Sunrise Awakening




Waking up to photograph the sunrise is, for me,

a small victory.



Sunrise, Landscape, Beach, Color, Nikon, Environmental, Nature

Beach Awakens, Kiawah





Sunrise, Landscape, Beach, Color, Nikon, Environmental, Nature

Byron Bay Sunrise, Australia



“When I have a camera in my hand, I know no fear.”

~ Alfred Eisenstaedt




Sunrise, Landscape, Beach, Color, Nikon, Environmental, Nature

Daybreak and Birds, Kiawah





“The art of photography is all about directing the attention of the viewer.”

~Steven Pinker





Sunrise, Landscape, Beach, Color, Nikon, Environmental, Nature

Dawn, Nautical Twilight, Kiawah Island





Sunrise, Landscape, Beach, Color, Nikon, Environmental, Nature

Sunrise Reflection





Sunrise, Landscape, Beach, Color, Nikon, Environmental, Nature

Sunrise and Tide Line, Kiawah




This is a favorite sunrise awakening with my friend, Tina, of Travels and Trifles, shooting the famous Towers at Torres Del Paine National Park in Chile.

Taken by our guide, it is one of my favorite photography memories. We were bleary-eyed and thrilled. 

Happy Birthday to Tina who celebrates today! 



Sunrise, Landscape, Beach, Color, Nikon, Environmental, Nature

Photography Friends, Torres Del Paine





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  1. Classic beautiful! 😉

  2. You ‘ve caught some magical times here Jane . I don’t think one can beat that early morning light for the chance of some incredible images … these are they . Gorgeous feeling within them all .

  3. That is exceptional Jane, so beautiful. Well captured 🙂

  4. So beautiful! Here is the reason why I never have trouble in waking up early when we are by the beach . Your pictures are really stunning, thanks for sharing 🙂

  5. Wonderful sunrise captures! I’m also not a willing early riser, and only have couple of sunrise photos in my repertoire. 😃

  6. A feast for the eyes! So beautiful Jane. And thank YOU for getting up early. 🙂

  7. For not being an early riser, you captured some nice sunrises. Your nautical twilight at dawn, very nice.

  8. Impresionante serie Jane, saludos

  9. Did you stay at Eco-Camp in TDP? I could have stayed there for a week – so beautiful and relaxing in those domes. And what an amazing view of the towers you got in the morning sun!

  10. Jane, nature reveals its most beautiful self in the wee hours of the day, isn’t it? You’ve captured some truly amazing light in these images. Clearly, waking up early paid off! Tina, who is equally passionate about photography, must be a great companion for you in these trips 🙂

  11. Reblogged this on Finding My Voice and commented:
    Any of my blogs is highly enhanced by the beautiful photography of Jane Lurie. I’m addicted to reblogging everything she posts!

  12. Would love to see your version of that Patagonian sunrise. While tough to get going the experience of seeing the day begin is always so worth the effort.

  13. Amazing photos, especially Byron Bay.

  14. Got up nice and early today ~ and it is perfect timing for me to see these incredible photos.. Something amazing always tends to happen at the break of day and you have caught the spirit in all these photos (as well as wishing Tina an happy B-day). Wish you well Jane ~

  15. I get up early, just don’t go where you go!! Just lovely photos.

  16. So much beauty here, Jane..glorious images all!

  17. These are astounding images. Definitely an encouragement to get out of bed early for this incredible show put on by nature.

  18. Beautiful Jane! The best part of waking up and you have captured them well 🙂

  19. Sunrises like this make me want to shout, “Author, author!”

    Your last two photos, and your guide’s, are beautiful examples of why it pays to get up early.

  20. Very beautiful – well worth getting up for!

  21. So lovely! Thanks for getting up early so that the rest of us could sleep in. 😉

  22. These are all stunning, but the shot with the stars still visible in the dawning light is really stellar in more ways than one! 🙂

  23. I have always wished to be a morning person. These shots shows. Love them all but the last one hurts…must have been Very early. Richly rewarded you were.

  24. So beautiful, Jane. I love the quality of the light.

  25. what brilliant color & light…..Torres really blew my mind….just mesmerizing!!

  26. The light you captured is so totally amazing, just absolutely amazing.

  27. Beautiful Jane. So glad you were up to take these so I can enjoy what a sunrise looks like 😎

    Love you💋

    Sent from my iPhone


  28. Oh, My..what joy that must have brought you, to see scenery as splendid and overpowering as that in Chile..xx

  29. Gorgeous shots. The tide line shot is especially fabulous.

  30. I recognized the shape of that peninsula right away. Byron Bay. Lovely!

    A photograph even more spectacular than the image I snapped back in 2009… and apparently mistagged sunset! Thank you for the Iunintended correction.

  31. Gorgeous! Makes the early alarm so worth it.

    Sent from my iPhone


  32. I loved peaceful and serene…quiet comes to mind. The last photo with Tina is terrific ….and who took that one????

    • Hi Jeannie- Yes, that is exactly the feeling I have once I settle in to shoot a sunrise. It is serene. Our guide in Chile, Nico, shot that nice photo of us. I am so glad he did! Thanks for your kind comment.

  33. We are so glad you did not hit the snooze button, and captured these amazing images Jane! Love the Nautical Dawn and the sunrise in Chile with Tina! Absolutely beautiful!

  34. Amazing photos!

  35. Breathtaking images! A beautiful way to start my day 💕

  36. Thank you, I loved the Kiawah pictures and Bob and I are planning to go to Chilie in Feb, I better make sure we are going to that area…beautiful! Lee Anne

  37. What a lovely birthday surprise Jane! All are beautiful of course, but the Torres shot not surprisingly has a special place in my heart. A memory we will hold forever 🙂 Thanks girlfriend!

  38. They’re all beautiful but the dawn shot with the scorpio constellation is really amazing.

  39. Very beautiful images Jane, I need to alter my internal alarm clock to stand any chance of capturing such moments but it would clearly be worth it! 🙂

  40. So beautiful, matter what part of the world you’re in. That last shot of you and Tina is special!

  41. You have captured the peace, quiet and serenity of these special moments so beautifully Jane!

  42. Wonderful sunrise shots all round, Jane. You must be used to the early hours now, getting up during the early hours 😀 Tim and time I’ve tried waking up to shoot the sunrise but just haven’t been able to get going on it. Really not a morning person. Happy Birthday to Tina as well 🙂

    • Hi Mabel, It takes some fortitude for sure. Catching the nautical hour required setting up in the dark which I did with a group. I’m always thankful when there’s a good sunrise that makes it worth it. 🙂 Thanks for your comment.

  43. Sunrise at Kiawah, and the last image of Torres del Paine are wonderful, Jane! I need to get up early and get out more 😀😳

  44. Wow, that last photo is a stunner!

  45. Waking for the sunrise would be a huge victory for me – definitely not an early morning person 😖 I love your captures, Jane.

  46. Really breathtaking! And good to stop and take the next deep restorative breath with beauty in the mind and heart. Regards Thom.

  47. Love especially the first 2 images. So you are a late sleeper (like my wife Yvonne) if I understand well… 😉

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