Doors: Puertas en España




“There are things known and things unknown and in between are the doors.”

~ Jim Morrison





Please click on an image to open the door to a larger slideshow:







“If opportunity doesn’t knock, build a door.”

~ Milton Berle





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  1. Beautiful doors, Jane! They can be such interesting subjects and you’ve found some suberb ones. I love how you’ve set them out, almost like an advent calendar, just waiting to be explored!

  2. Yay to fab doors of perception wherever we find them!

  3. Who doesn’t love a great door! Very nice variety, great photos.

  4. Isn’t there a federal law about packing this much stunning into one page? 🙂
    I love doors and these are really wonderful.

  5. Fantastic set. You wouldn’t see doors like these just anywhere.

  6. Wow, gorgeous images of doors in Spain.

  7. Lovely idea and nice pics, i’m going to Spain next week, maybe i steel your idea 😀

  8. Really great shots…sort of mysterious as to what lurks inside????
    Great eye!!

  9. Beautiful photos, beautiful doors and beautiful quote 🙂

  10. Especially like all the detail on this series Jane.

  11. Love, love, love this series!

  12. Esos son hermosas puertas Janie! Excelente 😊😊

  13. Hi Jane

    I love doors and photographs of them and Spanish and Dutch doors are the best.

    Hope you are well. We are enjoying beautiful weather in NC and good family time


    • Hi Jennifer– So nice to hear from you. I was thrilled with the style of the doors in Spain– just gorgeous. Glad you enjoyed these- thank you! Happy you’re having a wonderful summer with family.

  14. Wonderful series Jane – love the meticulous detailing.

  15. I like the textures on those old doors.

  16. Oh what an honey pot doors are to us, photographers and these you found are no exception. I like them all.

  17. Tremendous visuals…love this collection!

  18. I love doors and this is very nice collection. I can be seen capturing similar images pretty everywhere I go. I think I have over 500 pictures of doors in my Flickr account. It is good to see I am not the only one with this obsession. (Suzanne)

  19. I just love doors and windows! This was so enjoyable to study! Suzie

  20. I’ve been waiting for these— . It’s an open & shut case of eye candy!

  21. Sturdy doors in Spain! Handsome too.

  22. Love the slide show… I felt like a ” peeping Tom!”

  23. Lovely post, Jane. Entrancing shots.

  24. Amazing pics 😀 Hope you enjoy your trip in Spain ^^

  25. Beautiful set of photos, Jane. I think I like the rectangular country door the most. It looks sturdy, charming and inviting all at the same time. Love the quotes too. Doors sometimes open up a magical world to us if we take a bit of effort and push it open. When have the courage to build our own doors, anything can happen – we’re literally the masters of our destiny 🙂

    • Hi Mabel, Thanks for sharing your thoughts and for enjoying my latest on doors. The country door was in a beautiful part of the Basque countryside found after we had one of the most memorable meals. Happy you liked this post.

  26. Many beaitiful doors. It almost seemes like all the bloggers I follow inkluding me has a thing for doors.

  27. Oh yes, I love doors and windows. The quotations are great 🙂 not mention the photos of course. As for the windows I love them especially at night with the light inside…

  28. Love both the quotes and the images

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