Favorite Fourteen for 2014



“Maybe life is the moments in between those big moments.”

~ Boyhood



It has been an exciting year – the  highlights were living in Sydney for three months, driving across the United States and exploring California. There were lots of inspiring and fantastic times for photography.

On the 3rd anniversary of Jane’s Lens, many thanks to my family, friends and fellow bloggers for your interest and support.  Your encouragement in my creative pursuits means so much to me.  And, to my husband Bob for being there through it all.

Happy New Year and all the best in 2015!

I hope you enjoy the images that I’ve chosen for review. 




Strolling through the Sydney Botanic Garden one morning, I spied this little fellow exploring the root system of an enormous Moreton Bay Fig Tree. I knew there was going to be a moment when he settled on a spot to sit. The lesson for me was “anticipate”.

Portrait, Sydney, Fig Tree, Nature, Black and White

Fig Tree Wonders, Sydney



Byron Bay is a little “hippy” town on the East Coast of Australia. The beaches are incredible  and I was captivated with this solitary swimmer in the water at sunset. This was simply a serene and beautiful moment.

Australia, Ocean, Sunset, Landscape

Sunset Swimmer, Byron Bay, Australia



I love street photography and this day at Bondi Beach was a great one for people watching. These young guys were having such a good laugh as they were walking the pavilion.  I think this captured their friendship and the feeling that life is good when you’re spending a summer day at the beach with your buddies. 

Street Photography, Black and white, Australia

The Bondi Boys



Summer in Australia means head to the beach, meet your friends and swim in the sea. I loved shooting these colorful scenes that capture Aussies’ love for the outdoors and the water. 

Beach, Australia, Landscape, Color

Beach Blanket Bondi



The Great Ocean Road in Southern Australia is full of incredible landscapes.  I think this image conveys the awesome power of the ocean and the smallness of humans in the natural world. 

Australia, Landscape, Ocean

Wave Action, Southern Australia



This morning of shooting in Mendocino, California along the coast was a fruitful one. The decrepit barns had a melancholy feel of an era long past. The shadows and light that day were wonderful and worked particularly well in black and white. 

landscape, Farming, Architecture

Days Gone By, Mendocino, CA



Sea Ranch, California is a magnificent place on the coast. Walking among the Cypress trees by the ocean is inspirational. I set up my tripod when I saw the sun peeking through the graceful arch of the branches. 

Nature, Landscape, California, Trees, Sunrise

Morning Sun and Cypress Arch, Sea Ranch, CA




I am particularly drawn to industrial landscapes and this one, after a big storm in Texas, was a stunner. I loved the tracks framing the reflection of the silo with the clearing storm in the background. It captures the essence of this area which is filled with interesting grain elevators and silos. The stretch from Muleshoe, Texas to Clovis, New Mexico is worth the drive to see these fascinating scenes. 

Black and White, Landscape, Architecture, Industrial

Silo Reflections, New Mexico




Chinatown is one of my favorite neighborhoods to walk in San Francisco. There is always something going on and the architecture, colors and scenes are such fun to observe. Plus, there’s always good dim sum nearby. Chinatown, San Francisco, Architecture

Chinatown Street, San Francisco




The Bay Bridge with a full moon, eerie fog and the lights from the apartment buildings… someone write a Noir novel! This is San Francisco. 

San Francisco, City, Bay Bridge, Urban

San Francisco Noir




 While walking around the old barns in Mendocino, I spent a great deal of time shooting close-ups. The textures and colors of the worn wood were quite beautiful in contrast to the live oat grass.

California, Barn, Farming, Close-up

Still Life, Mendocino




These pluots- a cross between a plum and an apricot- were so delectable and gorgeous. You sure don’t see leaves like this on the fruit at the grocery store.  I love the colors and the simple beauty of fresh fruit at the Farmers Market. 

Organic, Fruits, Close-up, Agriculture, Farming

Pluots and Leaves




San Francisco is a city of views. The urban landscape never ceases to capture my imagination. 

Landscape, City, California, Sunset

Sunset and Fog, San Francisco





The Opera House…. just because… it’s incredible. Of the hundreds of images I shot while living in Sydney, this one made on Christmas Eve, is one of my favorites. As the Aussies would say, “good on you!” 

Sydney, Night Photography, Australia, Opera House

Sydney Opera House, Blue Hour



“A good photograph is knowing where to stand.” ~ Ansel Adams



My lens is ready for 2015!


My Mimi at The Remarkables, Kangaroo Island, Australia





Here’s a link to my 2013 Favorites…




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  1. Fantastic images all. I think my favourite has to be the little boy in the tree roots – what a moment to catch!


  2. Amazing and beautiful shots, Jane. You have a great eye!


  3. Your photos are just stunning. Thanks for sharing!


  4. Looks like you had a fantastic year!


  5. Great photos. I agree – the Sydney Opera House shot is a standout. I also love the Bondi beach


  6. WOW…and THANK YOU for the journey!! Just love every one of these..each lends it’s own feeling of peace! happy happy to U!!


  7. Some gorgeous shots here. OK, they’re all pretty spectacular. But mt favorites are of San Francisco, my favorite city!


  8. Beautiful work, Jane. I especially love the kid photo and the close up of the wood. I like the surprise and wonder in the first. Here’s to more wonderful work from you and for the best in everything. Happy new year. 🙂


  9. It’s been fun and interesting and enlightening to follow you this year in photos. Love, love the Sea Ranch photo. Hope you’re enjoying yourself and look forward to seeing what you’re up to in 2015.


  10. Hi Jane! … Your selection is a fantastic serie of beautiful photos … I just love the one of San Francisco Noir …
    Wish you all the best during 2015! … // Maria 🙂


  11. Wonderful work, Jane. I look forward to seeing the world through your lens in 2015. Lahnice


  12. These photos are insane! As I was appreciating them I felt myself yearning to travel to all these places. Thanks for sharing 🙂


  13. I’m very happy to find your blog.

    Wonderful work and looking forward to see the next! 🙂


  14. Great photos, Jane. And an exciting life! Enjoy 2015 and the adventures ahead. Love, Bonnie


  15. Very nice selections Jane! You have such a terrific eye for seeing what’s there and making something beautiful. Creating order out of chaos as they say. I hope you have a wonderful and prosperous 2015!


  16. Incredible Jane! What a wonderful year in photography 🙂 Cheers to the New Years (and much more photography)


  17. Very nice collection of photos. To another year of pictures…(Suzanne)


  18. It was quite a year for you Jane, and your photographs do a wonderful job of sharing it. I’m especially partial to the Cypress Arch shot but they are all lovely as always.


  19. Jane, me tienes cautivado con tus imágenes.
    Feliz año!!!!


  20. Good clicks ! 🙂
    Happie New Year !!


  21. The first phote with the children and the tree is wonderful.


  22. All just wonderful!! The child sitting inside the base of the fig tree –magical. Thanks for all your beautiful posts. Looking forward to 2015.


  23. I’m looking forward to more living through your lens. Thank you.


  24. Jane, these pictures are beautiful. I so enjoyed them and thinking of you and Bob.


  25. It’s been a pleasure to follow you this year Jane. Keep bringing us these beautiful captures. Have a great year!


  26. Such a beautiful mix of natural and man-made images!


  27. Your favorites are also my favorites, but for some reason, the photos you took at Sea Ranch are my absolute faves. Beauty in such a simple way. Happy New Year.


  28. What a wonder filled and diversified year for you. Your photos reflect those qualities. Thank you for sharing your photographer’s heart with others! We all miss you! Love, Suzie


  29. These are fabulous! Pics from the wedding?

    Sent from my iPad


  30. Spectacular post, Jane, and congratulations on the third anniversary of Jane’s Lens. It’s always a great visual experience.


  31. A memorable year Jane I enjoyed sharing it with you via WP and it was lovely to meet and share a few moments with you and Bob when you were in Australia


  32. Great collection of images! The Sydney Opera House is definitely a favorite. Looking forward to your adventures this year. Happy New Year!


  33. Though the. Sea Ranch picture is my favorite they are all spectacular. happy new year k


  34. 14 stunning images. “Morning Sun and Cypress Arch” is sensational. Happy New Year.


  35. I love the silo photograph, my favorite one.


  36. Hi Jane I loved your favorite 14. How difficult it must have been to choose among all your beautiful work!

    Happy New Year.

    Love, Helen

    Sent from my iPhone



  37. You must have had some good memories as you went through your photos to bring these to us. Good on ya, mate!


  38. I enjoyed perusing you favourite 14. Now I’ll be waiting for what you point yer Lens at in the up coming year.


  39. your presentation and work is like a journey!


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