Color My World, Sydney Style


“One doesn’t stop seeing. One doesn’t stop framing. It doesn’t turn off and turn on. It’s on all the time.” ~ Annie Leibovitz



Please click on an image for a carousel of colors: 


“With photography, you zero in; you put a lot of energy into short moments, and then you go on to the next thing.” ~Robert Mapplethorpe



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  1. Beautiful and colorful shots Jane!

  2. Sydney is so bright in Summer. These images do the city a great justice. 🙂

  3. Lovely set Jane! I’m partial to the bridgewalker shot myself 🙂 Happy to see you having so much fun with the city scenes!

  4. What a colorful world down under! Great captures.

  5. Superb Jane ! You have such an eye. I loved them all but I adore the first photo !

  6. Thank you for sending me some colours at this grim time of year.

  7. Jane, once again I am awestruck. Your photographs and your vision are a real pleasure to view. Also, I really enjoy your quotes, and the one from Annie Leibovitz is a great one!

    • Hello Larry, Thank you very much for your kind feedback. I really enjoy thinking about a theme and shooting particular subjects for it. Glad you like the Annie L. quote– really hit home for me. Glad you enjoyed this set.

  8. Nice serie Jane! I love it! Love the color. 🙂

  9. Your picture are like fine paintings! Thanks for sharing and Merry Christmas

  10. These are all excellent but I especially like the red wall with garbage totes.

  11. The colour and the light in Australia is fantastic

  12. What a kaleidoscope of color. Beautiful images. Good eye, Jane.

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