Favorite Fifteen of 2015


Choosing favorites. It’s a weighty proposition and I find that the yearly challenge of culling through thousands of images and deciding which ones make the cut is a creative, philosophical and enlightening exercise.

On the 4th anniversary of Jane’s Lens, I am grateful for my family, friends and fellow bloggers who have followed and supported my photography. Your interest in my work and your encouragement is appreciated every day. Thank you so much.

I hope you enjoy this year’s review and best wishes for a fantastic 2016!




Capturing the full moon on the beach in Hawaii with my husband on his birthday is a highlight of the year. He is a great model and wonderfully supportive of my photography so this image means a lot to me.

Jane Lurie, Photography, Travel, Landscapes, Street Photography, Nature,
Blue Moon, Kailua, Hawaii



The convergence of the sun rising and full moon setting created a phenomenal morning of shooting the bridge. I especially like this image for its painterly qualities of soft light and subtle gradations of color. 

Jane Lurie, Photography, Travel, Landscapes, Street Photography, Nature,

Moonset at Sunrise, Golden Gate Bridge



“Sometimes serendipity is just intention unmasked.”

~ Elizabeth Berg




I am constantly looking for the light and the following four images are moments that struck me as special for their intense qualities of shadows and light. 

It’s a beautiful blind.

Jane Lurie, Photography, Travel, Landscapes, Street Photography, Nature,

Window Light



I love the golden hour light here and also the man’s exaggerated shadow on the wall. Small and wonderful moments walking in SF. 

Jane Lurie, Photography, Travel, Landscapes, Street Photography, Nature,

Clinker Brick at Sunset, Russian Hill



I find it amazing what I encounter on my early morning run. 

Jane Lurie, Photography, Travel, Landscapes, Street Photography, Nature,

Morning Light and Trees, San Francisco



Frank Gehry’s masterpiece of architecture made even more dramatic with incoming storm clouds. 

Jane Lurie, Photography, Travel, Landscapes, Street Photography, Nature,

Guggenheim Bilboa and Clouds




New Year’s Day 2015 and a serene morning exploring Napa Valley with my husband. The mustard is about to bloom and the fog is creeping over the valley. Pulling all these elements in the landscape together in making this image was a thrill.  

Jane Lurie, Photography, Travel, Landscapes, Street Photography, Nature,

Early Morning Fog and Vineyard, Napa



Photographing the Bay Bridge on this night was especially fun since the Blood Moon had gotten a great deal of attention.  A wall of fog early on dashed our hopes until it suddenly cleared and the moon appeared. A large crowd of people waiting on the pier in anticipation made this a great San Francisco memory. 

Jane Lurie, Photography, Travel, Landscapes, Street Photography, Nature,

Bay Bridge and Blood Moon




A street photographer’s dream come true in Spain. This colorful jai alai court just got a little more interesting. 

Jane Lurie, Photography, Travel, Landscapes, Street Photography, Nature,

Jai Alai Lovers, San Sebastian




On another winter trip to Napa, I spotted this vineyard from a hill and loved the patterns of the trimmed rows of vines with the last of the red grape leaves. The tight close-up beautifully accentuated the colors and patterns of the vineyard. 

Jane Lurie, Photography, Travel, Landscapes, Street Photography, Nature,

Vineyard Patterns, Napa




I love macro photography and making studies of nature. This close-up of an unopened sunflower bud is full of colors, textures and promise. 

Jane Lurie, Photography, Travel, Landscapes, Street Photography, Nature,

Sunflower Bud




The beaches in Hawaii are lined with these incredible succulents. They are bright green with little purple flowers which are quite vibrant, however, it is when I visualized this image in monochrome that the composition really sang for me. 

Jane Lurie, Photography, Travel, Landscapes, Street Photography, Nature,

Beach Succulents, Kailua, Hawaii



I like the contrast of nature and man-made objects in this scene. These wires are all over San Francisco and when I started to embrace them in my photographs I began to appreciate their patterns against the sky. The birds were an added gift. 

Jane Lurie, Photography, Travel, Landscapes, Street Photography, Nature,

Birds Over Wires, San Francisco





My beloved Kiawah Island. We said goodbye last month after living there for fifteen years. I made this image in December and it epitomizes for me the many days I spent photographing this beautiful island.

Jane Lurie, Photography, Travel, Landscapes, Street Photography, Nature,

Daybreak and Tidal Pool, Kiawah Island




And finally, a memorable moment in Spain. Bar Nestor is one of the famous tapas bars in San Sebastian and this man ran the place with a joy that was infectious. A most memorable time with good friends, great food and the most friendly bartender in town.

Jane Lurie, Photography, Travel, Landscapes, Street Photography, Nature,

Pouring One, San Sebastian

Here are a some of my past years in review:




And, here’s to a year of growth, learning, creative exploration and adventures! 


“A goal without a plan is just a wish.” 

~Antoine de Saint-Exupery




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  1. A valuable post to go through, indeed ! Refreshing frames )


  2. Espectacular blog my friend! congratulations! 🙂

  3. Morning light and shadow appeals to me because in darkness there is light. The mixture of the sharp geometry and softness of hills and fog behind the vineyard is also very appealing

  4. Jane – loved this post! And for a first visit to your. Blog I feel like I hit a great post to get a sense of your style – you have good variety!
    And my two favs are window light and the lovers one – but each had such a mood – great round up and cheers to what lies ahead for 2016!

  5. Wow Jane, you have such an incredible and diverse set of photographs here – each worthy of a separate post itself. Looking at each shot, I wonder of the story behind these photos and I think that too is the sign of great photography. Of them all, the “Morning Light and Trees, San Francisco” shot was just perfect…gives me the type of feel I like on a weekend.

  6. Beautiful patterns….and greens ❤️

  7. What a beautiful photoset Jane. My favourite is ‘Morning Light and Trees’ – the light is amazing. All the best for 2016 🙂

    • Thanks so much, James. Happy you like Morning Light- a favorite moment. I went to that park the other day and sadly discovered the trees had been cut down in an attempt to stop the spread of a disease. I was heartbroken but feeling lucky I had recorded their beauty.

  8. I can see why they are your favorites, 2015 was a good year for you.

  9. A very fine set indeed, glad I found you – or was it the other way round 🙂

  10. Beautiful, beautiful pictures Jane. Spent a while trying to pick a favourite but realized it’s just not possible. Each image is as good as the other. I like how you don’t restrict yourself to any particular genre. Looking forward to seeing more of your creations this year 🙂

  11. Hi Jane, a beautiful set of your favorite 15. It must be difficult to choose one over another. The one thing I’m impressed with is the diversity of your portfolio, and the little story that goes with each one.

    Here’s to another year of making rich memories. 🙂

  12. A beautiful and diverse collection to be most proud of. Congratulations on your 4-year anniversary!

  13. Fabulous review, each and every one special and it’s hard to pick a favourite. Most inspiring!

  14. I love your year’s selection Jane, especially Morning Light and Trees, Guggenheim and Sunflower close up – I’ll look forward to the treats you share with us during the coming year!

  15. Exceptional collection, Jane. I love the diversity and moments of magic.

  16. What a great collection of shots. Can’t decide which I like best. I never did a post like this, maybe I’ll give it a belated try.

    • Hi Emilio- Thanks so much. I try to choose a diverse collection to make it extra hard for you to choose. 😊I think it’s a useful exercise to go through at least once a year. Looking forward to yours…

  17. So many special moments captured so beautifully Jane! My eye tripped over your morning run shot, what a brilliantly inviting scene!

  18. All great shots Jane…really like the four light shots, especially the blind. Well done.

  19. It may have been hard for you to choose these among all your captures, but we can only say that they are indeed spectacular specimens of your work. Have a very wonderful New Year!

    • Thanks so much, Atreyee and Jesse. It has been a great pleasure following your beautiful blog. Your kind comments here mean a lot to me. Happy New Year and wishing you fabulous travels in 2016!

  20. All are beautiful entries. When I first looked at the birds over wires it reminded me of notes on a musical sheet. Love the one of the vineyard. All the colors and layers are so pretty.

    • Hi Diane– Oh, I agree! Great interpretation. I’m so happy you enjoyed these favorites and I really appreciate that you let me know. Thank you! Hope you are having a terrific start to the new year.

  21. Nice Jane! Was that your first time to San Sebastian? I can still taste the tapas!

  22. What a great tour of the year through your lens. They’re all beautiful. Thank you.

  23. Great selection of shots, Jane, and such variety. I particularly like the unopened sunflower. Looking forward to your posts in 2016!

  24. What a stunning variety of pictures, all so beautiful on itself and extra because of the story behind it. I am a big fan of your photography so I am looking forward to an other year of your blogs falling on my virtual door mat! Have an wonderful and creative year!

  25. Fantastic photos Jane and such a variety of subjects, your blog is a constant delight and it was my pleasure to have met you.

    • I feel the same about you, Pauline. A special moment seeing each other that is a fond memory of our time in Australia. So glad you enjoyed these favorites and I look forward to our continued sharing in the new year. Thank you so much. All the best to you and Jack.

  26. When I saw your post come up, I thought, “Oh, goody!” (I really did! It made me realize how much I enjoy your blog!)
    I can’t imagine trying to pick just 15 from all your wonderful photos. I thought you lived in SF and visited Kiawah, not the other way around! So you’re in CA, now? Happy 2016, Jane!

    • You are so sweet, Eliza. Thank you! Glad you like this look back on the year. We have lived in both places over the years but have made SF our sole home for now. Happy new year and I appreciate your kind comments.

  27. wonderful! I like how there is such variety

  28. Oh Jane, you’ve done it again! I was all about the sunflower until I saw the Kiawah photo. They are all wonderful!! I hope you are crazy happy there, we miss you here! Happy 2016

    • Hello Anne! Aren’t you sweet– you’re my nature lover and I’m so glad you enjoyed this review. Thanks very much. Miss you all on Kiawah but hopefully there will be reunions in the near future. Happy 2016 to you!

  29. Wonderful images Jane! You certainly had a great year for photography. Two favorites are Moonset at Sunrise and Beach Succulents. Looking forward to your photos and posts in 2016.

  30. That “Morning Light and Trees” is a spectacular monochrome landscape.

    I will continue to encourage your work throughout 2016. You’re amazing.

  31. BREATHTAKING…..I sit here just stunned by every one of these amazing photos!!! THANK YOU for always allowing to peek in & share your brilliant eye!!! Happy anniversary!!

  32. Hi Jane .. Happy New Year !!!
    A great series that will have been difficult to choose

  33. Oh wow! How to pick only 15 of your beautiful photos! That must have been difficult, you have a great eye!

  34. A lovely review of your year Jane. I’m partial to the dramatic image of the Guggenheim but as always they’re all terrific. Here’s to more beauty and drama in 2016

    • Hi Tina, So glad you think they are “lovely”. I sure enjoyed going through and finding the images that really spoke to me artistically and emotionally. Bilbao was a great day and those clouds sure helped make the museum pop. Happy shooting in 2016!

  35. Great shots Jane. I’m sure your next top 15 are just as good!

  36. Just wowed by the Morning Light photo. Have enjoyed the year through your lens. We miss you! k

    • Thanks so much, Kathleen– that’s a favorite moment. Walking back up the hill and seeing this amazing light in the trees. Shot with my IPhone… Wishing you a fabulous 2016 and looking forward to a reunion soon.

  37. Certainly a very nice collection of images. Best wishes for 2016 and to lots of new beautiful photos. (Suzanne)

  38. Stunning photos, Jane. It’s impossible to pick one favorite, but the silhouette of your husband in Hawaii is a top contender. 🙂 All the best in 2016. Happy travels!

  39. The joy you captured & conveyed in that bartender’s face is priceless. Peace+Love+Joy to you in 2016! d

  40. …and plans without work are daydreams.~(Some smartalec) Please keep shooting and delighting us all.

  41. Jane, thanks for another year of photos. Among other things, I admire your eye and your humor.

    • Hi Sharon, The humor part is the most important! Love sharing our creative pursuits and I appreciate your comments and support. Thanks very much and hope to have some fun times together in 2016!

  42. Jane, they are all so wonderful, I don’t even understand how you can choose faves!! Hugs, Suzie

  43. You have and continue to Bring such interesting and beautiful mages through your lens. Thank you. Your beautiful KI misses you!

  44. My vote goes to the Guggenheim, the building seems as if it is moving with the clouds, very dramatic! They are all fabulous.

  45. All fabulous. Can’t pick a favorite. All tied for best of. Larry

  46. Beautiful my friend! So happy to have shared a few of them with you. 💕

  47. An excellent selection – “Birds over wires” really does it for me, I love it 😄

  48. They are all wonderful, but I agree with you in placing Blue Moon first. Something seriously special about it. I love the title with the black and white. Unusual and wonderful. They all are.

  49. Wow. Okay, that’s it, I don’t know what else to say, I’m almost speechless. LOL What a perfect and beautiful rendering of 2015.

  50. so beautiful!!
    the Blue Moon is fantastic, definitely my favourite!
    have a great 2016!

  51. Great post! Love the vineyards!! What’s that say about me?

  52. Gorgeous shots all. I especially liked the succulents.

  53. Love the golden light shot. Amazing capture, great timing. Funny how the yellow stands out from the shadows…usually I find with these shots the other way round.

    Best wishes for this year, Jane. I’m sure you’ll be taking pictures of many different things come this year, judging from this post of so many kinds of photography subjects. Oh, and your husband is a great model indeed 😊

    • Hi Mabel– That was a great late afternoon walk– those bricks were glowing. Thanks for your kind comments and I wish you all the best for the new year. I enjoy your posts and I hope to get back to Melbourne someday. I’ll pass along your nice comment to my in-house model. 🙂

  54. Really like the birds over wires, love the abstract nature of it, the lines and diagonals, both work a treat.

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