Visual Symmetry



The crux of a successful image is visualizing the composition.  I often compose my subject off-center to create interest, however, certain scenes are perfectly balanced and call for a symmetrical alignment.



Landscape, Symmetry, Nature, Nikon, Travel,

Maroon Bells, Aspen, CA




Landscape, Symmetry, Nature, Nikon, Travel,

Botswana Sunset



“A good photograph is knowing where to stand”

~ Ansel Adams




Landscape, Symmetry, Nature, Nikon, Travel,

Piers, Bodega Bay, CA





Restaurant, Urban, Chef, Monochrome, Black and White, Environmental Portraiture

Prep, San Francisco





Landscape, Monochrome, Black and White, Symmetry, Nature, Nikon, Travel,

Tidal Flats, Bodega Bay, CA


“Symmetry is what we see at a glance”

~ Blaise Pascal 




Landscape, Symmetry, Industrial, Nikon, Travel, Monochrome, Black and white

Silos, Clovis, New Mexico





Landscape, Symmetry, Nature, Nikon, Travel,

Morning Reflection, New Zealand





Landscape, Symmetry, Nature, Nikon, Travel,

Daybreak, Kiawah Island, SC





“One doesn’t stop seeing. One doesn’t stop framing. It doesn’t turn off and on. It’s on all the time.”

~Annie Leibovitz







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  1. This is a very nice serie of beautiful landscapes.

  2. What can I say? I agree with all the comments above. WoW!! My favourite? Botswana sunset… just because I’ve seen African sunsets in all their glory… 😉

  3. Beautiful images with thoughts about symmetry that I agree with 100%!

  4. Wow Jane, these are just some stunning pieces of art. The Botswana Sunset photo is taken at such a perfect time of day and perspective ~ with my favorite lighting and use of reflections.

    • HI Randall, Don’t know how I missed your kind comment. I’m happy you like this series and coming from your well-traveled eye, much appreciated. Botswana was a spectacular place. Thanks so much.

  5. Where would we be in the world without the wonderful Blaise Pascal, and William Blake?

  6. WOW!!! These r absolutely incredible captures…..the ‘maroon bells’ blows my mind!!!
    True pieces of art…every one of them!!!

  7. Marvelous set, the prep shot is great! I love the wide angle view and the contrast is excellent.

  8. Sometimes it is hard to new photographers, or even yourself away from those “rules” we learn. Your beautiful set of images show the reason why we need to let the scene and our vision dictate how we compose a photograph. Not the rule book.

  9. Beautiful set Jane – one of my favs. Reflections are wonderful.

  10. Nice stuff. Like the B&W and the prep cooks; that’s quite the kitchen.

  11. All gorgeous, Jane. 🙂 Love the quotes as well, especially the one about not turning it on and off. It’s definitely on for me as well, although not rendered as professionally as yours.


  12. Hola Jane, la foto de Ia isla Kiawah es una preciosidad.

  13. Stunning reflections – breathtakingly beautiful. The NZ shot is Lake Matheson?

  14. Great reflections, light and composition in these… you say, sometimes you just have to go symmetrical.

  15. Your photographs always take my breath away Jane, today they were simply stunning.

  16. Hi Jane great series my favs is Nr.3,4,6,8.

  17. Lovely photography, looks beautiful on my iMac and id imagine even better in print 🙂

  18. Hey Jane, these are some amazing images!! I really like the versatility of your work.

  19. What wonderful shots, showing your versatility as a photographer to the full. I like symmetry, as I like order in all things!!!

  20. Beautiful images, great symmetries. And I like the quotes

  21. Beautiful, beautiful symetries. My favorite would be the last one, absolutely love the golden hues. Well captured 🌞

  22. Excellent shots, Jane. My favourite is the second one from top and the quote that goes so well with it. You knew exactly where to stand to get that composition! Beautiful work 🙂

  23. Jane, you do know where to stand and when to snap.

  24. I love Maroon Bells! Marvellous. And the Bodega Bay Piers appeal, but I .would have cropped the top off, to keep only the verticals…..

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