Moonset at Sunrise, Golden Gate





Photography is a unique form of expression. Capturing a moment in time which reflects your vision in making the image is the creative challenge. 

When I shot this photograph on a stunning San Francisco morning, I was thrilled by the soft light on the city and bridge at daybreak and moonset. 



Landscape, Nikon, San Franciso, Golden Gate, California

Golden Gate at Moonset and Sunrise




The Weekly Photo Challenge is Express Yourself.

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  1. Stunning – the Golden Gate Bridge never ceases to amaze, no matter what light we capture it in. Have never had the privilege spend time photograph “The Bridge” during early morning light. Thank you for sharing, Jane.

  2. Stunning capture of a well photographed place, but this is different enough to be special especially with the mist and the moon.

  3. Wonderful and a little mysterious. (Probably only a little, because we’ve all seen many pictures of Golden Gate and therefore it is a place we know somewhat well.)

  4. I foresee this hanging on many walls Jane.

  5. Up early, well timed and wonderful capture.

  6. Lovely capture Jane – enjoying your love affair with the Golden Gate! Hope you’re feeling better soon.

  7. absolutely stunning….love the lights on in the city below….feels warm & fuzzy!!!

  8. It’s a location, much like the Eiffel Tower, that can be photographed a million times, but is always pleasant to look at 🙂 Very nice image, Jane.

  9. A beautiful way to start my Saturday. Stunning colors and view Jane.

  10. Was just saying the other day that I thought I might have dropped off your blog again.l nice to get up and see your beautiful San Francisco!!

    • Hi Linda, Thank you! Happy you like this morning scene and good to hear from you. Not sure what’s going on with your notifications– I post at least once a week– it’s nice you enjoyed this one. Hope all is well with you!

  11. Quite ethereal Jane, stunning lighting effect.

  12. Worlds apart from our own Golden Gate here in South Africa, and yet extremely beautiful Jane!

  13. This shot is enchanting, Jane. 🙂

  14. This is quite beautiful and I have to chuckle–I just posted a moonrise at sunset shot.

  15. It is a stunning photo, Jane.

  16. Gorgeous capture, Jane. It looks magic, just perfect with the iconic bridge.

  17. Stunning, Jane!!

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