I’m Ready For My Close-Up: Australian Fauna



“If I could talk to the animals, just imagine it… ” ~ Leslie Bricusse, Doctor Doolittle




Just Thinkin', Kangaroo Island

Just Thinkin’, Kangaroo Island




G'Day, Kangaroo Island

G’Day, Kangaroo Island




Hey, Big Fellow, Coffs Harbor

Hey, Big Fellow, Coffs Harbor




“Some people talk to animals. Not many listen though. That’s the problem.” ~A.A. Milne, Winnie-the-Pooh





Good Morning to You, Mr. Cockatoo, Botanic Garden

Good Morning to You, Mr. Cockatoo, Botanic Garden



Can You See Me? Port MacQuarie

Can You See Me? Port MacQuarie




Ibis in Morning, Botanic Garden

Ibis in Morning, Botanic Garden




“You can judge a person’s true character by the way he treats his fellow animals.”~ Paul McCartney




Regal Perch, Sydney

Regal Perch, Sydney




Dreaming of Eucalyptus, Port MacQuarie

Dreaming of Eucalyptus, Port MacQuarie




Portrait, Black Cockatoo, Blue Mountains

Portrait, Black Cockatoo, Blue Mountains




“There’s nothing funnier than the human animal.” ~ Walt Disney




46º and Too Hot To Hop, Kangaroo Island

46º and Too Hot To Hop, Kangaroo Island



Shall We? The Gold Coast

Shall We? The Gold Coast


Portrait images edited with Nik Software: Viveza 2, Silver Efex Pro 2 and Analog Efex Pro.


For full resolution images of  fauna, please click here. 


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  1. I could look at nature photography all day, especially shots of cute little (and big) creatures. These are adorable!

  2. What a terrific series. So many amazing personalities!

  3. Lovely photos! My favorite is Dreaming of Eucalyptus!

  4. Wonderful animals we don’t get to see often…Great quotes too.

  5. G’day my fav. Precious!! Hope you are having a G’day too while we are chillin’ here lol.

  6. Fantastic images Jane. I especially love the Koala. I think he needs a hug.

  7. what beautiful shots…love ‘just thinkin’….what a great trip!!

  8. Such great subjects & photos! As always your comments are inspiring & spot on!!

    Thanks for sending! Anne M.

  9. Looks likes you’ve been busy. I love the cute koalas but that last shot with the seagulls is very interesting.

  10. I’m afraid I too am a sucker for the Koalas Jane – good series! See you soon; safe travels!

  11. The koala is wonderful. Another great set, Jane. I love to see your work.

  12. Wonderful pictures. What a patient and talented one you are to be able to catch these shots. Brought back great memories.

  13. Awesome pics (as always).. Love the Toos, I have a Triton and a Rose Crested (Galah) and they are incredible animals with personalities and intellegence to match thier beauty!!

  14. Great shots…. again!

  15. Love your critters. The black cockatoo was cool. Looks like you’ve had an amazing time. Yay!

  16. Favourites – the seagulls and the second koala bear, but all interesting shots, Jane. And 46 degrees – forget it, I couldn’t cope. 😉

    • Hi Lynne- Thank you so much. That little Joey was so adorable and I was lucky to get “eyes open” since they sleep 20 hours a day. The seagulls were just begging for a storyline. I had never experienced heat that intense (114.6F) except once on Phoenix. Hard to do much! Appreciate your kind comments, as always.

  17. Portrait Black Cockatoo is great. It is so totally Victorian that it seems to have come directly from the British Museum of Natural History. That English heritage must be hard to ditch Down Under. The koala made me laugh out loud, then be envious of such uninterrupted sleep–thank you Ngaio.

    • Hi Leah, That’s a great description of Black Cockatoo, thank you so much. I was going for that vintage film look in post-processing. The koala just called out for a black and white fashion shoot feel. Glad you enjoyed. Thanks, friend!

  18. I think I’m having deja vu. Why are your pictures so much better than mine??? And they are wonderful! Love it! Home soon, right?

  19. They are all posing for you! I’ve never seen a black cockatoo! Not even in pictures. Stunning photos! And when are you coming home????

  20. Beautiful. So much to see……..and everywhere! People, nature, signage, buildings….etc. Wow! What a trip! And you have taken us along. I just love it. Suzie

  21. Ibis in the morning…funny.

  22. Well done, Jane. Wonderful close-ups and beautiful backgrounds,

  23. Lovely collection of images…the Koala pictures are quite cute! (Suzanne)

    • Hello Suzanne, Thank you very much. I’m so glad you like these faces-they are very cute. The Joey’s very large mother, however, was sleeping right near by and I was very careful not to get too close. Honestly is was so hot, nobody was moving much!

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