Farms and Barns


“Farming looks mighty easy when your plow is a pencil, and you’re a thousand miles from the corn field.” ~Dwight D. Eisenhower




Hay Bales, Farm, Vermont, Landscape, Black and White

Hay Bales on Honey Pond, Vermont



Barns, Mendocino, California, Landscape

Old Barns, Mendocino



Mendocino, Barn, Close-up,

Still Life, Mendocino




“Farming is a profession of hope” ~ Brian Brett




Barns, Mendocino, Black and White, Landscape, Photographyh

Days Gone By, Mendocino



Sea Ranch, Barn, Fence, California

Morning, Sea Ranch Barn




Hay Bales, Landscape, Vermont, Fence, Photography

Hay Bales and Fence, Vermont




Architecture, Barn, Close-up, Texture, Photography

Barn Window and Nail, Vermont




“Nostalgia isn’t what it used to be” ~ Peter De Vries




Black and White, Close-up, Mendocino, California, Barn

Still Life II, Mendocino




Sea Ranch, Light, Close-up,

Morning Light and Grasses, Sea Ranch, CA




Farm, Vermont, Black and White, Landscape

Peaceful Morning, Honey Pond, Vermont




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  1. Love the photos & the quotes ! Can see why ‘reclaimed barn’ wood is in such demand.
    Having grown up on a farm, these are nostalgic to me. Thanks! Dsupp


  2. A wonderful series! I’m not sure how or why, but I seem to have missed a few of your recent posts and yours is one blog I truly do follow faithfully. I always find your work to be thought-provoking, ah-HA inspiring and just plain good.


    • Patricia, You are so thoughtful to let me know. Thank you very much–it means a lot– you have a wonderful eye. We sure share a love of shooting old buildings among other things. Again, I appreciate your kind words. 😊


  3. I liked how you captured the weathered look of the barns. Very nice.


  4. This would have been my dad’s favorite series; he was in love with old homesteads and barns. Still Life ll is my favorite – what wonderful patterns and texture in that wood.


  5. Lovely photos. Whenever I see an old barn I have the urge to go sit quietly inside and listen to the stories it has to tell. Your pictures captured that feeling.


  6. I love revisiting Honey Pond….love any visit to the country as my grandfather was a simple farmer! Sea Ranch photos also great!


  7. Where would we be without farmers? I love how you show your appreciation for rural life.


  8. What FABULOUS..”PEACEFUL” shots!! Just love the B&W mixed in with the color…feeling two different responses….the B&W sort of mysterious & the color more serene!! Love the effect on ‘morning light & grasses’!! But..of course…I am partial to the VT shots…..BRILLIANT!!


  9. G’day Jane enjoyed the trip down memory lane looking at all the rustic remnants beautiful compositions.


  10. Your photo of the Mendocino barns is very reminiscent of Andrew Wyeth’s “Christina’s World.”


  11. Lovely set Jane, looks like your lens was on high alert at Honey Pond. Sadly that’s the only way I’ll set it this year!


  12. You really have brought your work up to the next level. Yes, we can all smell the hay.


  13. I suppose you know that I first 17 years of my life on a farm—small (100 acres and that is small, small, small in the farm world) and just outside of Hamilton by 5 miles—in the 50’s and especially early 60’s when I was a teenager, it might as well have been a 100miles—and your quotes were spoken by men and women who get it deep down in their souls—BUT, growing up and living that philosophy tends to allow to accommodate the rest of your life pretty darn well—pictures are wonderful and evoke the “smells” of the country which is what has brought us back to central NY—love to you both.


    • Hi MC– Your comment is wonderful! Yes, I remember that you grew up there and have farming in your blood. Means a lot when you say that these images evoke such strong memories. Made my day. Thank you and sending love to you in the countryside.


  14. Awesome display of textures in the still life photos. And Honey Pond, so beautiful in B&W.
    Sea Ranch again one of my faves . . . You’re the best!


  15. Another great series. Especially liked the close-up of the grasses.


  16. Having just returned from Honey Pond, I loved the revisit through your lens! Peaceful morning to you! Linda


  17. Awesome series!


  18. Fantabulous!!!! Yes, I did mean to spell it that way!!

    Sent from my iPhone



  19. As one who lives in Wisconsin, surrounded by dairy farms, let me say I greatly enjoyed your photos!


  20. Yes, that second photo is very striking – and very reminiscent of Andrew Wyeth’s “Christina’s World”. Perhaps if you went back and did a self portrait…


  21. A lovely mix of rich textures


  22. Hi Jane, i’m usually drawn right to monochrome images but the 2nd photo in this series really catches my eye. I really get a sense of place from this one. Have a great night Mark


  23. Beautiful. Reminds me of my job of rolling the bales of hay after a rain so they wouldn’t rot. At times there was a snake hiding under the bale.


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