Scale: National Parks



Have you ever visited the National Parks at peak season? 

The good news– including a well-placed person in your frame provides the needed perspective to appreciate the landscape.



Monument Valley is a spectacular place. I loved the touring trucks coming up from the valley at sunset giving a true sense of the massive size of the iconic “Mitten” Buttes. 

Nature, National Park, Landscape, Sunset, Monument Valley

Day Is Done, Monument Valley




Thanks to this hiker, the image has some scale. 

National Park, Nature, Landscape, Nikon, Color, Nature

A Perfect View, Bryce Canyon





The colors and formations are otherworldly in this scene. The small slice of road and the car help contribute to a sense of scale in this Badlands landscape.

Nature, Landscape, National Park, Nikon

Yellow Mounds and Road, Badlands





The Badlands National Park is one of the most interesting places I have ever photographed. I often push the human form toward the edges in landscapes creating visual tension and interest. 

Nature, Landscape, National Park, Nikon

Two, Badlands




It’s an amazing experience photographing the Grand Canyon, however, the images often lack scale because the landscapes are immense. The people on the rocks across the canyon give a sense of the enormity of the scene. It’s a little bit scary, too.

Nature, Landscape, National Park, Nikon

Vast and Tiny, Grand Canyon





This image is an interesting combination of human form, man-made trails and the natural beauty of the hoodoos and pines. 

National Park, Nature, Landscape, Nikon, Color, Nature

Trails and Hoodoos. Bryce Canyon




“Travel makes one modest. You see what a tiny place you occupy in the world.”  

~ Gustave Flaubert






The Weekly Photo Challenge is Scale.

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  1. These are superb photos Jane, very iconic…this is one place I would love to visit 😊

  2. Fabulous images ! One can hardly believe the beauty of these places but you’ve captured it all right here . I’ve been lucky enough to visit parts of Arizona / Colorado/ Utah but oh how I wish I’d known more about photography at the time … your message about *scale is so important in such scenes as these !

    • Hi Poppytump- I’ve had the pleasure of driving across the states a few times visiting these beautiful parks. Glad the examples of scale appealed to you and you enjoyed the images. Thanks so much.

  3. Simply, Perfect 🙂

    What a difference it makes when we we include something in the frame to get a feel of scale!

    Including people in a frame with mountains, well, it looks incredible and gives the viewers an opportunity to think and infer the image from different perspectives, too.

    Being a huge fan of hills and mountains, these images are quite irresistible for me 🙂

  4. Spectacular! Planning to visit Bryce this Spring so this has greatly wetted my appetite 🙂

  5. Such gorgeous collage of images, Jane. These national parks are visual delight for any photographer. Thanks for sharing them 🙂

  6. Great shots Jane! You really do need a point of reference to truly grasp the magnitude and vastness of scenery shots such as these & you’ve done a great job doing exactly that.

  7. You captured not only the beautiful landscape, Jane, but its greatness too . .

  8. Beautifull images Jane, the area looks great!

  9. Wow! a great way of photography to challenge this theme 🙂

  10. Jane, Great pictures. Hie yourself down to our newest National Park- Pinnacles. You will do it justice.


  11. You sure cheered me up with all those beautiful canyon shots. I have never been to Bryce or the Grand. I have to see that. By the way, the forecaster got one right – we finally warmed up to -2 today!

  12. These are pictures I wish I could take. Maybe one day I will graduate from my little point and shoot. They are really beautiful and they are a great representation of scale. I tried to pick a favorite, but that was really hard. Each one has something truly special.

    • Hi Robin, Thanks so much for your kind words. I’m really glad you liked these and that you’re inspired. Some of my favorite images I’ve shot are with my point and shoot– it’s all about practicing the “art of seeing”. Keep on shooting and enjoy!

  13. Beautiful series Jane! I think including the people and the man made objects definitely gave a greater sense of scale in these images.

  14. You provided a spectacular demonstration of scale with your examples! The shot of the Grand Canyon with all the people you have is very similar to one shot I almost used in my challenge entry. We must have been standing in almost the same spot when the two photos were taken. 🙂

  15. Truly spectacular Jane. These places certainly need people or vehicles to give them scale.

  16. Spectacular absolutely, and the scale very clear the way you did the photography. The problem in Norway there hardly are any humans in the landscape, but the idea is very good.

  17. Unbeatable examples of Scale, Jane 🙂

  18. Beautiful vistas Jane, and great illustrations of scale

  19. Impresionantes vistas, gran trabajo
    Un Saludo

  20. Gosh–awesome vistas and some thoughtful observations as well. Good stuff, Jane.

  21. Nice series.

    It seems we have visited the same places, though I visited them while growing up. Monument Valley, however, was (is) far from the highway – much in the same manner the Custer/Little Bighorn Battlefield in MT.

    • Hi David– It is a drive– a beautiful one. Strangely, I didn’t shoot the classic scene with the road going to buttes… ah well, next time. It is one of my favorites (technically a Navajo Tribal Park) I’m glad they brought back some nice memories. Thank you!

  22. You should be teaching photography, Jane. Your images alone are a great course in seeing and capturing.

  23. Good reminder as I sometimes am trying to capture just the landscape and avoid the person in the distance.

  24. I’ve visited all those places at some time in my life and enjoyed seeing them again through your lovely photos. The National Park system is a treasure.


  25. These are absolutely fascinating….how the heck were u able to capture them???? I am blown away!!! Trails & Hoodoos is a favorite….WOW…just stunning!!!

  26. Oh my gosh. I found myself sitting here with sweaty palms…. The “little people” you sited were just way too close to the edge!! Thanks.. Wonderfully exciting post! Linda

    • Hi Linda, The Grand Canyon really gives me the “willies” when I shoot there and this shot’s perspective does make it look like they are teetering on the edge. So happy you liked these park shots– thank you!

  27. Our National Parks are a true treasure and never cease to amaze — like your photography ❤️

  28. Stunning Jane. A few perfect example of scale.

  29. Beautiful photos and great way to show the immensity of our National Parks.

  30. Wow…amazing!

  31. gosh I would’ve never noticed the road let alone the car in the first Badlands image if you hadn’t of pointed it out! Thats crazy! I really like the one of the grand canyon too, really does help to have people in the shots!

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