A Slice of Aussie Life



Here is a slideshow of images and music I put together for a recent presentation for my local photography group.

A slice of Aussie life which encapsulates the three months of our time down under. 

For some toe-tapping fun, be sure to crank up your sound and enlarge the screen.

I hope you enjoy. 








“Life doesn’t get much better than this”

~ Bill Bryson, In A Sunburned Country




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  1. Jane, I thoroughly enjoyed this! We live on the other side of the world, but spent 18 months living in New Zealand several years ago. While there we had an opportunity to visit several of the south Pacific islands and also had a brief visit to Australia. We were there on assignment, mostly in the Sydney area, and tried to soak up as much as we could in the few days we had free for sightseeing. It was so beautiful, the people friendly, the harbor…..or as you spell it harbour, was magnificent. Your video and beautiful photography took me back!!!

  2. Fantastic recap of your trip downunder. My favorite photo was the last one of you with your camera.

  3. Just great…only this evening had a chance to sit down and savor your effort! Most fab!! Thanks for sharing…loved the photos of you and Bob at the end! AB

  4. Wonderful and I love the music!! Liz

  5. WOW!!! This piece is EXCEPTIONAL !!! The editing is brilliant…..what amazing memories…thank you so much for sharing!! You have a great eye for the ‘real’ things that matter in life!!!

  6. Lovely presentation Jane! The images fit perfectly along with the words and music.

  7. I enjoyed the video, music accompaniment and the photos and the way you have put it all together. A great compliment to my country and Sydney my home town. Your Aussie friend Jack

  8. That is an amazing video Jane you have really captured the beauty and spirit of Australia.

  9. Hah – was going to do the same but decided to wait as you’re first out of the gate!! Loved the show, great job!

  10. That was a fun trip….and I didn’t even have to pack! Thank you, Jane.

  11. That is my absolutely favorit of all your posts ! … I envy your photographic skill, but in a good way, if you understand what I mean …
    I´m so glad that you shared all these beautiful photos with us …
    I´m longing for your next post ! … // Maria 🙂

  12. Jane, this is AWESOME! Thank you for the posting!

  13. Gorgeous photos – you have such a good eye. And the music and quotes complimented the photos beautifully.

  14. Loved it!

  15. Beautiful Jane! What a lovely country, I will get there one day.

  16. Fantastic!!

    How ru doing?

    Hugs to you I love you my sis


    Sent from my iPhone

  17. Magnífica presentación, Jane. Gran variedad de imágenes y colocadas con buen gusto.
    Excelente trabajo. Enhorabuena. Saludos desde España.


  18. Beautiful set of photos Jane, I watched your presentation with my morning coffee and wished I was there.

  19. Absolutely fabulous!

  20. Loved this Jane .some of these photos are truly my favorites. Great job .

  21. What a gift to share your Australian adventure. Great blend of pics and sound.

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