Color My World Orange




“Orange is the happiest color” ~ Frank Sinatra




Please click on an image for a colorful slideshow: 






“Orange is red brought nearer to humanity by yellow.” — Wassily Kandinsky




The Weekly Photo Challenge is Orange.

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  1. Gorgeous orange images, Jane. Love the quotes too.

  2. Absolutely beautiful pictures and slideshows. Thank you! 🙂

  3. Reblogged this on Surprising lives and commented:
    I have discovered with great pleasure the amazing photography of Jane Lurie. I’m sure this will be only the first of many reblogs.

  4. I just fell in love with orange which I used to hate. LOL

  5. Wow this is a really interesting post. Such a good variety of great photos!

  6. Wow what a gorgeous collection of images. Beautiful Jane.

  7. Hi. Your pictures in Orange were beautiful. You definitely have the great photo eye. A minor point, you picked the one color the Luries and Camners have in common. Love Fred

    A Camner

    Sent from iPhone

  8. That is indeed a very colourful collage – centered around orange. Simply stunning!

  9. While I enjoyed your examples of orange, what most intrigued me were those eggplant colored peppers! Where was this shot taken?

  10. WOW! I loved this collection. The variety of pictures was just marvelous!

  11. LOVE orange!!! Stunning shots….the rooftops just really stand out for me…..what goes on below???? Leaves much to think about!!!

  12. Always been my favorite colour! Awesome shots Jane, so warm!

  13. Wonderful gallery Jane topped off with the perfect quote from Kandinsky, Lovely 🙂

  14. Beautiful images. I especially love the Golden Gate shot, and I’m not sure why because al the images are beautiful.

  15. Wow! Absolutely lovely scenes! Well done.

  16. Jane, these shots are gorgeous! I love the ones of Sedona and Monument Valley. My husband and I would love to get out west someday and visit. An excellent montage for this challenge!

  17. Hey, I really liked your series. Colour, Colour, Colour…that is what everyone is commenting on. I agree that you captured so many exciting hues. Well done. However, let me add that it is you photographing those subjects that made them successful.

  18. Beautiful choices Jane, nicely done!

  19. Great gallery for the challenge
    Looking forward to following your photography. Thanks for your good words today.

  20. Wonderful images brought together in a cohesive set through color!

  21. Beautiful photo series, Jane. One may say it is a serenade in orange color in different styles. Have a delightful sunday.

  22. I think…Art Wolfe should follow your blog.

  23. Beautiful, uplifting gallery Jane

  24. Awesome. I love orange!! Beautiful photographs! Love Helen

  25. Awesome photos… I was mesmerized by the color and clarity! 🙂

  26. Initially I wanted to pick a favorite. They are however all wonderful. This post really appeals to those of us who JUST love color. Beautiful set.

  27. Awesome photos, they make a great addition to this weeks challenge.

  28. Jane I just Love this one!!!

    Lynne Sager

  29. Love orange, especially in nature. Great shots. K

  30. Marvelous photos – so many varied responses to the theme from the world over!

  31. Lovely colour is orange, it realy does bring a smile to your face 🙂 nice pictures to.

  32. Each shot is so well composed, Jane. Well done!

  33. Compelling choices, Jane.


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