Impressions of Nature




“Exaggerate the essential, leave the obvious vague.”

~ Vincent Van Gogh



One of my favorite techniques in photography is to experiment with movement when shooting an image. These images were made using Shutter Priority at 1/10 or 1/20 and moving the camera slightly while pressing the shutter. It’s a fun diversion and interesting creative challenge. 




Abstract, Impressionism, Photography, Nikon







Abstract, Impressionism, Photography, Nikon





“A good impression is lost so quickly.”

~ Claude Monet




Abstract, Impressionism, Photography, Nikon

Tupelo Trees




This abstract image of azaleas was made by zooming the lens as I was shooting. 



Abstract, Impressionism, Photography, Nikon

Azalea Burst





“The job of the impressionist painter is to say just enough without forcing the story on the viewer… detail kills imagination.”

~ Colley Whisson






Springtime Blur.
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  1. This is interesting Jane! The leaves look beautiful!

  2. They look like impressionist paintings. 🙂

  3. Beautiful painterly effects achieved, I’m sure it is much harder to get it this good than you make it look

  4. Just like painting, but with a lens. Beautiful impressions.

  5. Wish my blurred lines looked this good ha. I tried this once when Tony Sweet was in town and we shot with him. Very cool. Your post Inspires me to try try again. Thanks!

    • Hi Diane – I was at the Tony Sweet workshop, too, he did give me a few good tips on movement. (Start moving then click the shutter) takes a lot of tries with different settings but you get some interesting effects, The Aspens and Tupelos images have some definitions and were successful.happy you enjoyed them. Thanks!

  6. The Tupelo trees is my favorite!

  7. I love the creative playfulness! Wonderful abstract images!

  8. I especially like the effect achieved with the tupelo trees. I used the same zoom technique on as the azalea burst, on my recent post, “Blur of earth, water and light” You’ve inspired to try intentional camera movement more often. Thanks

  9. Love your steady hand behind the beautiful blur and light paintings.

  10. absolutely LOVE these ….i find myself getting lost inside …..very mysterious!!!

  11. Love them all, but the tupelo trees are wonderful. Lines + color+ mystery. I was sizing up some birch this afternoon when I was walking in the woods, wondering what I could do with them. 🙂

  12. Jane, you’ve created a stunning set of images. I especially am drawn to their abstract quality, and especially the Tupelo trees.

  13. Wonderful quotes and beautiful pictures…

  14. I like these quite a bit. Very creative.

  15. I love them all. But I had to really look to see the aspens…a visual puzzle. Very pastel-ishly nice.

  16. You create art though your lens. The Tupelo Trees have the sense of impressionism and also feeling of pointilism to me from the texture your create. Superb captures. So excited to discover your work and website. Looking forward to enjoying more.

    • Hi Lita- It’s satisfying to work with different techniques and I’m happy Tupelos conveys a painterly mood. Thanks so much for your interest and visits. I am looking forward to reading your work.

  17. always fascinated with the way you can ” paint” with your lens…

  18. Have plenty of blurred photos, but not like these. Very well done!

  19. You can get some really good results trying this technique and you’ve done just that. Great work, really well done, I really like all of them.

  20. Another beautiful series Jane ~ the Tupelo Trees really captured my eye. The shape, flow and color.

  21. Great post Jane! If I didnt know, I’d swear these were paintings. The tupelos and aspens are especially captivating.

  22. This is a wonderfully inspiring series of photos Jane together with the perfect quotes. Each image is magical but the Tupelo trees are particularly memorable; photo-impressionism at its best.

  23. It’s fun to experiment with even the slightest of movement while shooting. These are great.

  24. Love your *fun diversion* mine like this are unintentional :-/
    Lovely vibrance too in the colours !

  25. Really iInteresting images. The leaves look transparent.

  26. “Aspens” is a really strong image for colour saturation and form.

  27. Knew I’d enjoy your post this week Jane – beautiful captures all.

  28. wonderful mood in your image. It reminds me of the very last scene in LOST, when Jack walked through the jungle. 🙂

  29. Siempre superándote, felicidades por la serie

  30. Great set! And another prove that a good photo doesn’t have to be sharp always!

  31. works of art, like the paintings of the artists you quoted!

  32. I love the trees the best – fantastic photos, Jane!

  33. Beautiful. Love the effect

    Hope all is well in SF! Happy Easter and have a sweet Passover

    Love Helen

    Sent from my iPhone


  34. I like the addition of the “tech talk”!

  35. They are really wonderful ‘paintings’!

  36. And, good ideas to try out, thanks.

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