In A New York Minute



“The true New Yorker secretly believes that people living anywhere else have to be, in some sense, kidding.” ~John Updike




Soho, Manhattan, City, Urban, Street Photography

Lines and Colors, Soho



New York, Black and White, Landscape, City, Urban

New York at Night



New York City, Manhattan, architecture

Manhattan Sneeze



“I like the rain. It washes memories off the sidewalk of life.”

~ Woody Allen, Manhattan





Rain, Weather, City, New York, Urban, Abstract

Afternoon Rain, New York



Abstract, Urban, New York

Reds and Rain, Manhattan



Rain, New York, Abstract, Urban

Rain and Flag, Times Square



“Every man’s ability may be strengthened or increased by culture.” ~John Abbott



Moma, New York, Portrait, Reflections

Reflecting at MOMA, New York



Food, New York City, Manhattan, Culture

Bagels, Russ and Daughters



Graffiti, New York, Urban,

Smile More, New York



Freedom Tower, New York, Architecture,

Freedom Tower and Clouds


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  1. I really enjoyed your photographs because you capture a New York I’ve only ever witnessed on a movie theatre or television screen. Maybe one fine day, I’ll make it there!


  2. Those lights at night! & rain! Fabulous.
    Thanks! Dsupp


  3. Love the variety of urban shots in this post. I have visited NY half a dozen times – but not yet with my camera. That’s an ambition yet to be fulfilled.


    • Hi John, I love street photography and NYC is perfect, as you know. The architecture and people are fascinating. Since I grew up near the city, I must test myself to look with new eyes each time I visit. Thank you very much for letting me know. J


  4. Having been one of those residents for many years (though no more) I love that quote. You did a great job here, capturing a variety of “essence of NY” shots. The first one especially!


  5. I absolutely love New York! Every time I think of it, I get butterflies! We have been blessed to travel very extensively, and New York remains my # 2 destination. . . . behind Venice!


  6. I love the blurry, rainy shots! Great perspective 🙂


  7. Just loved your second photo of New ork at night … // Maria 🙂


  8. ABSOLUTELY LOVE these…being a New Yorker, I truly appreciate the significance of each shot!!! But OMG the shots in the rain …BREATHTAKING!!! Definitely makes a rainy day in NY look SPECTACULAR!!! Just GREAT stuff!!


  9. Splendid photos. How you captured the rain, very cool. And, the night skyline, that is breathtaking.


  10. Lovely series Jane – I especially like the rain shots. As you know, I’m a sucker for impressionism and these definitely struck a chord.


  11. how obliging the weather was …. when you wanted movement and drama – rain – and
    a beautiful day to capture the Freedom Tower. Hmmmmmm, maybe that’s the gifted photographer!


  12. LOVED the rain shots and reflection at MOMA.


  13. These are great–especially the rain pieces.


  14. Great images Jane, and a nice cross section. That looks like the New York I grew up in. Those bagels, kill me. And forgive me for this, very nice profile photo too.


  15. Ironically, I saw on news last night: most unhappiest city in the U.S.:….New York City. Hmmmm…. Hope you guys have a great birthday celebration. Hugs

    Sent from my iPad


  16. Beautiful photos. I love to visit NY. The photo of NY at night and the rain photos are great.


  17. Beautiful photographs of a special city.


  18. Hi Jane! Your pictures are terrific, I especially like Afternoon Rain and the City at Night. These make me want to return soon!


  19. I can’t remember last time I was in NY!! Thanks for such an interesting tour! Love those bagels and the red in the rain.


  20. love your rain shots of my “home town”.


  21. Wow!
    Nice photo selection!
    Love all ! 😀


  22. Beautiful photoset. Normally I dislike cities intensely, but I would like to see ‘The Big Apple’…


  23. oh,. I miss New York ❤


  24. Very nice pictures of New York, a city I like very much…on the list to go back once we come back to Canada. (Suzanne)


  25. as an ex-nyer for close to 20 years, makes me nostalgic. can totally relate to John Abbott’s above and this city….and this city alone has that to offer, provided one stays open. To me it was a ‘world’ unto itself and was just not part of USA. I’m grateful for having LIVED there !!


    • Hi Anantha, That’s wonderful that you had the experience of living there. It is a unique city and culture! I love shooting street scenes there (in between meals). Thanks so much– I’m glad you enjoyed this slice of the Big Apple.


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