Visual Treats



“Vision is the art of seeing what is invisible to others.”

~Jonathan Swift




Photography, Nikon, Abstract, Color, Visual, Graphic, Art

Chairs, Whitney Museum





Photography, Nikon, Abstract, Color, Visual, Graphic, Art

Organ Pipes and Gaudi Reflections, Barcelona





Photography, Nikon, Abstract, Color, Visual, Graphic, Art

Beach Succulents, Kailua, HI



“The question is not what you look at but what you see.”

~ Henry David Thoreau





Photography, Nikon, Abstract, Color, Visual, Graphic, Art

Yellow Barrels, Bozeman





Photography, Nikon, Abstract, Color, Visual, Graphic, Art

Portland Bridge



“Less is not necessarily more. Just enough is more.” 

~Milton Glaser



Photography, Nikon, Abstract, Color, Visual, Graphic, Art

Beach Grass Swirl, Kiawah




Photography, Nikon, Abstract, Color, Visual, Graphic, Art

Tiled Stairway, San Francisco



“Lately I’ve been struck with how I really love what you can’t see in a photograph.”

~ Diane Arbus




Photography, Nikon, Abstract, Color, Visual, Graphic, Art

Space Needle and Chihuly






Photography, Nikon, Abstract, Color, Visual, Graphic, Art

Jeff Koons and Me, Bilbao








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  1. I love seeing the world through your eyes- Great post Jane!

  2. What a team, you and Jeff Koons!

  3. The quotes and the photos are so well matched!

  4. A wonderful set, Jane. Each one is unique in it’s composition. My favourite is the ‘space needle’ shot, very interesting composition on that one.

  5. Another great post Jane… photos and quotes. You certainly have a knack for finding art in everyday life and ‘what is invisible to others’.

  6. You’ve really hit on the senses with this series – the shapes and angles were great, but what really captured my eyes were the colors and how you showed such a variety (sharp, blurred, geometric, saturated and natural). And loved the shot of the Space Needle – cheers to a great week.

  7. These are all fabulous, Jane! You inspire me to try some abstract photography 🙂

  8. I love the bridge against the blue sky. All those angles!!!

  9. Wish we were seeing you in person rather than as just a skinny reflection. Loved the Chihuly and more!!!

  10. now that is something really interesting and creative 🙂

  11. This post would have been great as one of those “Guess what this is” games! Love that at first glance the chairs at Whitney Museum look like lego blocks.

  12. There’s a richness here I just love; both in content and presentation. Thanks Jane.

  13. What an imaginative “take” on this week’s theme. Great shots too, Jane, as always!

  14. You certainly prove the point with these…very good and some lovely colours too.

  15. Wonderful collection! Adore the staircase and the chair shot!

  16. One of your best posts!!

  17. Loving these….especially ” jeff koons” & “space needle”…. Thank u for all of your visual treats!!!😜

  18. Hi Jane, I love the organ pipes, would never have guessed what they were! All of the images in your post are beautiful, but the organ pipes stood out for me. It was great to see you!

    • Hi Allison- So good to see you, too. Fun to catch up for a minute. I could have shot these organ pipes for hours…the reflections, shapes and light were stunning. Glad you agree. Thanks so much for your nice comments.

  19. Love this post.. Hard to pick my favorite!

  20. Pretty colors textures angles…creative visions.
    As you travel, when you come across & see ‘it’, even the simplest thing, you stop, knowing it is a special vision to your eye. Glad you have your camera with you to share with us all you see too! d

  21. What beautiful bursts of color! Well done.

  22. Lovely approach to the theme Jane – I especially like yellow barrels, Portland bridge and the swirl of grass – the world is just bursting with riches when you look hard enough isn’t it?! 🙂

  23. Lovely set of patterned and visually quirky photos. I really like the organ one – what colourful light refracting off it. I’m sure it makes just as colourful music. Love the last shot of you too. Not often a photographer shows their face 🙂

  24. Intriguing eye candy! Love the beach grass swirl

  25. I love the way you see! They are all wonderful – I find the organ pipes reflecting Gaudi so pleasing!

    • Hi Eliza, I’m so glad you do- thank you! I spent quite a bit of time at this spot– I saw the reflection of the stained glass on the pipes and just knew it was special. Glad you like this one.

  26. All great choices Jane but I especially like your composition on the Chihuly and Space Needle. Beautiful treats!

  27. You’ve got a great eye Jane!. I’ve been to those tiled stairways but didn’t see it like you captured it

  28. Good ones, Jane. Loved the space needle shot, the Portland bridge, and you at Bilbao. Cleverly done.

  29. I like the way you caught the Space Needle thru the exit of the Chihuly. I missed it. Younger knees. Love your use of color.

  30. You got me with the bridge and the tiled stairway photos, Jane. Great choices for this post.

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