Redwoods and Aspens



What do these trees have in common? Both grow with root systems called clonal colonies which derive from a single parent tree. The intertwining roots create one organism that may spread over large areas. 

These images were shot in Northern California and Aspen, Colorado. 





“When we try to pick out anything by itself, we find it hitched to everything else in the universe.”

~ John Muir




Trees, Redwood, California, Nature, Environment,Black and White, Landscape

Redwood Grove





Trees, Aspen, Colorado, Nature, Environment,Black and White, Landscape

Aspens, Colorado





Trees, Aspen, Colorado, Nature, Environment, Landscape

Aspens on the Mountain





“The more complex the network is, the more complex its pattern of interconnections, the more resilient it will be.”

~ Fritjof Capra




Trees, Redwood, California, Nature, Environment,Black and White, Landscape

Road and Redwoods





Trees, Aspen, Colorado, Nature, Environment, Landscape

Aspens and Green





Trees, Aspen, Colorado, Nature, Environment,Black and White, Landscape

Aspens and Maroon Bells





Trees, Redwood, California, Nature, Environment,Black and White, Landscape





“From the Redwood Forest to the Gulf Stream waters,

 this land was made for you and me.”

~ Woody Guthrie




Trees, Aspen, Colorado, Nature, Environment, Landscape

Aspens and Red






Trees, Redwood, California, Nature, Environment,Black and White, Landscape

Going Vertical





Trees, Aspen, Colorado, Nature, Environment, Landscape

Aspen Grove and Pines




“In all things of nature there is something of the marvelous.”

~ Aristotle








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  1. Reblogged this on Surprising lives and commented:
    More of the extremely talented Jane Lurie. 🙂

  2. Lovely photos! 🙂 I love them.

    Greetings from Ecuador.

  3. Beautiful photographs. I especially like the b&w aspens.

  4. Such natural beauty with these photos Jane – perfection as Mother Nature would like.

  5. Beautiful pics & fascinating info – that clonal root system must make them vulnerable to disease tho. I was testing recently that even yes who don’t share roots can use them to communicate with each other, for e.g about pests.

  6. Holy wow, Jane–the aspens just blew me away, especially #2 and #3. (I’m having trouble finishing these comments–I keep going back for one more look. 🙂 )

  7. Majestic! Aspen on Mountains a favorite. K

  8. Very beautiful photos, Jane.

    The fall colors started a couple weeks back at the highest elevations in the mountains. But, in about 7-10 days, the mountainsides will be golden with the Aspens changing. Hopefully, the snow will wait a bit.

    • Hi David, Oh, would be so nice to see the turning leaves in CO. It was just starting up the mountain when we were there. Glad you liked the pre-show here. Thank you very much for your kind comments.

  9. These are some terrific shots, Jane.

    When were you in the redwoods? And where? Coastal or the Avenue of the Giants (or both)?

    I’ll get my share of aspens in the Canadian Rockies (beginning in about a week) but SW Colorado is on my short list of places to go.

  10. Gorgeous, Jane! We visited the Redwood forest a few years ago and were in awe of its magnificence. I really enjoyed your take on this week’s challenge!

  11. A fine set of contrasts and so much to love about these beautiful trees in your great shots Jane. A fabulous tour!

  12. Magnífica colección, me han gustado mucho las de BW. Impresionantes

  13. Fantastic photos this week, Jane. I love the Aspens—your photos bring back fond memories of our time in Colorado. The last Sunday in September is always Color Day and the Aspens are at/approaching their full shades of yellow and orange. I found that the light is magical inside the stands at that time. Thanks for the memories (and the beautiful visuals). Ω

    • Hi Allan- I wished I had been there a little later to capture the vibrant yellows-these were shot in early September. I did catch the Snowmass Balloon Fest which reaped some good rewards. Glad you enjoyed these trees and thank you, as always, for your kind words.

  14. I love trees too. You captured really beautiful places, Jane. Some moments of silent contemplation. And an excellent selection of inspiring quotes. Nature is imagination itself.

  15. Lovely shots, Jane! The aspens are superb and so are the quotes. I especially like the one by John Muir. The connectedness of nature and humankind. How lovely and awe-inspiring. What lens do you use for the “Aspens on the Mountainside” shot? The image is so clear and the trees so distinct.

    • Thanks very much, Patti and glad you like the quotes I paired with them. I used my Nikon 24-70 f/2.8 for this shot– my favorite lens that’s rarely off my camera. Also, I was using a tripod which helps with clarity.

  16. I’ve never seen aspens, they are awe inspiring!

  17. My heart is singing in the trees!

  18. Awesome and inspiring! You’ve captured the grandeur brilliantly. Do you know the Van Morrison song Redwood Tree? (Well worth seeking out) regards Thom

  19. Absolutely majestic. Superb images. I could live in them…Beautiful quotes, as well. I especially love the Aristotle one, though I love them all. Fabulous post. Ebullient cheers,

    Autumn Jade

  20. brilliant shots…so dreamy….😜

  21. You’ve captured the majesty and the triumphs of Mother Nature.

  22. Lovely to see so many trees. The aspens on the mountains must be even more of a sight once autumn transforms their greenery.

  23. Love this post… I love the aspens on the mountains! Great contrast of redwoods and aspens!

  24. Oh, so beautiful, Jane! I didn’t know that redwoods grew as one like the aspen. Your shots are splendid! Thank you!

  25. OMG…these are incredible!! I really love them. you’re so talented! I love our redwoods here…they are incredible! I just heard on the news how the drought is affecting the ancient sequoia trees. 😦 Thank you for sharing these lovely images.

  26. Love the Muir quote. It applies to so many things. I absolutely can’t decide on a favorite photo

  27. I have Aspen trees in my front yard and back yard too. Are their roots meeting under my home, and planning trips together?
    Lovely images, Jane.

  28. Lovely aspens in both pictures, and the redwood reminds me if my father. When he had visiting the states he came home with a little horse made of redwood.

  29. lovely post Jane. Aspens vs redwoods? Now THAT’S a win-win question! Excellent take on the challenge!

  30. I just love trees! These are beautiful 😉 thank you for sharing.

    We just left Portland…such a cool little city. On our way to Montana to pick up the puppy 😊 The first sign of autumn… in Portland 😉

    Sent from my iPhone


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