Napa Valley Serenity



Photographing Napa in the winter months is a very different experience compared to the summer when the vines are loaded with grapes and the roads are crowded with tourists. Now, the vines are bare, the understory is green and enjoying the quiet vineyards is extremely serene.




 Leading lines play a large role in photographing vineyards with an abundance of compositional choices. 

Napa, Vineyard, Landscape

Under the Vines



Vineyards, California, Landscape, Fog,

Napa Vineyards and Early Morning Fog



Napa, Vineyard, Wine, Nature

Vineyard Rows




From the hilltop, the patterns and colors of the vineyards are amazing. A long telephoto gave me a tight crop on the linear details and the pop of red from the last of the grape leaves. 

Landscape, Vineyard, Wine, Nature

Vineyard Patterns



Vineyard, California, Wine, Landscape

Napa Vineyard Rows




I love shooting nature’s details. 

Napa, Vineyard, Grape, Nature, Close-up

Last Cascade



Nature, Grape, Leaves, Close Up

Grape Leaves and Sun



Napa, Nature, Vineyards, Close-Up

Late Day Sun and Grape Leaves





 I found some rows of early mustard seed blooming in one vineyard. I’ll be going back soon when the mustard is in its full glory.

Napa Vineyard and Mustard Seed

Vineyard and Mustard Seed




Late afternoon sun and the simple detail of the vines. A promise of the summer’s harvest. 

VIneyard, Napa, Californa

Afternoon Sunlight Under the Vines





 The textures in the fence post and gnarled vines called out to me to convert this image to monochrome.

Napa, Vineyard, Black and White

Row 20, Napa





For more images of Napa Valley, please click here.





The Weekly Photo Challenge is Serenity… now. 


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  1. Wonderful perspective! I cannot wait to see these vines full of fruit!

  2. Your photos are such a treat to visit Jane.

  3. I absolutely LOVE your early morning fog photo, Jane!

  4. loved seeing these vineyards through your lens! So interesting…. Love the little flecks of red and look forward to the mustard post! Linda

  5. Love this post…Pass the vino!
    Personal fav – Under the vines.
    These are all terrific. d

  6. So many beautiful views Jane ! I love those patterns you’ve taken with your telephoto I’ve not had much success with mine Lol . I think Last Cascade is my particular favourite out of this lovely series 🙂

  7. What a great series of images! On a winery tour this past October, I was not able to obtain the large view like you did and I just love those patterns! Wonderful!

  8. These are stunning, Jane, but the fogshot is incredible. So lovely.

  9. I can breathe art in your photos. Very beautiful.
    Cruz del Sur

  10. Jane, refreshing to see Napa during a different season, because it makes me appreciate the lines, the symmetry, the silhouettes. We’re headed there again in a few weeks, and I’m looking forward to the different views we’ll glimpse during the winter. The only other time I was in Napa was during harvest season, when all was vibrant.

  11. As you say – endless options! All beautiful and intriguing captures.

  12. I love how you have captured the gnarled roots of the vines.

  13. Beautiful, i love the perpective

  14. Last time I was in Napa valley none of my shots came out. probably drank too much! ;(

  15. A striking and unique series, Jane. Beautiful! I love the perspectives and ‘architecture’ of the growth.

  16. this is such beautiful images – I know this place very well – we enjoy the wine, piano and stay their with my family!

  17. very nice series of the vineyard. beautiful lines and compositions, some are artwork 🙂

  18. WOW….how SHOCKINGLY STUNNING…..truly mind blowing!!! Gary & I are in awe of these fantastic shots…..the opening shot ‘under the vines’ is just captures you….
    WOW…..a GREAT eye!!!

  19. I love them all!

  20. Napa looks rich even in the depths of winter – such as they are in California! I love your appreciation of the lines and neatness of the vines. There are vineyards in the UK but nothing to match the scale of this. Thank you for photographing and sharing.

  21. You’ve inspired me to reconsider doing some landscape work in the Niagara Wine Region of Ontario.

  22. The vine and landscape shots are incredibly artistic- they feel contemporary, whimsical and stripped to bare essentials. All beautiful, they look more like something imagined by a painter than captured with a lens. Great post!

  23. I have always loved Winter’s details. Great photos..all of them . K

  24. I have never been to a vineyard … Our climate is not suitable for grapes … So thanks for sharing your photos … I especially like the one of the Last Cascade …
    // Maria 🙂

  25. Lovely shots Jane – such a beautiful part of the world. Nicely done!

  26. All very beautiful photos Jane. Napa valley’s winters look very different from Quebec’s winters 🙂 My favourite picture is the second one, how beautiful !

    • Hi Jocelyne- Ha! I bet they do– I miss the beauty of snow but now having to deal getting around in it. I’m so glad the vineyards and fog landscape spoke to you– it was a favorite moment that morning. Thank so much for your kind comment.

  27. Hi Jane, What beautiful photos of the vineyards. Napa is beautiful any time of the year.
    Miss you. Pam

  28. Hi Jane

    Love these photos!!!

    Love ya Helen

    Sent from my iPhone


  29. Beautiful photograph series Jane. Perfect time of the year to shoot the vineyards as the land has given you wonderful works of art in patterns and colors. Love it your eye for quiet detail and light.

  30. nice shots, Jane. I love the closeups and the light and the way you captured the lines of the panorama shots..

  31. Love, love, love “Under the Vines”, beauty in such simple things. You have a gift, girl.

  32. Lovely shades recuerdad me to my region , Alicante .
    a Greeting

  33. Views for any season. The shot with fog is my favorite.

  34. What an interesting contrast to vineyards in the summer. Not sure why but I am going to go and straighten up my sock drawer. Larry

  35. Beautiful images, Jane. That’s my kind of serenity.

  36. Beautiful photos…

  37. Lovely take on Napa. I kept going back to the beautiful perspective of the morning fog shot.

  38. Love the last of those beautiful autumn leaves jane and the lovely leading lines of the rows, I especially like the last cascade the sharp focus on the leaves and the softly focused background gives the image a very serene feel.

  39. What a perfect row of vine

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