Urban Nature



“Great photography is about depth of feeling, not depth of field.”  

~ Peter Adams, Sydney






When I analyze a scene to frame in my lens, I often see nature’s colors and patterns in black and white. The details and tones of these leaves were a great example of a monochrome moment.

Monochrome, Close Up. Nature,

Leaves, Russian Hill




I have admired these rugged trees at Baker Beach in San Francisco for years. The unique shapes, the texture of the bark and the linear patterns on the hillside make for a captivating landscape. 

Trees, Nature, Landscape

Tree Grove, Baker Beach




I found this Bougainvillea brightening my walk on city block in San Francisco. A quiet nature scene coupled with a little urban grit. 

Urban, Nature, Macro, Flower

Red Flower and Fence




San Francisco’s crown of natural beauty within an urban environment is The Presidio. An early morning walk among the trees is a peaceful escape. I can smell the Eucalyptus when I look at this image.

Sunlight, Trees, Nature, Landscape

Eucalyptus and Morning Sun







The Weekly Photo Challenge is Depth.

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  1. Beautiful images, Jane 🙂

    The last one looks magical 🙂

  2. Especially loved the eucalyptus photo. I could get lost in it.

  3. Love the way you have captured the light and colour in eucalyptus in morning sun, all of your photography is stunningly beautiful Jane!

  4. Jane, the way you capture trees and forests always enchants me. The eucalyptus grove in The Presidio is especially moving.

  5. Beautiful shots! I love the quote too.–Patti

  6. Stunning photos Jane and the smell of the eucalypts will always be the song lines of Australia to me.

  7. Beautiful response jane-love the leaves. Struggling w serious wp issues while on the ipad grrrrr.

  8. Thank you!

    I have had this discussion/argument a few too many times. People insist that I can’r see in B/W but I can when visualizing a scene or subject to photograph in B/W. Try as I might, I can’t get them to understand that it’s not a physical optics type of seeing in B/W but a mind’s eye matter of seeing.

    Beautiful shot.

  9. FABULOUS shots…..loving the tree groves….thank you for helping us ‘your viewer’ to see the light!!! GREAT EYE!!

  10. Lovely Jane – the Eucalyptus did it for me, I too smelt their wonderful fragrance.

  11. All wonderful, but eucalyptus trees are pure magic, and so is their scent!

  12. Love the quote by Peter Adams. A simple way to think about what WE do. Awesome images as well as the simple titles. Bravo Jane!

  13. That monochrome treatment really brings out the differences in texture and light between the veining and the rest of the leaves. Really nice!

  14. What a terrific quote! Beautiful pictures. Such a lovely post.

  15. Here we are too in SF but I think I lack your artistic perspective! Great photos.

  16. Hi Jane

    I am visiting my mother in PA and we are snowbound so your photos ( looked at best of – stunning 2013 and 2014 as well) made me feel not so captive. Best Jennifer

  17. Beautiful Jane. I absolutely love the last image.

    • Hi Edith– Thank you! I’m sure you walked in the Presidio when you were here. Amazing place and they are in the midst of a huge renovation that will give you direct access to the water and Crissy Field. Glad you like these.

  18. Lovely captures, Jane! You are gifted. I loved ” eucalyptus and morning sun” and ” bougainvillea”.

  19. Jane, these are wonderful photos, I particularly like the first two, the leaves and those ethereal trees, now I will go explore your blog some more!

  20. I saw your first photograph in the reader and intended to tell you how much I enjoyed it, then I opened your post and saw the rest. Wow! I love the feeling of the morning light working its way through the trees in the Presidio. All the others, too, of course – but right now light’s still a little in short supply here and that last photo warmed me right up!

  21. You have a wonderful gift for capturing and portraying the exquisite beauty you see in nature. Thank-you for sharing with us!! 🙂

  22. Each of these is very powerful…scrolling down I was mesmerized . So I kept scrolling up and down …taking in all the details. Great shots Jane!

  23. Wow the last photo is stunning 🙂

  24. Jane, when we lived out there and took visitors on an area tour, I would get to the Presidio and always say, “And just smell the Eucalyptus.” I did it so often, our son would sometimes beat me to it.

  25. Beautiful Jane!

  26. Wow black and white makes this so much more interesting, great texture and lighting .

  27. Great depth photos! Really like the trees and the bougainvillea near fence, beauty and stark metal.

  28. Beautiful images Jane.

  29. Beautiful, Jane! The ordinary becomes exraordinary with a change of perspective! ….and a shift of the focus!

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