Southern Comfort


“Adopt the pace of nature: her secret is patience.”

~ Ralph Waldo Emerson




South, Antebellum, Edisto,

Antebellum Mansion, Ace Basin, SC




Lowcountry, Edisto, Ace Basin, Nature

Live Oak and Moss, South Carolina




Botany Bay, Nature, Beach, Ocean

Tree and Tide, Botany Bay, SC




Kiawah Island, South Carolina, Beach, Ocean

Beach Chairs, Kiawah Island, SC




Edisto, Live Oak, Spanish Moss, Nature

Live Oak Reaching, Edisto, SC




Whelk, Shell, Beach, Nature, Botany Bay, South Carolina

Whelk Shell, Botany Bay, SC




South, Live Oak, Nature, Plantation

Southern Road and Oak



Beach, Runner, Lowcountry, South Carolina

Rave Run in the Lowcountry






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  1. I love the moss–something we never see here in Southern CA! All very nice, Jane :-).

  2. The black & white treatment really showcases the live oaks and moss. Stunning shots!

    • Hello Tricia- I’m glad you like these in B&W–I thought it did bring out the characteristics of the trees well. I appreciate that you followed me…I revisited your blog which I follow in my reader and it is beautiful. Wonderful images and stories. Thank you for your visit and kind words.

  3. Black & white, the true mastery of a photographer. Very magical here! 🙂

  4. Have always loved these calm and soothing posts.. Glad to back on the road with you!

  5. Those trees are simply amazing! Wonderful post Jane!

  6. Those trees dripping with moss look stunning in B&W Jane. Great photos

  7. Beautiful post Jane, each shot is special in its own way. Well done!

  8. The light (and everything else) in this series is stunning! I always enjoy visiting your blog, Jane!

  9. Wonderful monochrome images – 2 chairs in isolation on the beach is gorgeous, fantastic, simply beautiful

  10. Jane, stunning!!!

  11. Beautiful shots, beautiful work. I like how you used B&W on the different views.

  12. Those oak trees in the South are so beautiful and your captures of them are lovely.

  13. Perfect title for this series – fabulous photographs. Love B&W.

  14. The Southern stuff I like — hauntingly beautiful

  15. Jane, great work. The B&W shots are dramatic. Also like the mood of the opening color shot.

  16. Jane, these are all wonderful images! You captured so many beautiful moments and each one says something different. That first photo and the one with the person running on the beach are my favourites. Mesmerizing 🙂

  17. Gorgeous series – I was going to specifically mention my favourites, but it’s too hard to chose!

  18. SC and thereabouts is well known for its Spanish moss on cypruses. I’m not too crazy about shhoting flowers but I enjoy shooting trees. I would love to shoot some down there.

  19. Wonderful, Jane. I’m taken with the lone runner.

  20. These are all extraordinary.

  21. Superb. Just how I imagined the Old South to be. Now, where’s Rhett?

  22. Beautiful work Jane. The black & white tone matches your themes perfectly.
    Love the southern road & oak shot. Looks like it could have been taken 100 years ago.
    Also like the whelk shell.
    Hope you and Bob are both doing well!

  23. Wow!! Look at those trees. 🙂 The beach photos are lovely, too, of course. 🙂

  24. very Moody/thoughtful shots…I love them…they take u to a deep place in your mind….loving the “beach chairs” could probably create an entire story around them….whi left them sitting there???? WHY???? Hmmmmmmm…much to think about!!

  25. Love the quote and it’s relevance – those ‘live’oaks look ancient; gives such an aura of the historic.

  26. great pictures and great B & W!!!

  27. Hi, Jane. In SF yet? Love to you both Bonnie

  28. Beautiful B&W series Jane. Love those oak trees with the Spanish moss.

    • Hi Denise, Thank you very much. The live oaks fascinate me and the spanish moss catches the light in amazing ways. I just popped over to your blog– your photographs are wonderful. Will check out more.

  29. What can I say but awesome
    How are you?

    Xoxo Helen

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