Up close in Kailua, Hawaii.




Flowers, Macro, Nature, Nikon






Portrait, Food, Hands,

Hand-Pounding Poi




Flowers, Macro, Nature, Nikon, Hawaii

Red Ginger




Close-up, Macro, Food, Hawaii

Ready for Juice




Flowers, Macro, Nature, Nikon, Hawaii

Intricate Beauty





Close-up, Macro, Food, Hawaii

Coconut Bits






Close-up, Macro, Food, Hawaii

Hawaiian Farms Honey







Close Up

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  1. It’s simple to me decide to follow you … With your photos I can travel around the world 🙂


    If you want follow me

  2. Very beautiful pictures. Hello buy Rinaldo from Venice Italy ☺ .

  3. I love the crisp simplicity of your images, Jane! Lovely photography.

  4. In Hawaii too, you do get around. 🙂

    Make sure you get a plumeria lei when you leave. The scent will make you ache to return when you get home. Poi, that’s an acquired taste – it’ll taste like glue when you take your first taste. My first taste was in kindergarten. It was blah. Fortunately my friend was a pure Hawaiian boy who liked poi. Traded my poi for his punch drink.

    Safe travels.

    • Hi David- what great memories! I am in love with Plumeria– I did have Poi in various preparations and enjoyed it. Definitely an acquired taste- you made out well with your trade 😉appreciate your comment– thank you!

  5. These photos could be used in the travel brochure. The plumeria is so beautiful – no wonder the ladies like to wear them behind the ear!

  6. Doesn’t get any better – enjoy your holiday!

  7. Lovely images! They give out quite a relaxing vibe. Love it!

  8. Mahalo indeed ~ the Hand-Pounding Poi shot is great, a perfect place to be.

  9. Jane, no paras!!!!
    España, Hawaii , !!!! Un saludo!!!!

  10. I lived in Kailua for 25 years. Love the town. I was back visiting last year and Kailua has changed A LOT since I lived there. I hope you had a wonderful time.

  11. Lovely images. We have been twice to Hawaii and loved it both time…(Suzanne)

  12. wonderful ‘vibrant’ shots….love the coconut…I am sure it was magical 😜

  13. Love your tasty varieties from Hawaii, Jane. You bring another part of the world quite close to us with your beautiful images.

  14. thank you for my revisit to Hawaii… Love the “juice box” and slivers of coconut!

  15. Aloha. Especially like the gorgeous colors in the ginger photo.

  16. Looks a great place to be. Well photographed too.

  17. Aloha!! How beautiful and mouth watering…

  18. Beautiful close-ups of Hawaii, Jane. My favourite shot has to be the one of opened coconut with the straw sticking out…partly because I lovvve a fresh coconut and fresh coconut juice. Hope you had a great trip there soaking up the sun and enjoying what it has to offer 🙂

    • Hi Mabel, I loved poking around the Sunday Farmers Market. What a treat to see the local produce and foods. We are enjoying the peaceful and inspiring beauty of the island. Thank you very much for sharing your thoughts. Mahalo.

  19. A lovely taste of Hawaii Jane – hope your trip and the birthday celebration are great. Interestingly, I loved the jars 😄

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