Capture the Color Contest 2013

I am participating in an exciting and creative contest sponsored by Travel Supermarket. The challenge is to present my favorite travel photos which best depict the five color categories: red, blue, green, yellow and white. What a fun task and a true curatorial test of one’s image library. Thank you Kenneth at Eye Ken See for nominating me.



This magical morning in Aspen hiking below Maroon Bells was a wonderful photography experience. The stillness of the day provided a perfect mirror on the lake of the mountains and lush greenery.

Maroon Bells Reflection, Aspen, Colorado

Maroon Bells Reflection, Aspen, Colorado



The phenomenal blue ice of Grey Glacier in Southern Patagonian Chile is a wonder.  This formation was nature’s way of saying, “Please come in!”

Blue Door, Patagonia

Blue Door, Patagonia



The Yellow Mounds in Badlands National Park in South Dakota are incredibly beautiful. The deep yellow color of the hills are a surprising contrast to the rest of the park.

Yellow Mounds, Badlands

Yellow Mounds, Badlands



People taking a moment to enjoy a sunny day. That is one of life’s simple indulgences. I shot this in a park in Vienna, Austria. This group was completely restful in a bustling public park. I felt envious and amused.

Afternoon Naps, Vienna

Afternoon Naps, Vienna



Charleston, SC is full of architectural gems. I love to stroll the streets of the city photographing the antebellum homes and the historic churches. On this particular day, the light and shadows played on this vibrant church door with its characteristic iron hardware. 

Church Door and Shadows, Charleston, SC

Church Door and Shadows, Charleston, SC


I would like to acknowledge five bloggers (honestly, there are so many it is really difficult to choose).

I’ve enjoyed the images of these photographers immensely. Thank you to all the bloggers and photographers who continually inspire me. 

Travels and Trifles

Draw and Shoot Me

Edith Levy Photography

Lignum Draco

Bente Haarstad



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  1. You are the winner in green and blue category. Absolutely breathtaking, Jane!

  2. Love them all! Really difficult to choose a favorite. Keep up the great work!

  3. interesting pictures for this challenge.

  4. Superb !

  5. Jane, nice work!! Love all of them!! I look forward to seeing more!!

  6. All are lovely and interesting. Love your work.

  7. Your photography is very good, Jane, and of these I especially like the first two. Thanks a lot for mentioning me, it means a lot! 🙂

  8. They´re so amazing!!! Lots of luck for you! 😀

  9. Great pictures

  10. Love all these Jane and admire the consistently high standard of work you put out!

  11. I like them all but that scene of the older people enjoying the sun is priceless.

  12. Best Wishes for the contest. You responded creatively to an interesting, exciting colour challenge. Enjoyed viewing them. Your work is always inspirational and beautiful.

  13. Hi Jane! beautiful collection of the amazing its .specially Blue and Green…
    thanks for sharing
    My recent post
    Buddhism and Jainism Place – Rajgir

  14. Really a tremendous series Jane!

  15. Stunning landscape shots! The reflection you’ve captured in the first one is amazing!

  16. Love the creativity of your choices…. White… Amused me also…. I could picture us getting the giggles at the same time…. With respect… Linda

  17. Good luck, Jane. If I was the judge… Well you know who the winner would be.

    ❌⭕❌⭕ Helen

    Sent from my iPhone

  18. Love that red. Tricky color — this is soo pretty!
    Enjoying the off beat white, lol … are you sure they are not waiting for their computers to kick in with their health ins app? oooops so sorry prob shouldn’t go down that road… ☮ dsup

  19. truly brightened my day!!! great shots!!! Love the RED!!

  20. Fantastic – as usual! Love the Patagonian one especially, but they are all winners. Good luck!

  21. Beautiful photography Jane – love each of them, the elders was priceless. Best wishes in the challenge.

  22. Beautiful work, Jane!
    The glacier photograph is amazing. They are such a stunning blue sometimes.
    Hey, thank you for the mention. : )

  23. As always, spectacular photos, the blue and green ones – so crisp and clear. And the choice you made for white, very clever and amusing. Good luck with the challenge!

  24. Great images Jane. And many thanks for the nomination. But if I read the rules correctly, the competition ended on October 9. 🙂

  25. Beautiful examples of color. Good luck with the contest. I love the Maroon Bells reflection.

  26. beautiful pictures! I especially love the blue one!

  27. Fantastic ! Especially the one from Aspen and then the photo from Patagonian ! // Maria 🙂

  28. Hat dies auf HJS-likes rebloggt und kommentierte:
    Awesome landscape photography

  29. Beautiful! I love those clear colors and the reflection!

  30. Beautiful images Jane. Good luck and thank you so much for nominating me.

  31. Beautiful images. The blues, reds, greens so vibrant as to be almost surreal. But I love the white- what an interesting take on the challenge, and what an interesting photo. I was surprised and amused!

  32. Good luck! Love your White selection

  33. Beautiful choices Jane, and thanks for the nod! Best of luck with the challenge!

  34. Love them all. It’s always nice to see your images. Welcome back.

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