On The Ferry: Sydney Harbor




Ferry and Harbour Bridge

Ferry and Harbour Bridge



Sydney’s shape was determined by the sea, and like the sea it lies open and glowing to the eye.

When it rains in Sydney the water comes down in sheets, ….shoes grow mould in cupboards.

But the Sydney you remember is a soft light on golden sandstone, the attack of the ocean, the shelter of the Harbour.  

~ Geoffrey Dutton 1980





Rope Knot, Sydney Ferry

Rope Knot, Sydney Ferry



Night Departure, Ferry Terminal, Sydney

Night Departure, Ferry Terminal, Sydney




The Scarborough

The Scarborough


Joy of  harbours

Ferries sidling in,

Made fast by creaking ropes,

Two lovers going ashore,

her warm arm around him. ~ Geoffrey Dutton



Passing By, Sydney Harbor

Passing By, Sydney Harbor



Cleat and Rope, Sydney

Cleat and Rope, Sydney



Three Ferries Waiting, Sydney

Three Ferries Waiting, Sydney



misty & late

we ran down the hill

to the water where  

the ferry waited  

i stood on the wharf

& watched you

float across the harbour

like an arm

~ Morning / Sketch   By Richard Tipping



Working Ferries, Sydney

Working Ferries, Sydney




The Rocks, Harbor and Ferry, Sydney

The Rocks, Harbor and Ferry, Sydney




Tide Line

Tide Line




Docked, Circular Quay

Docked, Circular Quay




Geoffrey Piers Henry Dutton (2 August 1922 – 17 September 1998) was an Australian author, poet and historian.

Richard Tipping was born in Adelaide in 1949. He studied at Flinders University in the late 1960s and early 1970s, and about this time became involved in the ‘New Australian Poetry’.




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  1. Hi Jane. Sidney harbor. I repeatedly saw photos of Sidney Harbor, one of the most famous places in the world, and the most publicity photo. But when I see the results of your photo, it appears a new one. You are so detailed, and ‘lengthen my view’, until the tide line, working ferries, Cleat and Rope, and Night Departure, Ferry Terminal. Also useful information about camera etc. You are very talented. 🙂

    • Hi Hilal, What a nice comment- I really appreciate knowing your thoughts. Glad the camera info helps and that you enjoyed my view of the famous harbor. Thanks for following me and for your feedback.

  2. What a wonderful series this is.
    I especially love “Cleat and Rope” for its simplicity.
    So nicely done.

  3. I like the views from high vantage points.

  4. Poetry, prose and photos… What a package , great shots…

  5. The harbour looks beautiful – one day I’d love to visit.

  6. I love the picture of the Ferry Terminal – particularly the night shot. It brought back some great memories of myself as a teen traveling from NT down to Sydney for the first time and being in awe of the ‘Big Smoke’

    Great collection of shots!


  7. I was captivated by the “Cleat and Rope”, “Rope Knot”, and “Tide Line” images. These are shots of details. I guess that sometimes less is more and a big wide landscape is not necessarily the most interesting image. Don’t dare call a “line” a “rope” – just ask any old salty mariner.

    • Hi Eduardo, Thank you very much. I agree with you. I am very satisfied artistically when I work on detail shots. It’s an interesting challenge finding the right composition, lighting and segment of a scene you want to convey. I appreciate your observation and comment. Means a lot coming from a salty mariner!

  8. I ended up viewing the two rope pictures the longest. The knots were pretty interesting and just kept me looking.

  9. Your photos bring the poetry to life. I especially love the shot of the opera house across the top of the blog. It’s captivating.

  10. Great job capturing the spirit of the harbor Jane. love The Rocks shot!

  11. Absolutely wonderful scenes Jane!

  12. wonderful shots…love the words!! “the rocks” quite amazing…how fabulous for u to experience living amongst such beauty….mystery….

  13. For me, the first B&W shot is the perfect distilled essence–clouds, sea, arched bridge, and boats. Loved it! Always, kudos to your eye!

  14. Sydney Harbour … So beautiful ,,, And the Opera House is just stunning … // Maria 🙂

  15. Beautiful photos and nice poetry. I love Sydney harbour.

  16. I always enjoy visiting harbors. So many interesting areas and slices of life present. Great series of images, Jane! Some nice words as well 🙂

  17. Wow nice share and nice pictures! 🙂

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