Silos and Grain Elevators



The 30 mile stretch of highway 70W from Muleshoe, Texas to Clovis, New Mexico which parallels the railroad line, features a fantastic chain of grain elevators and silos.  I was captivated by the industrial beauty of this particular “elevator alley”. 



Grain Elevator, Silo, Agriculture, Architecture

Silo Reflection, Muleshoe, TX



Grain Elevator, Silo, Architecture, Building

Melrose Grain, New Mexico



Architecture, Landscape, Agriculture, Grain Elevator

Grain Elevator and Reflection, Muleshoe, TX



Grain Elevator, Landscape, Agriculture, Architecture

Grain Elevator, Muleshoe, TX



Silo, Architecture, Agriculture, Building

Three Silos, Clovis, NM



Architecture, Landscape, Agriculture, Grain Elevator

Yellow Silos, Muleshoe, TX



Architecture, Landscape, Agriculture, Grain Elevator

Golden West Flour, Clovis, NM


Architecture, Landscape, Agriculture, Grain Elevator, Silo

Silo Reflection, Color



Architecture, Landscape, Agriculture, Grain Elevator

Golden West Flour 



Clouds, Storm, Landscape, Black and White

After the Storm, West Texas




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  1. I never thought I’d find Muleshoe, Texas, mentioned in a blog post!

  2. Very different from your usual shots. Wonderful series. LD.

  3. Having grown up on a farm (in Minnesota) I have long loved the look and feel of agricultural structures ~ it’s a combination of their geometry, connotations of the fecundity and abundance of the earth, and the earthy branding of a bygone era…thanks for sharing these pictures, they are excellent!

    • Hello Cnawan– I’m so glad this set brought back some warm memories of your early years. I agree, there is something very captivating about these structures and I can imagine how it must feel if you grew up with them. Thank you very much for appreciating and letting me know.

  4. I love the tonal range of the black and white shots Jane. They are all good, but the composition of the first image is striking to me. Well done! 🙂

  5. I particularly like the industrial mood and feel to these.

  6. GREAT shots….very interesting….some sort of spooky…..I am sure there is a story in each one of them…..leaves much to think about!!

  7. Interesting & well done as always!

  8. Wonderful series–one of my favorite subjects to shoot and you’ve done a terrific job with these. The reflections are particularly nice.

    • Hi Patricia- Thank you– much appreciated coming from you. I was pleased that the storms cleared and left those great puddles. Very interesting to shoot these– would have loved to do more detail work but we were making some time on the road. Glad you enjoyed these.

  9. Hi Jane! You make the commonplace and ordinary look exceptional and extraordinary! Suzie

  10. Nice going! The shots of Golden West Flour made me nostalgic. The landscapes across Iowa are littered with buildings like that – relics of days gone by.

  11. The thing is, there are no trees in West Texas…so you need grain elevators! Any BBQ for your assistant?

  12. Very nice. Lovely contrasts

  13. I love all of these industrial photos especially Silo Reflection color . It has so many elements … Sky, water, reflections, rail tracks,repitition, and the color is extraordinary.

    • Hi Jeannie- I’m glad you enjoyed these- I know how much you like architectural images. The one you mentioned is a favorite…the storm had just cleared after a massive amount of rain and I was thrilled there were huge puddles on the tracks. A dream! Thanks so much for letting me know.

  14. These are terrific Jane. I particularly like Golden West Flour. Did you post-process it for grain (no pun intended!)

    • Thank you, Tina. Ha, good one! I had fun with the post on these. Took my time and tried various techniques. I added texture to Golden West after converting it in Silver Efex Pro. Same with Melrose Grain, adding texture after Viveza. Glad you liked this set, appreciate it.

  15. You even make grail elevators look good!

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