Mormon Row Barn, Grand Teton National Park

Mormon Row Barn, Grand Teton National Park


Red Roof, Montana

Red Roof, Montana


Barn and Clouds, Washington

Barn and Clouds, Washington


Until the Cows Come Home, Sonoma

Until the Cows Come Home, Sonoma


Barns, Sea Ranch, CA

Barns, Sea Ranch, CA


White Barn, Sonoma

White Barn, Sonoma


Stone Barn on the Estancia, Argentina

Stone Barn on the Estancia, Argentina


Big Red Barn, Montana

Big Red Barn, Montana


Barns and Paddock, Marin

Barns and Paddock, Marin

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  1. Jane – While I REALLY like your newest posts, something about this one brought back very fond experiences traveling back country roads in childhood. Keep up the wonderful work. I have granted you the Very Inspiring Blogger Award. I hope you enjoy it. I can totally understand if you do not wish to participate. I think your blog is wonderful and wanted you to know that.

  2. There is something romantic about barns. The photo I love most is the one from Argentina.

  3. wonderful gallery of barns! would like to ply guitar inside to test the sound —

  4. LOVE ALL OF THESE i ESPECIALLY LIKE THE ARGENTINA DOOR, PATH, MTNS. sorry all in caps I’m half asleep and cant seem to type Yawn

    XOXO Helen

  5. The big red barn in Montana is my favorite. I would guess it must be a two-level loft. But, that white barn in Sonoma must be a popular one. I’ve seen it at least 6-7 times by other photographers, all from different angles. What I like about your set is the rustic setting each barn resides in. Very nicely and well done.

  6. One of my favorite topics (the Scandinavian ones), and very well done. Really well done! Fabulous series, Jane.

  7. I like the mood you’ve captured in your photographs as much as the wonderful structures.

  8. Great barn shots. They really anchor the landscapes. Why do we all love barns?

  9. LOVE these…especially barn & clouds in washington…..such great shots….

  10. Wow! Beautiful imagery. You truly have a great eye for catching the worlds beauty. My favorite… Stone barn. Great job as usual Jane 🙂

  11. Great photo theme! I love barns and how different they can look from one region to the next.

  12. Beautiful series! Doug has been “documenting” many of the old farms in this area. So many of them are deteriorating or are being sold and turned into developments. Very heart warming captures!

  13. Great photos. I love the white barn in Sonoma.

  14. I was reminded of my grandfather’s old barn… Sweet memory! Lovely post.. Linda

  15. Gefällt mir sehr gut… 🙂

  16. lovely photoset Jane. Ours are always stone and are usually centuries old…something comforting about an old barn…

  17. Nice series. Did you get to look inside any of them?

  18. Remember the Estancia location well!! Lovey post Jane!

  19. Love the photos….reminds me of home.

  20. Love barns! Love the red barn with cows – but as others said – the stone barn and photo are beautiful. Thanks for sharing.

  21. Love the third one from the bottom – I love the perspective, framing and the background sky.

  22. Great collection of images Jane! I especially like the image from Estancia, Argentina.

  23. These are great! I would add a tobacco farm from my home town. Thanks for photos of barns in the west!

  24. That’s a great post and really stunning pictures! ▲

  25. They are all good but the stone barn rocks.

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