Gaudí in Barcelona





The Sagrada Família, Barcelona.

Antoni Gaudí’s architectural masterpiece. 



Architecture, Barcelona, Gaudi, Spain

Looking Up, Gaudi






Architecture, Barcelona, Gaudi, Spain

Sagrada Família Nave





Architecture, Barcelona, Gaudi, Spain

Sagrada Família Blue





Architecture, Barcelona, Gaudi, Spain

Sagrada Família Altar




Architecture, Barcelona, Gaudi, Spain

Windows and Organ Pipes




Architecture, Barcelona, Gaudi, Spain

Nave and Ceiling




Architecture, Barcelona, Gaudi, Spain

Gaudi Church





Architecture, Barcelona, Gaudi, Spain

Gaudi Ceiling Detail




Architecture, Barcelona, Gaudi, Spain

Exterior Detail




Architecture, Barcelona, Gaudi, Spain

Sagrada Familía, Barcelona









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  1. I have to sort my Sagrada Familia photos but they’re nowhere near as good as yours!

  2. We were there many years ago and this was one of my favorite places. You’ve captured it with such a different perspective…it was like seeing it all over again. Hope you’re loving your travels!

  3. That’s a lot of colour, shape and texture. How high is that ceiling?

  4. Beautiful angles… What magnificent shots!

  5. having studied in Barcelona for 6 months, this brings back fond memories. Thank you for sharing.

  6. What an amazing site to see~ You have captured the beauty well!

  7. Fantástico reportaje fotográfico, con unos interiores muy bien conseguidos. Espectacular tu trabajo. Felicidades Jane!

  8. A vision to behold … beautiful photography Jane .

  9. Magnificent building, beautifully portrayed in your photos

  10. One of a kind! Your photos of the SF ceiling remind me of a photo I took in Frankfurt cathedral that I posted for symmetry 🙂

  11. Hola Jane, excelentes fotografías. Yo vivo a 500 km de Barcelona y aun no la he visto
    No tengo perdón jajajaja Espero que te encuentres cómoda en mi país. Un abrazo y que disfrutes de la estancia

    • Hola Pepe , Me encanta tu hermoso país ! La arquitectura es fantástico , la comida es deliciosa y la gente que conocemos es amable. San Sebastián es una maravilla y estamos de visita en Bilbao , también. Gracias por su nota agradable usted. Puedo hablar un poco de español , pero tienen algo de ayuda de Google . 😉

  12. Great work of one of my favorite buildings.
    Very cordial greetings.

  13. Jane, your photos do justice to what is a stunning place. I wish I could see it in person.


  14. Your photos do justice to the magnificence. Thank you for sharing.

  15. I am rendered speechless. How could you shoot and gasp in wonder all at the same time? Beautiful captures, Jane.

  16. The stunning ceiling shots make you feel as though you’ve entered a mermaid’s palace. Such a magical creation is surely not of the earth. You have a rare gift for allowing others to see clearly while also stimulating the imagination to capture other images in the mind. I certainly missed the aspects you captured when strolling through Gaudi’s city.

    • Hi Leah- Your imagination is wonderful and thank you for your very kind words. Gaudi’s organic architecture is stunning. I’m happy that I was able to capture a bit of his amazing ideas. Thanks!

  17. The ceiling shots make you feel as though you’ve stepped into an underwater mermaid’s palace. It is too glorious a construction to be of the earth. Magnificent how you capture the detail and the imagination.

  18. Work has progressed a lot since I visited five years ago. Maybe I should go back again. It is truly an architectural monument. And your photos really capture the majesty of this magnificient creation.

    • Hello Fernan- We were told that much of the progress has happened in the past decade and it is unbelievable what is still to come. Thank you — I hope you make it back there again soon.

  19. Glorious photographs! Love living vicariously through one with such a beautiful eye. (actually both are beautiful 🙂 )

  20. Jane, I loved yout pictures. I enjoyed Gaudi’s work when I was in Barcelona and I think your pictures really captured the fantasy that I feel when looking at or being within his buildings.

  21. We loved the cathedral but were told it would never be finished. Is it?
    Wonderful shots Jane, perfect choice for intricate.

  22. Nice pics of this amazing place. (Suzanne)

  23. Wow, Jane, what an amazing place. Your photos are over the top gorgeous!

  24. Great pics. Brings back memories of a visit in the past.

  25. Really nice shots. I have never been to spain so have not yet visited this cathedral, but you have captured the intricacy nicely.

  26. Beautiful pictures! Amazing architecture!

  27. What a place! Great images Jane. This is place is definitely on my list of places to photograph.

  28. Just incredible shots….mindblowing!!! A great eye!!! I look forward more of spain!!!

  29. Its mind boggling, all the details and complexity. Truly a gem, great shots.

  30. Loved experiencing this with you!

  31. Great shots, Jane!

  32. Great shots!! Been there and this church is absolutely amazing!

  33. Wow, these are some great shots ~ the lighting is incredible, great series of shots and diversity.

  34. A photographer ‘s dream building. Beautiful shots!

  35. Nice pictures of an absolutely marvelous building!

  36. Thank you for taking me back here with your wonderful images. I visited Sagrada Familia 10 years ago and looks like a good deal of progress has been made. Must go back !

  37. Ohh!! I love his work. It is awsome. Absolutely stunning photos, I love it!

  38. Beautiful images. Yesterday we came back from a short trip to Barcelona. It was great to see Gaudis stunning work. So special.

  39. What a great idea, Gaudi was definitely the king of intricacy! Barcelona is such a beautiful city, and much of that is thanks to him!

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