It’s Chinatown


“The whole point of taking pictures is so that you don’t

have to explain things with words.” Elliot Erwitt




Chinatown, San Francisco, Urban, City

The Heart of Chinatown



Musician, Chinatown, Black and White, San Francisco

Musicians, Chinatown



San Francisco, Chinatown, Urban, Architecture

Signs and Shadows, Chinatown




 “Wherever there is light, one can photograph.” Alfred Stieglitz





Fire Escape, San Francisco, Architecutre, Building, Black and White

Shadows of the Escape




Chinatown, Architecture, San Francisco

Red Door




Window, San Francisco, Chinese, Lanterns

Lanterns and Window



Signs, Architecture, San Francisco, Chinatown

Bakery and Lanterns




 “Photography is a love affair with life.”  Burk Uzzle




Feeling Jolly

Feeling Jolly



Fire Escape, Chinatown, San Francisco

Lines and Characters



Graffiti, San Francisco, Chinatown

You Don’t Scare Me




Chinatown, Alley, Architecture

Alleyway Colors, Chinatown




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  1. So Fun to travel to places via your eyes & camera. Thank you! Personal favs are red lanterns.
    (ps in case you get a slew of comments at once from me, I am playing catch up with my mail. I have been so far behind & have missed your beautiful posts . ). Dsupp


  2. Love the processing, especially on the first one, Jane.


  3. I love your b&w musicians photo – outstanding. I feel that it really adds to the visual “body of knowledge” of Chinatown and the Chinatown experience.


  4. I enjoy viewing your images so much! You have a talent for capturing what a normal passer-by would completely miss- such attention to detail!


  5. Lovely photos Jane, you have caught the spirit of China Town


  6. I love the first quote, that is what I subscribe to myself. Just a lovely series once again.


  7. When visiting the Georgis O’Keefe museum in Taos, one of her quotes was very similar…she believed that “color and line communicate so much more than words”…. I wonder if there is a difference in reception depending on whether you are audible dominant or visual dominant


  8. Loves this refreshing trip through Chinatown.. Haven’t been there in years! Love love Jolly and You can’t scare me! Thank you friend for sending!


  9. Hi Jane ! … Again a fantastic and interesting serie of photos from you … The person sitting next to the dragon, became my favorite this time … // Maria 🙂


  10. great shots…just loving the colors….definitely san fran & NOT NYC….


  11. An inspiring set of photographs, really love the dragon and the atmosphere created in several of these photographs, reminds me to explore my own area more.


  12. Lovely, shots. I like the vintage feel of the first one!


  13. Wonderful as always, but “Shadows of the Escape” is just beyond wonderful. Applause!


  14. I love the picture of the group of men playing music. Also the pic with the red door.
    Nice feeling of Chinatown. Thanks.


  15. Great series, love the photographs and quotes.


  16. Love the dragon! Was she working on it?


  17. Great series, Jane. I especially love the first shot. Looks as if it could have been taken decades ago.


  18. Nice, Jane. Love the colors. Can just feel the hustle and bustle. We took a photo of the same man in Feeling Jolly.


  19. Wow!
    Loved the photos!

    And the quotes, i will share too! 😀


  20. I love those photos with the slatted shadows 🙂


  21. Lovely series Jane – were you in SF or NYC??? Love the “wok shop”!!!


  22. I love the pic of u on this email!



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