinister.

  32. Love your photos! Found your site through photo challenge and have spent at least 30 minutes checking out past posts. I’m a fan!

  33. A wonderful series, capturing the passage of time. I sure wish I knew how it got so late so soon. The older I get, the faster time seems to pass by.

  34. Sweet series, Jane. The first two shots and the Einstein quote really say it all!

  35. This is a great subject for B&W photos and your bus stop people really typify the concept of waiting.

    • Thanks so much, Allan. I am fascinated with the dynamics at the bus stops and I’m glad you agree they worked well in b&w. I do love the stops with the red curvy roof line and they are great in color, too.

  36. Wonderful gallery and thoughts. You have a wonderful way of communicating ideas through pictures and words.

  37. Great shots Jane. Interesting that no one in your shots were looking at the camera, you must have been invisible!

  38. What a great interpretation of the theme… Fantastic photo’s and I keep on grinning about the second one 🙂

    (I’ve withdrawn my entry because on second thought I found it a bit too personal… so nothing wrong with WP, this is just the standard text they show when a link to a blog doesn’t work anymore!!)

  39. Jane, I Love getting your blogs. Don’t always respond cuz I’m not a reg responder. Not a real deep person, which many responders are. But I just Love your pics with your quotes. This particular one spoke to me!!!

  40. Just beautiful and amazing words – please follow and like my new piano page, I appreciate it https://mihranpiano.wordpress.com

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