Let It Shine: Lighthouses



“Lighthouse”  by James Taylor


 I’m a lonely lighthouse, not a ship out in the night

I’m watching the sea

She’s come half-way round the world to see the light

And to stay away from me 

There is a shipwreck lying at my feet

Some weary refugee from the rolling deep

Ah, would you lose it all and fall for me?




Landscape, Lighthouse, Black and White, Seascape

Nubble Light and Clouds, York Beach, Maine




Landscape, Lighthouse, Color, Nikon

Point Cabrillo Light Station, Mendocino




Lighthoue, Landscape, Seascape, Black and white

Pigeon Point Lighthouse, Pescadero, CA



Couldn’t we shine?

I’m rolling all my golden moments into one

Like to shine like the sun for one more summer day

Shine like a lighthouse for one last summer night

Flashing on, flashing, fading away




Black and white, Close-up

Lighthouse Lens, California




Lighthouse, Color, Clouds

Elbow Cay Lighthouse, Bahamas





Well if you feel lost and lonely and don’t know where to go

And you hear this song on the radio

Or even if you’re feeling healthy and strong

You might like to sing along

But just because I might be standing here

That don’t mean I won’t be wrong this time

You could follow me and lose your mind




Landscape, Sunrise, Color

Sunrise and Lighthouse, Byron Bay, Australia




Australia, Lighthouse

Lighthouse, Palm Beach Peninsula, Australia



Off the coast of Africa

Bound for South America

A world away from here

Is a ship that sails the sea

Is a man who’s just like me

And I wish that I was there




Lighthouse Stairs, Australia

Lighthouse Stairs, Australia





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  1. Excellent perspectives and processing Jane. Bravo!


  2. Again beautiful pictures. Sealive always has my attention and i love these 🙂


  3. Thank you for the tour of lighthouses.


  4. Wow….great shots and you are so lucky to have visited (and photo’d them).


  5. Just love this post – having grown up in NC I was always fascinated with the Haterras coast so dependent on its lighthouse! You took me home, linda


  6. Hi Jane, These are beautiful. They made me miss you. Dar


  7. Fabulous shots…loving York Beach Maine….the B&W gives it a very interestins…airy feeling!!


  8. Another good series Jane I find lighthouses are quite difficult to capture, either I’m too close or too far away or can’t get a shot because of trees so I admire how you have captured all this series.


    • Thank you so much, Pauline. I agree, lighthouses are challenging yet inspiring. Difficult to convey the scale and a sense of place. I loved touring many of the lighthouses in your beautiful Australia. Incredible history and stories. Glad you liked this series.

      Liked by 1 person

  9. Lighthouses are such inspirational places for me. There are many picturesque ones in New England that make for wonderful photo subjects.


    • I agree, Atreyee. Intriguing history and one can imagine the stories that each one has “witnessed”. The Nubble is a favorite New England lighthouse where I spent many summers as a teenager climbing on those rocks. Thanks very much for your comment and visit.

      Liked by 1 person

  10. Fabulous Jane, I recognized Nubble right off.


  11. Great shots. Especially drawn to the California lighthouses.


  12. Love them all. Your photographs just keep getting better and better. They bring you a little bit closer to us. Thanks for sharing.


  13. You really captured the essence of each one. All of them are unique and the post processing is excellent!


  14. Wonderful photos….lighthouses fascinate me also. I have climbed the stairs of the Morris Island Lighthouse, a lighthouse on Columbus Isle, Sullivan’s island lighthouse, the lighthouse on Put In Bay in Lake Erie where aAdmiral Perry kept his troops. And have stayed in a lighthouse B&B in the town of Big Bay in the Upper Peninsula of Michigan. I love them . The are like a magnet for the camera lens… Meant to be photographed! You nailed them…Beautiful! I don’t have a fave because they each capture a different element.


    • Hi Jeannie- You are a lighthouse aficionado–you’ve hit some great ones in your journeys– how wonderful! I agree, each has a unique history and design. Like you, I love the challenge of capturing them. Thanks so much for appreciating these!


  15. Beautiful post Jane – I’m partial to the closeups of the glass and the stairs.


  16. I love those photos!! Lighthouses intrigue me. Beautiful.


  17. Superb!


  18. Byron Bay! So many other elements to this that I love.


  19. You just have the best eye, Jane.


  20. Very lovely, Jane! The one of the lighthouse stairs is unique. I like them all.


  21. Wonderful gallery, Jane!
    I love lighthouses and you captured them fantastic – as always!

    Thank you for sharing.


  22. I wanted to live in a lighthouse for most of my childhood and I could happily fulfill that wish with either York Beach or Pescadero. Sadly, the nearest I will be able to come is to just order the photographs. Thanks for making my dream sort of come true!


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