Blooming Mustard, Napa Vineyards




Landscape, Vineyard, California, Nikon, Agriculture

Napa Vineyard and Mustard





Landscape, Vineyard, California, Nikon, Agriculture

Trimming the Vines, Napa Valley




“The earth laughs in flowers.”

~ Ralph Waldo Emerson




Landscape, Vineyard, California, Nikon, Agriculture

Vines and Yellow Mustard





Landscape, Vineyard, California, Nikon, Agriculture

Grapevine and Mustard Flower





Landscape, Vineyard, California, Nikon, Agriculture

Mustard Bloom





Landscape, Vineyard, California, Nikon, Agriculture, Abstract

A Burst of Mustard






 Fresh is the theme. 

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  1. How beautiful Jane! I love the vibrant colors. When my little girl was a baby I had a house with mustard growing alongside the Southern side, it was one of the plant she first learned to recognize. Probably because of the vibrant color 🙂 Great photos.

  2. Lovely shots! Yellow is bright and beautiful! 🙂

  3. “the earth laughs with flowers.” What a great quote for these wonderful shots.

  4. Lovely captures Jane – love it when the mustard is in bloom. I’m partial to your first shot as the vines are such a perfect leading set of lines. Nicely done as always!

  5. What a gorgeous scene – the sense of yellow is spectacular.

  6. Hi Jane. Really love the second shot, it’s a beautiful photo well worth an enlargement.

  7. Absolutely stunning! Loves it.

  8. Hi Jane, was wondering if you will be heading up to Napa anytime again? Would love to go out shooting with you!

  9. Just incredible shots….love the mustard!!! A great eye girlfriend!!

  10. Beautiful photography Jane … All I can say is WOW !

  11. Oh, fabulous!!

    Is the mustard plant used as a natural insect repellent?

  12. Ooh How pretty Jane ! I was looking forward to seeing these.. After your previous Napa post, I hoping for a return visit when the mustard bloomed. ‘Return Visits’ are fun, righhhht?? Gr8 to see you! ☺

    • Hi Diane- I caught the tail end of the mustard – so beautiful. It will be fun to experience different seasons in Napa. Glad you like these and it was great to see you albeit briefly. Thanks and I hope you have a great spring! 😊

  13. Unas imágenes preciosas
    Un Saludo

  14. Mustard Bloom is so Monet like with the oranges in the background and a Burst of Mustard is like exploding into an alternate dimension–or a bad result in shaking the bottle. 🙂

  15. Dramatic shots. Of course I want to paint “Trimming the Vines”.

  16. Absolutely love the photo and the quote!! 🙂

  17. I love the lines and the color. The photos look so alive.

  18. Oh, do they still have the Mustard Festival?

  19. So great to see these mustard flowers among vineyards, reminds me of spring visits to the Napa Valley. Your photos are so gorgeous Jane! Love the bloom and the creative burst!

  20. Love the Napa Vineyard and Mustard with the red posts, and the last one looks like it is moving to me! Great job Jane, CW!

  21. Wonderful intensity of those colors you captured. K

  22. Wow, Jane, beautiful colors – that last one makes me dizzy! 😉

  23. So yellow ! I love the progression of the depth of field. If I were a member of some kind of jury and had to choose, the first one would be my favourite.

  24. The colors are so rich looking and I like the shallow depth of field. Really nice, Jane.

  25. Definitely looks like the mustard is bursting !

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