Carolina Dreamin’



In my mind I’m going to Carolina. Can’t you see the sunshine, can’t you just feel the moonshine?

Ain’t it just like a friend of mine to hit me from behind? Yes, I’m going to Carolina in my mind.

~James Taylor



South Carolina, Nature, Oak, Black and White,

Classic Live Oak




Nature Photography, Dolphin, Wildlife, South Carolina, Kiawah Island

Going Horizontal




Nature Photography, Travel, South Carolina, Beach, Kiawah

Beach Bikes



Nature Photography, Alligator, South Carolina

Gator and Duckweed



I don’t care
if the sun don’t shine
And the rain keeps pouring
down on me and mine
‘Cause our kind of love
never seems to get old
It’s better than silver and gold.

~ Neil Young



Nature Photography, Charleston, Live Oak, Travel, South Carolina

Angel Oak



Landscape, Nature, Birds, Wildlife, Photography

Egret and Gator




Landscape, South Carolina, Nature, Ocean

Tidal Reflections




Sunrise, Landscape, Photography

Daybreak, Kiawah Island




Landscape, Farm, Black and White, Photography

Lowcountry Farm



Birds, Nature, South Carolina

Taking Off



Landscape, Photography, Nature, Sunset, Kiawah Island

Winter Sunset, Kiawah Island, SC


I will be there and everywhere
Here, there and everywhere 

~ The Beatles



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  1. Going Horizontal is incredible!


  2. Gorgeous photography! I have always wanted to visit the Low Country, hopefully someday!


  3. Great photos so atmospheric. Great capture of the dolphin


  4. how fabulous…..loving ‘going horizontal’ & ‘beach bikes’…….great EYE!!!


  5. So many great pictures of this area of the US! I was going to say wow for that dolphin picture but that gator peeking out of the water and weeds is quite something… That egret taking off looks really cool too. Oh, and those oak trees are just gorgeous.


  6. A beautiful set. “Going Horizontal”, an excellent capture.


    • Hi David– Thanks so much. That morning on our dolphin watch, they were showing off all around the boat– jumping, slapping and breaching. It was quite amazing and this small calf seemed so proud of its accomplishment. It was very exciting to see. Glad you enjoyed this set.


  7. My bicoastal friend, I see how this works. When you are in California, you post Carolina Dreamin’ and when you are in SC, it is California Dreamin’. Watched the best strand feeding on the beach for an hour at Captain Sam’s the other day, but unlike you, did not have my camera! Miss you . . .


    • Hi Linda, Yes, I had a bit of a theme going…glad you enjoyed. So lucky that you caught some strand feeding– it’s so exciting. Sometimes it’s nice to just take pictures with your eyes. Thanks so much for letting me know.


  8. i love all the snippets of beauty that reside in the low country… As I am sitting in Charlotte.. Thank you for bringing me back to the awesome beauty of,our home.


  9. Winter sunset is my all time fav Jane.
    & The bird is dear.. It’s feet dangling freely as it gracefully soars up & away.
    Thanks for sharing. dsupp


  10. Great shots! Was the dolphin from the latest photo shoot? Loved Angel Oak. Are you leaving us?


  11. Some old favs mixed in with some lovely new ones. Don’t think I’d seen your Angel Oak before,it’s beautiful. Methinks I sense a bit of nostalgia here! Looking forward to your California Dreamin’ posts:-)


  12. Beautiful pictures of the Lowcointry……. Capturing the moments we all love.
    We are going to miss you and Bob! Ann


  13. ” I used to have a treasure chest
    Got so heavy that I had to rest ”

    Great set! I really love the white crane!


  14. Makes me miss you even more. Who’s going to take these amazing shots?


  15. Great set, I can’t decide which I like most. Perfect wth the lyrics.
    One is missing for a calendar 2015… 😉


  16. The oak is just magnificent and Tidal Reflections is my overall favourite but I do like them all.


  17. Pretty pretty sun photos and all the rest too. 🙂


  18. Beautiful pictures. Especially like the reflections and sunset skies.


  19. It’s a really great set, very neat! Thank you for sharing!


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