Lines and Shadows: Walls





“To consult the rules of composition before making a photograph is a little like consulting the law of gravity before going for a walk.”

~Edward Weston


Monochrome, Architecture, Black and White, Shadows

High Museum, Atlanta




Monochrome, Architecture, Black and White, Shadows

Temple Wall, Siem Reap




“Don’t shoot what it looks like. Shoot what it feels like.”

~ David Alan Harvey




Monochrome, Architecture, Black and White, Shadows

Chapel, Eliel Saarinen




Monochrome, Architecture, Black and White, Shadows

Train Station, Bozeman, MT




Black and White, Close-up, Mendocino, California, Barn

Still Life, Mendocino




“The picture that you took with your camera is the imagination you want to create with reality.”

~Scott Lorenzo






 This week’s theme is Wall. 



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  1. Jane, I love lines and shadows. Absolutely exquisite!

  2. Great shots and I love the Edward Weston quote.

  3. These pics have great character. You seem to be adept at photographing “what it feels like.”

  4. You seem to be able to “shoot What it feels like.” Great post, thanks.

  5. These black and white photos make a great impression on me

  6. The Mendocino one speaks to me more than the others. A very interesting collection, Jane.

  7. That Saarinen chapel really shows off the beautiful relationship between lines and shadows.

  8. Love these quotes, Jane – especially the one about consulting the rules of composition! Aside from the quotes, the images are fantastic – super lighting and textures.

  9. Lovely series of images, all very provocative and powerful!

  10. Fantastic lighting on all of them.

  11. These are just lovely shots, Jane. The last one is especially beautiful although my favorite is of the chapel; it invokes (evokes?) a sense of calm and order when I look at it.

  12. Really interesting shots….love the ‘still life’! A great dear!!!!

  13. Thought-provoking quotes and great shots to go with them. Loved the Siem Reap photo. YOu have such a good eye.

  14. Monochrome works so well with this challenge Jane and I had to smile at that first quote

  15. Your High Museum shot in Atlanta, and the Mendocino image are just amazing. Love you use of shadow and light.

  16. Sort of a play on Steichens “print what you see”, I like the tree image under Instagram, very provacative!

  17. The shadows made the wall very interesting. Great capture.

  18. Beautiful Jane, and that last one is outstanding, the natural curve of the grass (?) a perfect counterpoise to the lines…

  19. cool quotes and photos, I must remember to consult the laws of gravity before I go fo my next walk 😉

  20. Jane that last shot takes on the look of a charcoal sketch. Like the perspective. K

  21. Loved still life Mendocino and it was, of course, nice to see the High again, which I do have.

  22. A great choice of images and words – takes me to another place! Love it

  23. Wonderful shots! The Temple Wall is my favourite, though the rest are just as beautiful.

  24. Wonderful set! My favorites are the first and the last, though it is hard to decide…

  25. Great set of images, Jane! And I subscribe to ‘shoot what it feels like’! 😀

  26. Excellent choices Jane – love the final shot!

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