Looking Back….Favorites of 2013

On the road again…sums up life the past couple of years. Our two cross-country drives again this year,  covering over 10,000 miles, provided many wondrous subjects for my lens.  And, I am ending the year living in Sydney, Australia for three months which has been a photographic feast–for next year’s list. 

An image is a favorite for many different reasons. It may have been a moment of intense creativity, a simple warm memory, one of of sheer beauty, an interesting place or a shared time with someone special. That someone is my husband Bob, who is my supporter of “all things photography” and my travel partner for life. 

On the 2nd Anniversary of Jane’s Lens, I wish you a Happy New Year and fabulous 2014 with thanks again for your interest and support.



A typical summer day in San Francisco- chilly and foggy, the Golden Gate and a dynamic coastline. The setting was practically black and white with the fog and as I walked down the beach,  I spotted the fisherman  and started running, set up and took two shots before he began to pack up for the morning. Timing is everything. 

Morning Catch, Baker Beach

Morning Catch, Baker Beach



New Year’s Day 2013, Bluffton, South Carolina. Celebrating the holiday with good friends. A morning bike ride under the southern live oaks. It was misty, quiet and lovely being enveloped by this canopy. I stopped peddling, watched my husband and friends ride off and shot this landscape. 

Morning Ride and Live Oaks, Bluffton, SC

Morning Ride and Live Oaks, Bluffton, SC



Glacier National Park is one of the finest national parks with jaw-dropping vistas and harrowing drops as you drive up Going-To-The-Sun Road. The day we visited with our good friends, the weather began to worsen, which can be a gift for photographers. As we came down to lower elevations, the clouds were spectacular as this scene appeared at the end of our day.

Afternoon Storm, Glacier National Park

Afternoon Storm, Glacier National Park



My bus stop series has been a fun and interesting project. My husband encouraged me to shoot bus stops as we walked around San Francisco and as I examine the images, I discover human elements of connection and disconnection. Urban vignettes that are a moment in time of people waiting. I think this one is a story waiting to be written.

Who Loves You? Bus Stop, San Francisco

Who Loves You? Bus Stop, San Francisco



Olympic National Park, in Washington was a highlight on our cross-country trip. Photographing the moss covered trees in the Ho Rainforest as we hiked in the rain was a magical experience, however, as we emerged from the trail, this scene appeared on the other side of the river. For me, it coveys the feeling of this unspoiled part of the country. 

Lifting Fog, Olympic National Forest

Lifting Fog, Olympic National Forest



Exploring California’s magnificent Sonoma County is one of our favorite activities. One afternoon we happened upon this fabulous white barn situated perfectly on a working vineyard.  I loved the weathered boards and details of this classic building and set against the vibrant sky with its red roof, it was a fruitful afternoon of shooting. 

White Barn, Sonoma

White Barn, Sonoma



My visit to the Badlands National Park was one of my favorite photography experiences this past summer. The terrain is unlike any I’d seen; rugged, colorful and vast. When we came to the Yellow Mounds, I was astounded by the unusual landscape.  In this scene, I was captivated by the lone green tree in contrast to the yellow and red mounds. 

Yellow Mounds and Tree

Yellow Mounds and Tree



This image is one where the result was what I envisioned when I shot the image. As I came upon the scene on this horse farm, I saw the plow marks in the green field leading my eye to the fence and white clouds and there was this completely still white horse. Incredible. Most amazing, was that the horse never moved. The scene reminds me of a dream sequence. 

Tranquility, Lexington, KY

Tranquility, Lexington, KY



Every summer I look forward to photographing my friend’s grandson at his preschool. I have been photographing Ronan since he was a baby and have loved watching him grow up. He and his best buddy called for me to come over and this is what they started doing… hugging and mugging. They were having such a good time together and this photograph just makes me smile. The pure fun of  being kids.

Buddies, San Francisco

Buddies, San Francisco



I am one of the many photographers obsessed with the Golden Gate Bridge. This was an unusually clear summer night and as the blue hour came upon me,  I loved capturing the beauty of this magnificent bridge and the city by the bay.

Blue Hour, Golden Gate Bridge, San Francisco

Blue Hour, Golden Gate Bridge, San Francisco



I love the gracefulness of ferns. In the quiet of the Ho Rainforest I immersed myself in the forest understory shooting close-ups of the leaves and curled fiddleheads of the ferns. Suddenly, I noticed how the fern fronds reach toward each other and gently touch. The raindrop was an added bonus. 

Fern Leaves and Drop

Fern Leaves and Drop



You really have to keep your wits about you when photographing Yellowstone National Park. This image of Minerva Terrace at Mammoth Hot Springs captures the otherworldly nature of the park with its saturated ochre colors and rising steam. Feels like a dinosaur is about to stroll by.

Minerva Terrace, Yellowstone

Minerva Terrace, Yellowstone



I shot this sunrise image during a workshop led by two respected professional photographers. A couple of key things I took away from that shoot-  get it right, or as close to right in the camera.  And, shoot darker to allow the colors to really stand out. I was very happy with the image  and I think it captures the open sky that epitomizes the lowcountry of South Carolina. 

Daybreak, Kiawah Island. SC

Daybreak, Kiawah Island. SC



When we arrived at the lake at the base of Maroon Bells this past September, I was thrilled that the wind was calm and the skies had a few clouds. Fortunately, I got my tripod set up in time to get this classic reflection of the mountain because moments later, the wind picked up and the ripples on the lake obscured the reflection. A summer landscape is a bit easier to get in Aspen, otherwise, I would have needed snowshoes. 

Maroon Bells Reflection, Aspen

Maroon Bells Reflection, Aspen



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  1. They are all so very beautiful Jane ! A real delight for the eyes. Congratulations on your 2 years blog anniversary 🙂

  2. Wow, Laurie! These are so fantastic – could not even begin to choose a favorite. Stunning work and not only that, it’s incredibly versatile work! That’s the sign of a real artist; landscape, portraits, still-life, abstract…Fantastic!!!

    • Hi Mahree– So happy you enjoyed my year in review– thank you so much– I really appreciate it. I did try to mix it up a bit since I do love all different genres, although, I was probably heavy on the landscapes. Just an fyi– it’s Jane which I know you know, but since my last name sounds like Laurie, it happens all the time! 🙂

  3. Wow. Exquisitely expressed ! Thank you so very much Jane…I feel as tho I know you & Bob better … 😙

  4. WOW! Such an incredible journey it has been! I look forward to seeing more of your work in 2014.

  5. I always wonder which pieces stand out as favs for professional artists. Thanks for sharing this list Jane — must be difficult to choose from so many stellar photos and memories!
    They are all fantastic. My personal fav on this set is the horse, of course.
    Happy New Year!

  6. A fantastic collection, what a great year it’s been. Beautiful work, Jane.

  7. They are all lovely indeed! 🙂 Happy new year.

  8. This is just a spectacular set of images Jane. Congratulations on a fantastic year. Looking forward to enjoying your images in 2014.

    • Hi Edith– Thank you so much. Glad you liked my picks for the year… it was a fun process as I’m sure yours was, too. Happy shooting and it will be great to share our upcoming work together in 2014.

  9. Stunning collection of images Jane! Looks like you had a spectacular year! Happy New Year!

  10. Happy New Year Jane. Australia for three months must be incredible. Hope you can return to a “normal life” when you come back. After a long trip, I find it is difficult to adjust. Hope to see some good coastal images from Terra Australis.

    • Hi Andaremos, This has been a fascinating experience and, as you can imagine, a great one photographically. Really, I’m not sure what constitutes normal life at this point! 🙂 Happy 2014 and happy shooting.

  11. Looking forward to your photos of 2014.

  12. Wonderful choices Jane, and I love the new header! Here’s to more eye-candy in 2014!

  13. A terrific collection of photographs, Jane! The bus stand photograph – a strong image that makes a powerful statement- really held my attention for a long time. Having said that, each one has a story to tell and is special in its own way. Looking forward to seeing more of these in 2014! Wish you the most abundant and creative New Year, Jane!

    • Hi Uday– I’m really pleased that you enjoyed the bus stop image. It’s a success if it is thought-provoking. That’s a real compliment.Thank you very much for visiting and taking the time to let me know our thoughts on the post. A good new year to you, too, filled with inspiration.

  14. Good stuff!! You had some fantastic images last year, can’t wait to see what you come up with this year!

  15. A great year of your photos! Looking forward to your adventures in 2014. K

  16. Hi Jane! Happy New Year! If pictures replace thousands of words in telling us a story, you have shared a short story of some wonderful memories you hold in your heart from your travels over the past year. And the sunrise you shared tells me that there is no place like home, and each sunrise will give you one more day to create memories to share with the rest of us. Miss you! Suzie

  17. Every one of those images are picture perfect Jane. They each tell a beautiful story.

  18. Awww…love reminiscing with you. Thanks for sharing your experiences. I love the horse photo! Glad you’re having fun. Happy 2014. Hugs

  19. So many varieties of colors, landscapes, people the world has to offer. Thanks for bringing it all a little closer to us. Happy 2014!

  20. Such a beautiful review of your photographic year!

  21. Hi Jane ! … And Happy New Year to you ! …
    What a fantastic collection of photos you have here … I´ve been looking at them for a long while now …
    I absolutely adore your last one from Aspen … so much beauty …
    It´s always a true pleasure to visit your blog ! … // Maria 🙂

    • Hi Maria–It is very nice that you take the time to look– thank you! Glad you like Maroon Bells–it’s a magical spot. Wishing you a wonderful new year filled with beauty and inspiration.

  22. Happy Anniversary!! Hoping we all can look forward to many more. Just a joy to receive your lovely words and beautiful photos.

  23. So…I scrolled through these fantastic photos looking for a ‘favorite’ NO GO!! They were ALL FAVORITES…..just ‘WOW”…..thank u for the 2013 journey….so looking forward to 2014…..can’t wait to see where we r going…….happy happy! HUG

    • Thank you for all your kind words, April. Your feedback and support has made this journey all the better. I appreciate you traveling along with me. Looking forward to our reunion. Happy 2014!

  24. Have we been traveling together for 2 years? Your photography has captured so much beauty and so much heart! It’s a great ride and I’m really looking forward to where”we” go next! 🙂

  25. It is exhaustive! Bill is rather dubious(his words) that he can do that much reading. We agreed he probably does not watch football games.

    Sent from my iPad

  26. Happy 2nd anniversary, Jane. It’s good to see the world through your eyes.

  27. We feel as though we owe part of the airfare or fuel consumption funding your travels! Spectacular images…thanks so much!

    Mike & MC

  28. Thank you for taking me on your beautiful journey! A very happy and Healthy New Year. With love and much appreciation, Maggie

  29. Jane,
    Happy New Year to you & Bob!
    Hope 2014 is filled with good things for you.
    Love & Best Wishes!
    Ron & Joan

  30. A fabulous collection and reflection on 2013. Who knows what you may find in 2014! Happy New Year.

  31. I have loved traveling with you .. Looking at the world through your eyes is a real gift. I recall all of these photos and enjoyed this ” revisit.” Happy New Year my friend.

  32. What a treat each time when we open your blog. Thank you for sharing. Our best to you and Bob in 2014.

  33. Congrats – and I can see why these are some of your favourites! All the best for the new year!

  34. Congratulations on the anniversary! A wonderful collection of images from your travels. Wishing you the best for 2014.

  35. What a wonderful tour of your travels.The breadth of scope is amazing. Congratulations on your second anniversary.

  36. Happy 2nd anniversary. Looks like you’re enjoying the journey.

  37. Thank you for the memories, Jane. Best wishes on the new year.

  38. Eye candy, my friend! May 2014 be as delightful and adventuresome

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