The Golden Gate Bridge



She has been there for me throughout the years.  She is always up for a portrait no matter the weather or time of day. 

She’s been my creative inspiration and muse.



She greets me in the morning still wrapped in her blanket.

Landscape, San Francisco, Golden Gate Bridge, City, California,




Landscape, San Francisco, Golden Gate Bridge, City, California,

Sunrise and Fog




She doesn’t mind sharing the spotlight.

Landscape, San Francisco, Golden Gate Bridge, City, California,

Sunrise and Full Moon



She beckons to me on my morning run.

Landscape, San Francisco, Golden Gate Bridge, City, California,

Golden Gate and Waves




And holds still while I frame my shot. 

Landscape, San Francisco, Golden Gate Bridge, City, California,

Peeking Through





She has a complex personality.

Landscape, San Francisco, Golden Gate Bridge, City, California,






She’s not afraid to look herself in the eye. 

Landscape, San Francisco, Golden Gate Bridge, City, California,

Feeling Reflective





She loves nightlife and really lights up when the sun goes down. 

Landscape, San Francisco, Golden Gate Bridge, City, California,

Blue Hour




She works hard.

Landscape, San Francisco, Golden Gate Bridge, City, California,

Heavy Traffic





And deserves a break from time to time.

Landscape, San Francisco, Golden Gate Bridge, City, California,

At Rest




Thanks, Golden Gate Bridge. Here’s to many more portraits.


Landscape, San Francisco, Golden Gate Bridge, City, California,

Nice View



Please click here for more portraits.






My Muse

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  1. Nice writing. The Golden Gate is always very inspirational.

  2. A fab state of mind in this place for sure!

  3. Awesome photos Jane and the writing is simply great. When I was in SF for vacation in May I couldn’t stop looking at the GGB.

  4. Jane, This is magnificent! Unbelievable photography and writing.
    Our best,

  5. the most beautiful pictures of HER. ever!

  6. 85 comments as of this moment? %0 is a great day for me. And half those would be my replies. But you’ve earned it here with your great images coupled with your words. You made me smile and yearn to be back in the Bay Area once again. My favorite city, San Francisco!

  7. Great captures Jane! I enjoyed the picture of the bridge ‘peeking through’.

  8. Such a beautiful collection of images!

  9. Absolutely wonderful photos!

  10. Wow Jane – so many beautiful images and impossible to pick a favorite!

  11. What a great post Jane with a wonderful variety of images of this iconic bridge. I love the different vantage points, the vibrant colours, the fog, the waves, the moon. A great collection of images !

  12. Every photo is a gem Jane but that first shot brought back so many memories of being at the 1991 Fort Mason Seagars blues festival. At the start of the concert the bridge was shrouded in mist and about 10am the mist gradually lifted and every one clapped and cheered as she showed her face.

  13. Each one of these is a great image Jane but together they are just brilliant. I am quite unfamiliar with this bridge so this was a revelation.

  14. Fabulous (and fun) post Jane! Gorgeous images. Wonderful commentary.
    Thank you for visiting 😃

  15. What gorgeous photos and a fun commentary. I love this bridge and can’t wait to visit it again one day.

  16. Your photos are truly works of poetry for the eyes!! Thank you for sharing these with me.

  17. Some of these photos were truly stunning. Especially of the one with the waves. That must have taken you hours to get right.

    • Hi Royal Chivalry- Sometimes the waves are huge there and crash one after another (it’s a popular surfing spot, too)–it’s very dramatic. The most difficult thing is not getting soaked! Thanks so much for your kind comment.

  18. These are extraordinary, Jane. Makes me miss this beautiful city and You!

  19. A super, most originally titled series of lovely photos of the most famous bridge on the planet. Great stuff, please do not ask me what my favourite is..I love them all…and the provocative and symbolic.

  20. I’m not sure which are your better — the photos or the little descriptions!

  21. Your talent is truly displayed in this piece. Think about that book. It would be a winner!!

  22. The most exquisite diary of the Golden Gate bridge that I think I’ve ever seen – congratulations on selecting the most impressive of shots through your lens Jane.

  23. Superb Photos!

  24. Beautiful photos, Jane. 🙂

  25. Wonderful collection and words. I especially like the framing with the broken fence.

  26. Wonderful again Jane! I love the POV on “Peeking Through”

  27. TKe some more and make it a book. My friend Deb just gave me a book on Nantucket Hydrangeas. The golden Gate Bridge is worthy of hiur shots a nd thoughts.

  28. Very clever! Love the photos!

  29. Beautiful!!!

  30. If you can impress Allan Smorra with bridge photos you’ve REALLY hit the nail on the head! Not a surprising choice Jane, and beautifully done. Your love of her majesty comes shining thru!

    • Hi Tina– So true! High praise coming from Allan who has seen the most amazing perspectives of the bridge. And high praise coming from great photographers like you. Thanks so much and glad you enjoyed my love letter to the GGB.

  31. You caught all aspects of her very complex personality!! Well done friend!

  32. This is a very good collection of GGB photos. You have captured the beauty and spirit of an engineering marvel. Ω

    • Hi Allan, Coming from someone who has experienced some of the greatest perspectives of the GGB, that is one great compliment. Thank you very much– I know neither of us will ever tire of her marvelous beauty.

      • Well said, Jane. It was an honor and a pleasure to work rotating shifts there. I got to experience the GGB in every kind of weather, at every hour of the day and night, and through all the seasons of the year. It was more than just a job for those of us who were employed there. Ω

  33. Fantastic tribute to the bridge. It reads like a poem.

  34. Awsome post and I can really understand that she is your muse. I love all of these photos, great one by one and the text is fun and suits so nice to the theme. Love it!

  35. She really is a beauty, but you made her shine!! Wonderful photo’s (and text!)…

  36. This is a wonderful piece. Some of the best shots of the Golden Gate I have ever seen.

  37. She is such a beauty. I can still recall the thrill (in 1966) of passing under your bridge on the voyage from Vancouver to Australia, which we now call home.

  38. Beautiful words for a beautiful bridge. Well done Jane. Really well done!!!

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