One: Australia’s East Coast


The Weekly Photo Challenge is to make one thing the focal point of an image. I have spent the last week traveling up the east coast of Australia from Sydney to Brisbane enjoying the incredible beaches and observing life by the sea. Aussies really know how to live.



Sunset Swimmer, Byron Bay

Sunset Swimmer, Byron Bay



Sunset Salutations, Byron Bay

Sunset Salutations, Byron Bay



Hug the Sea, Port Macquarie

Hug the Sea, Port Macquarie



Lone Lighthouse, Byron Bay

Lone Lighthouse, Byron Bay



On His Own, Byron Bay Paddleboarder

On His Own, Byron Bay Paddleboarder



Julian Rocks, Tasman Sea

Julian Rocks, Tasman Sea




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  1. Oh, wonderful images Jane !

  2. Beautiful photographs of a beautiful part of the world. ~ Dennis

  3. I couldn’t make up my mind which I like better, the salutations or the hugs. All very nice. Happy holidays!

  4. Yes, others have said it well about the Byron Bay area; loved the little boy, so gorgeous! However, I hope you visited the hinterland from there, as that is very spectacular in places, especially near Mt Warning (the twin peaked ‘mountain’ to the left in the pic of the lone paddleboarder)? You may not know, but quite an extensive old shield volcano takes in these spectacular places and, hence, the wonderful vegetation as well and the agriculture. Get yourself a map that shows this information in pictorial form if you can (aerial view).

    • Hi Janina, We did read about the caldera and I am sorry to say we didn’t make it over there. Hopefully next trip. Thanks for your comment and information– I will look it up. Glad you liked Hug the Sea– he was adorable. Appreciate your visit! J

  5. Beautiful shots, Jane! ‘Sunset Salutations’ is my favourite.

  6. Great pics, Jane. I’ve spent many hours walking along the beach at Byron Bay. One of my favourite holiday spots.

  7. Lovely captures all Jane – I too am drawn to the yoga practitioner!! Enjoy you holidays down under! xo

  8. How peaceful….you have truly captured the landscape….quite amazing!! Love the sunset salutation… glad you two are enjoying!! keep sending!!

  9. Gorgeous shots capturing the various moods of Byron Bay. Can’t decide which one I like best.

  10. You have really caught the mood and feeling of our wonderful coast. Fantastic photos and loved meeting you and Bob

  11. Very soon, I’ll see all this in person, can’t wait. Loved Sunset Salutation!

  12. Beautiful, Jane! There are just no boundaries on this kind beauty. It can not be contained or put into words. Merry Christmas, and Happy New Year! Love and hugs, Suzie

  13. The hug is so sweet and lovely. But, they are all beautiful.

  14. I can’t look at Hug the Sea without smiling

  15. Please take me with you, you go to the most fascinating places!!! Great stuff!

  16. I don’t know what it is, Jane, but there is something very appealing about this focus. I especially liked “Sunset Salutations.”

  17. Dear Jane,

    I so enjoyed looking at your photos. They have certainly whetted my appetite for our trip. We look forward to seeing you and Bob in February.

    Am I on the blog list so that I will receive future photos? I do hope so.

    Best wishes, Cecily

  18. The lady who is exercising makes your picture more beautiful 🙂

  19. Jane, I am such a sucker for the interplay of light and clouds and water. These are so beautiful.

    • Hi Capey, So glad you are in sync with what I’m seeing. The light and colors are intense and I am loving very early morning and late day shooting. And, the clouds are cooperating. Thank you and happy holidays to you!

  20. Are you now joining the ranks of the people down under?

  21. So, should we prepare your Australian permanent residency papers now? 🙂

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